Aces And Deuces Golf Game – How To Play

Aces and deuces is a fun golf side game that consists of four players. The goal of the game is to win each hole and to avoid coming in last place. If you win the hole you are the “ace” meaning you get paid get paid by all the players. If you come in last on the hole you are the deuce and you must pay out each player.

Scoring In Aces And Deuces

The most important aspect of scoring in Aces Deuces is that the Ace receives twice as much as the deuce. If the deuce is set a $1 per player then the ace would typically be set at $2 per player.

If you come 2nd or 3rd on the hole you are still liable to pay the Ace. This means that any golfer that does not win the hole is in fact down.

Aces And Deuces Rules

  • The player who wins the hole is the “ace” and receives money from all three golfers
  • The player who places last on the hole is the “deuce” and pays money to all three golfers
  • You must decide prior to the round if tied holes carry over or are a wash
  • If you are the ace you should be paid twice, once from every player for being the ace and again from the deuce.

Other Names For Aces And Deuces

Like most golf side games aces and deuces is known by a variety of names. Some of these names include, acey deucey, acee deucee, and ace and deuce.

Tips For Succeeding At Acey Deucey

Like any golf side game, there is some strategy to acey deucey. The focus you must have in this game is to remain out of the deucey position. You are not going to win every hole, but avoiding big payouts is your best bet to leaving the course up some money.

Watch your opponents shots carefully

Your position on the hole is affected just as much by your play as it is by your opponents. Keeping a close eye on your opponents is a very important aspect to this game.

If there is a clear leader on the hole it may make sense to begin playing more conservatively. This sort of strategy can place you in 2nd or 3rd place on the hole giving you a much smaller loss.

If you notice that players in your group struggle on a hole this may be your time to play aggressive. At the end of the day, you will have to win at least a few holes if you’re going to come out positive. Knowing when to play aggressively is another important aspect of this game.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you learned everything you needed to know about aces deuces from our article. If you want to check out some more games of golf head over to our post on umbriago or the waltz format.

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