Autopilot A14 Driver Review – Is It The Club For You?

A driver you can trust off the tee is a crucial aspect to your golf game. And if you’ve seen the A14 driver commercials on TV you’ve likely heard that this club could be the answer to your problems. Throughout this Autopilot A14 driver review, we are going to break down this club to determine if it’s what you need in your golf bag.

Features – Autopilot A14 Driver

Zero Rotation Technology

Zero rotation technology used in this A14 driver is the bread and butter that makes this driver work. This feature is made up of several different components that allow you to keep your clubface in the perfect position throughout your entire swing.

This eliminates the variables of the clubhead being too open or too closed as you make contact with the ball. And as we know an open clubface will cause a slice or a push to the right. While a closed club face can cause a hook or a pull to the left.

14.5 Degree Loft

The typical driver sits at a loft of 10.5 degrees and unless your current swing speed is over 100mph then more loft is needed in order to create the most distance.

This increased loft will result in a much higher launch off the tee block. As well as giving you an extra second to allow your clubface to be square as it makes contact with the ball.

60 Degree Lie Angle

This lie angle is much higher than your typical golf driver. This means that this club is much more upright allowing you to stand much closer to the ball.

This means your swing path will require a significantly smaller rotation. Since the lie angle is more upright the club path will travel closer to a straight up and downswing.

This results in a clubface that rotates much less throughout your swing. Meaning your clubface will be in the proper position throughout a larger portion of your swing.

42.75 Inch Shaft

This feature works the same as the 60-degree lie angle in order to create a more vertical swing. This shaft is significantly shorter than most golf drivers. This also allows you to stand closer to the ball and allows you to reduce that rotation around your body.

This typical rotation with the long length of the driver is one of the main reasons that many golfers struggle with their drivers.

With this shorter shaft length and upright lie angle. You will find you are able to utilize a much more vertical swing path allowing you to reduce slices and hooks.

More Forgiving Mishits

If you haven’t been able to tell already. The head of this driver is quite different from most on the market. Instead of a typical pear shape you see on most drivers this models head is quite square.

Typically on pear shaped drivers you will find the weight is spread evenly throughout the perimeter.

With this A14 driver the weight is distributed amongst the four corners of the driver. What this does is equally distribute the weight amongst the clubhead. This ensures that this club is as forgiving as possible.

With the weight distributed equally, you will find that the club is much less likely to twist when an off centre hit is made. Any golfer that struggles to keep their drives in the sweet spot will really appreciate this feature.

Consumer Reviews

In this section of our Autopilot A14 driver review, we are going to breakdown exactly what the consumers think of this product. We read through hundreds of consumer reviews in order to figure out what users of this club think of their purchase.

  • Reduced Slices And Hooks
  • Increased Forgiveness On Off Centre Hits
  • Great distance for slower swing speeds
  • Lowered Distance For 100mph+ Swing Speeds

The main pro we saw throughout our research of consumer reviews with the reduction in slices and hooks. This can be attributed to the more upright swing style that is offered with this A14 driver.

Reduced Slices And Hooks

By utilizing a shorter staffed a higher lie angle and a square clubhead many golfers found they were able to straighten out their drives, something they haven’t been able to do throughout their entire golf playing career

Increased Forgiveness On Off Centre Hits

Another common benefit we saw was increased forgiveness and the off-center hits. The square-headed driver has equally distributed weight amongst the four corners of the head. This increases the level of forgiveness scene with this club.

With this level of weight distribution, you will find the club does not twist or spin in your hands. Even when an off-center hit occurs.

This creates a much more forgiving clubface giving you a straighter ball flight even if the club makes contact with the ball off centre.

Great distance for slower swing speeds

Many older golfers in those with slower swing speeds found that they were able to create some serious distance with this club. The more upright swing paired with the higher loft created more distance. Especially for those that handed tonight break 100 mph with their swing.

That being said lower handicap golfers or those with fast swing speeds did not see an increase in distance with this club. This is because a golfer that has a faster than average swing speed will typically benefit from a lower loft club.

All in all, we found the consumer reviews of this a 14 golf driver to be quite positive. It is especially beneficial to those golfers that do not have a fast swing speed. And those that tend to have some issues with consistency off the tee.

Cost and Value

With a price tag sitting just under $200 as of writing this. We found A 14 pilot driver to be a fantastic value buy. If you are a golfer the struggles with consistency and distance off the tee. Then finding a club like this can significantly improve your game.

This price tag sits at about half the cost of any new driver from a name brand golf company. If you have a slower swing speed or struggle with putting slices or hooks on your ball. Then there is a solid chance that the results from this inexpensive driver will actually be better than some of those that are top-of-the-line.

Frequently Asked Questions Autopilot A14 Review

What is the length of the Autopilot A 14 driver?

The length of the auto pilot A 14 driver is 42.75 inches. As we stated earlier in the article this is significantly shorter than most drivers.

Is there a warranty with this golf driver?

The auto pilot A14 driver off of Amazon will come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. This means you’ll have some time to test the club out. If it is not what you were looking for you will still be able to return it and get a refund.

Will This club actually increase my distance?

If you are a golfer that has a typically slow swing speed or you find you seriously struggle with consistency off the tee and there’s a good chance that this club will increase your distance.

With a slower swing speed you were going to want more loft from your club is slower swing speed is the more a higher loss can be beneficial. And vice versa if you have a fast swing speed this loft will not go towards your advantage.

In short if your golfer with slow swing speed it’s looking for more distance than this driver can certainly provide that. But if you are a golfer that has a high swing speed that typically uses a lower loft driver. You will likely find that this club will actually decrease your distance.

Will my swing be different with this driver as opposed to a typical driver?

Yes, due to the shorter staff and higher lie angle you’ll find that you have a much more upright swing then you would with your typical driver. This is mainly due to the length and the distance you’re standing between yourself and the bar.

This may take a couple of sessions at the practice range to fully iron out. But you will quickly come to realize that this new swing is quite easy to pick up. It is easier to think of it not as a new swing. But just as a slightly different swing path in order to compensate for the shorter length of the club.

Conclusion AutoPilot A14 driver review

We hope you enjoyed our AutoPilot A14 driver review. If you have any questions regarding this review or the driver itself please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this review please be sure to check out some of our others. Such as our view of the Big Bertha Fusion driver or the Ping G 400 driver.

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