Best Drivers For A Slice – Most Forgiving 2020

Are you one of the million golfers that see their drive take a 90-degree turn about two seconds after takes off? Yeah, me too. Well, I used too, luckily for us golf technology keeps advancing and these advancements can help correct that nasty slice. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of best drivers for a slice. In order to help as many people as we can hit at least a few fairways per round.

Best Driver For Fixing A Slice

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8:06 pm UTC

This PGX driver was another club we were quick to place on our list. As it is one of the hottest selling high handicapper drivers on the market.

In fact, this PGX driver is the number one selling driver on amazon. That should tell you that this club is something that works great for beginners or high handicappers.

The loft of this club is 10.5 degrees and it is fitted with a standard shaft. The head face is also the traditional 460cc size.

The most compelling part of this golf driver is the PGX offset anti slice technology. This design of this club squares the ball at impact. Thus making your ball fly straight. Though by adding this technology to their drivers they have lost some of the distance on their drives.

If contact is made with your driver and the face is square your ball will fly straight and you will not have any issues with hooks or slices. This is because a square club face is not going to generate any side spin on the ball.

The price point of this club is also quite low as it usually sits around $70. You can check the current price here. If you’ve shopped for a golf driver before you’ll know this is an incredibly low price.

Best Name Brand Driver For A Slice

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5:06 pm UTC
  • Name Brand
  • High Quality
  • Customizable
  • High Tech
  • Highest Price Point

Next on our list of best drivers for a slice is the Cobra King F8. This incredible driver is a very high-quality club and comes with a ton of interesting features.

The most impressive part of this club is the technology they have built to ensure consistently straight drives.

Here are some of the key features

My Fly 8 – The golfer can adjust this club between 8 different loft settings. These range all the way from eight degrees to eleven degrees. This ensures that no matter your swing speed and angle of contact you will be able to find the correct loft on this club.

Front CG Back CG – The CG standing for centre of gravity allows the golfer to transfer the weight inside this driver. By transferring the weight you will notice a very different ball trajectory and flight. It will also allow you to make the club more forgiving.

360 Aero-Innovative The aero tips located around the perimeter of this club reduce drag and ensure that you have the fastest clubhead speed possible. Increased club head speed means increased ball compression and distance.

As you can see with this club, the higher price points come with a large increase in features a substantial increase in quality when compared to our first option. We suggest this club if you still consider yourself a beginner but are willing to spend the money to take the next step in your game.

This driver usually goes for around $250 but you can check out the current price here.

Best Illegal Driver For A Slice

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5:07 pm UTC
  • Largest Sweet Spot
  • Most Forgiving
  • Low Price Point
  • Illegal Club
  • Non Name Brand

The first thing you should know about this Intech driver is that it is technically illegal under the USGA. You are not able to use this club for tournaments or other recorded golf scores.

The reason for this being it’s 520cc head. The largest legal head for a golf driver is 460cc. Which puts this Intech Club significantly past the threshold.

The reason this club is still on this list of best drivers for a slice is due to the incredible forgiveness this club offers. As mentioned earlier in the article the size of the clubface determines how large the sweet spot is on your club. With an increased sweet spot you will find that it is much more likely you will hit the ball straight and not produce side spin.

With it’s 520cc size this driver is your best bet for true beginners learning how to swing a driver.

Though this club is is not as high quality as the name brand drivers. Its real purpose should only be for true beginners to learn the game or just to own for fun.

The price point of this club is quite low and tends to stay around $60. You can check out the current price here.

Best Offset Driver For Slices

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5:06 pm UTC
  • Brand Name
  • High Quality
  • Off Set Face
  • Meant only for Mid to High Handicappers

Throughout our research, we found that the King F8 wasn’t the only Cobra driver that might be the secret to straightening out your drives. Much like PGX offset this Cobra driver is built to account for an open clubface and therefore squares the ball at impact.

A squared driver at impact will ensure that no side spin is placed on the ball. Therefore, giving you a straight drive, you will still have to handle the aiming part though.

The lighter shaft and clubhead promotes an increased swing speed which can be helpful for golfers looking to add distance to their game. Though if you already have a fast swing speed you may want to look for a stiffer shaft.

The club also features a clean black and gold finish which looks great upon address.

The pricing of this club is quite reasonable for a brand name driver. There are plenty of cheaper options if you’re looking to step down a tier but as far as brand name drivers go this club offers great value.

Usually priced around $190 you can check out the current price here.

Best Small Head Driver For Slices

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4:06 am UTC
  • Engineered to reduce slices
  • Great Distance
  • Brand Name
  • Increases Swing Speed
  • Smaller Club Face
  • High Price Point

This driver from Ping is another one our top selections for best drivers for a slice.

