Best Custom Golf Bags 2021 Reviewed

If you’re looking to add a little flair to your golf game then you came to the right place. We are going to break down all the top options when purchasing a custom golf bag. Whether it’s embroidered names, logos, or just a specific colour scheme. This list will give you every option you need to find your perfect golf bag on our list of the best custom golf bags of 2021.

Vessell Golf Bags

Our number one selection on our list of the best custom golf bags is no other than This incredibly high-quality bag customizing website is the perfect place to get the golf bag for you.

Below is an example of one of their customizable stand bags. This model has used a two-tone colour option that we’ve selected on their website.

best customized golf bags

As you can see you are able to change the colours on several portions of the bag. On top of the colour customization, you are able to add an embroidered logo to the bag.

You are also able to get your name or nickname embroidered onto the bag itself. In the first picture, you can see an example of this.

You are also able to customize the amount of the dividers on this bag choosing from six or fourteen. If you prefer 14-way dividers then you may want to check out our guide to the best 14 way golf bags.

Custom Stand bags, Cart bags, and Staff bags

The beauty of these Vessel bags is that they offer something for all types of golfers. The bags are broken down into three major sections those being: stand bags, cart bags, and staff bags.

As you go through these styles you will find the larger the bag the more customization is possible. Though you will also notice an increase in price.

The best way to get an understanding of all the customization is to go to their site and play around.

Cost And Value

The cost of these customizable golf bags is quite high but it is for good reason.

The quality of these golf bags is the highest we have come across in our search. Are you looking for the best of the best when it comes to customizable golf bags? Then look no further than one of customizable Vessel golf bags.

customized golf bags

Next on our list of the best custom golf bags is They are slightly different than our top choice as they do not manufacture the bags themselves. Instead, this website is dedicated to customizing your favourite golf bags with your name and desired colours.

As you can see in the image above this is a Titleist bag. is able to add to lines of text to this bag on the lower golf ball pocket.

Though it is not just this Titleist bag that can be customized. This website has ten different models of golf bags that can be customized to your liking.

The brands of these golf bags included Taylormade, Titleist, Mizuno, Callaway, and Ping.

On top of this, their customizable bag options include stand bags, cart bags, and tour bags.

4 Day Manufacturing

The customization process usually only takes four days to complete. Though if you are in a rush you can pay a small fee to have the customizing process take only a single day.

The website does have a bit of a retro look to it. This may have some golfers worrying about the trustworthiness of this site. Do not worry, as this site is an authorized seller of all the major golf brands which means they are in fact legitimate.

On top of bags, this site also offers customization onto nearly all golf accessories. This includes golf towels, tees, balls, gloves, ball makers etc…

Cost And Value

The cost of these bags is actually quite reasonable. You will have to pay a fairly small fee in order to receive customization but aside from that, these models sit right around the store price.

If you are looking for a quality custom golf bag from a trusted golf brand name then this is a great option.


This custom golf bag website is our choice for the most customizable of the websites on our list. This may seem like a strange accolade as each website offers bag customization. But when you look at the lengths to which you can customize with this site you will know exaclty what we are talking about.

With carts bags, tour bags, and stand bags this website should have every golf bag style you need.

Though, this site works a little differently than the others we have mentioned on our list. Instead of just customizing online with colour options and adding text this site works directly with designers.

In order to design your bag, you must reach out to their design team with the design idea you have in mind. They will then receive this idea and come up with a mockup in twenty-four hours.

To get an idea of what can be customized here is the picture they offer you to use when clarifying your customizations. This means that all sides of the bag are able to be customized as well as the strap of the bag.

Below is an example of how advanced these customizations can get. This includes the colour trimming as wells text along the base of the bag. Many of these customizations are used for sponsored golf bags like this.

While other options may just be used for aesthetic purposes like this junior golf bag you can see below.

Most Customizable Option

This level of customization is something we have not found with any other golf bag customization companies.

This is our pick for the most customizable golf bags but there are a few caveats with purchasing from this company. First off, they are based in Australia, they do ship internationally but this will take time and some extra money.

Their customization period is also twenty days long. Which means you will have to wait a bit with the longer customization period and shipping process than you would with most companies.

Cost And Value

These products from my custom golf bags are the most expensive on our list and it is for good reason. The level of customization offered from these bags is something we haven’t come across anywhere else on the web.

Are you are willing to spend the extra money to get full customization of your golf bag? If so then we suggest you head straight to their website.

best custom golf bag

Sun Mountain offers a different option to golfers. Instead of getting a third party to customize your it is instead done by the manufacturer of the bag itself.

Sun Mountain allows you to customize any of the bags which they will build themselves and ship your way. This should offer you a little more comfort as you know who is working on the bag.

Customizable Logo

As shown in the image above you are able to add your logo or name to your bag. They also allow you to choose the colour of your bag prior to adding your name and logo.

The process works like this. You send an image file of your logo to the sun mountain design team. They will then convert this file into an embroidery file so it can be placed onto the bag.

You then work with the design team to choose the location of your logo and your name on the golf bag. Once completed the bag is shipped directly to your location.

This, of course, offers a little less customization than some of our other options. But knowing that sun mountain will be the ones customizing their own bag should give golfers some more confidence in the process.

Cost And Value

There is no middle man between the manufacturer and you. This means Sun mountain is able to offer these bags at a cheaper price.

You will notice that companies that do the customization in house tend to have lower prices. This offers some great value to golfers looking to find a decently priced custom golf bag from a known brand. – Golf Bags

best custom golf bags

Titleist is another great brand that offers in house customization. With the ability to customize any of their golf bags the Titleist custom golf bag website is a great place to create the perfect bag for you.

This is a particularly great option for those who really want the job done right. They are not many brand names that instil a level of confidence in the quality like Titleist does.

The total amount of customization offered on these bags is dependent on the model itself. Though if you look at the image above you can get an idea of how much can be changed.

Customizable Strap And Pockets

The strap, as well as the ball pocket at the bottom of the bag, are often customizable. You will also be able to add smaller customizations to other sections of the bag. These customizations vary depending on which model you choose.

Ten to fifteen days from approval of the artwork is the estimated production time from the. This is a little longer than most embroidery companies. But since they are manufacturing the bags it makes sense it will take a little longer.

Cost And Value

The total cost of the custom bags on the Titleist site are quite reasonable for their brand name. Though they certainly aren’t the cheapest on the market we found the pricing of this customized name brand bag to be quite fair.

Our last addition to our list of the best custom golf bags is Much like our last two options, this is another in house option. Callaway is another great brand of golf bags that golfers can trust.

They offer you the ability to customize just about every single one of their golf bags on their catalogue including the new Epic golf bags.

They also offer customizations for all types of golf bags including stand bags, tour bags, and cart bags. The majority of the customization is adding logos to the golf ball pocket at the bottom of the bag.

You can see in the image above there is a small “your logo goes here” section. The Embroidery will be placed in this section.

The colours on these Callaway bags are also customizable though you must choose from a select list of colours that are offered by Callaway. The colour options and the number of colours you can use are dependent on which Callway model you choose.

Cost And Value

The customization will make them a little more expensive than the traditional Callaway models. But will still run you much less than the full customized bags we’ve covered on our list.

If you want a customized golf bag and are a fan of Callway products than this is a great value option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Golf Bags

What are the main uses of custom golf bags?

The majority of golfers that choose to purchase a custom bag do so for one of two reasons. One they are looking to add a personal flair to their bag.

The other option is for sponsorships. Often times companies place their logos on golf bags in order to draw up some business. Whether it’s their own bag or a professional placing your logo on a golf bag can be a great way to generate business.

Where Can I Buy Custom Golf Bags

Shopping online is your best bet if you want to purchase a custom golf bag. Online retailers are going to offer you the widest variety and expertise of customizations on your golf bag.

Going this route will likely be a bit more pricey as you will have to pay for the shipping.

Conclusion Best Customizable Golf Bags

This concludes our list of the best customizable golf bags of 2021. We hope that after reading our list you have found everything you need to find your perfect customizable golf bag.

If you have any questions regarding our list be sure to let us know in the comments. Be sure to check out our guide to understanding junior golf bags or top options for waterproof golf bags.

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