Built with the intention of straightening out drives this club is meant for golfers that struggle with a slice. With SFT standing for straight flight you can be assured this club will help you hit some fairways.

Ping engineers have built this club to hit roughly ten yards to the left of where your ball would typically land. By utilizing tungsten weights throughout the club more forgiveness has been created for off-centre hits.

This driver is offered in 10 and 12-degree loft and has 445 cubic centimetre clubface. Choosing your loft should be done based on your swing speed but it is more likely you should opt for the ten degree.

The 445 cubic centimetre head is smaller than most on the list. Most drivers sit at the maximum 460 cubic centimetres head size. The club was built at this smaller size in order to reduce size and increase swing speed.

Though it does come at a higher price point than most drivers on this list we found this Ping 400 driver to be a great investment for drivers looking to fix their slice.

Usually priced around $380 you can check out the current price here.

What makes a ball slice?

To understand how these drivers work it helps to understand why the ball seems to curve at such a significant rate.

The reason your ball won’t fly in a straight line is due to side spin. This is generated when the club face isn’t straight when you make contact with the ball.

As the ball is compressed with an open or closed clubface it then generates spin which causes the ball to turn in that direction.

To prevent this engineer at golfing companies have tried several different strategies. You will notice many of the drivers on this list will aim to produce as little spin as possible by making the clubface more flexible.

Other models change the angle of the clubface so it accounts for your off-centre hits.

Each model will be broken down separately so you can understand how each company has taken a different path in order to straighten out slices.

Why Driver Head Size Matters

The “sweet spot” which is right in the middle of the face of the driver is the ideal place to make contact. Hitting the sweet spot will ensure that you drive flies as straight and far as possible.

By choosing a driver with a larger head size the sweet spot is larger as well. Thus making the driver more forgivable if you do not hit the ball dead centre.

Driver head sizes are measured in cubic centimetres which is referred to as “cc”. The traditional driver size is between 440cc and 460cc. 460cc is the maximum size allowed by the USGA for tournament play.

Now, this is a decision you need to make as a beginner golfer. The USGA sets 460cc as the tournament size. But if you are looking to learn the game there are larger options available. As you will see on this list some drivers can get as large as 520cc.

These are technically illegal under standard golf rules. Though beginner golfers may want to look to clubs of this size while they are still learning the game.

If you prefer small-headed drivers then you may want to check out our guide to the top small headed drivers.

Choosing A driver Shaft To Fix Your Slice

Choosing the shaft for your driver is another important decision when selecting the best drivers for beginners. The most important decision being the flex of the shaft.

There are several different flexes you can choose from.

  • Extra Stiff- Golfer Usually drives the ball 300 yards
  • Stiff – Golfer Usually drives the ball 250 yards
  • Regular – Golfer Usually drives between 225-250 yards
  • Senior – Golfer Usually drives the ball 200-225 yards
  • Ladies – Women or golfers who drive the ball under 200 yards

Other factors that may go into you staff decision are the flight and the margin of error of the shafts.

If your staff is too stiff for your swing then you will tend to hit the ball to the right if you are right-handed and to the left if you are lefthanded.

It is also worth taking into account that the stiffer a shaft the lower the ball will fly. If you are looking to increase the height of your drives you may to look to higher flex staff in order to increase your distance.

The length of shafts is another factor when choosing your driver shaft though it is much more straightforward. The length of the shaft should be based on your height and the vast majority of drivers are 45 inches in length.

If you are taller you may want to look into a 48-inch driver shaft as this may make your swing feel more natural.

Other ways to prevent a slice

Unfortunately for some of us, we can’t seem to shake the issues with our swing that produces a slice. And some of those times a change in your driver still isn’t going to be enough to straighten everything out.

Luckily there is still one more option and that is low compression golf balls.

Low Compression Golf Balls

Many golfers believe that in order to play their best game they need to use the “best” golf balls. The reason this isn’t the proper way to improve your game is that there is no such thing as the “best” golf ball. There’s only the best ball for you.

Often you will see high handicappers purchasing Pro V1s because those are the most popular balls on tour. The issue with that is balls are designed based on your handicap. If you’re a player that produces slices and hooks there are balls designed to help fix those issues.

By using a low compression golf ball you will see several benefits that are helpful towards high handicap golfers.

First off it reduces sidespin. This is incredibly important as it is the main factor in creating a slice or hook. As the ball compresses easier it is less likely to generate side spin and therefore does not lose distance moving to the left or right.

Secondly, it creates more distance, using a low compression golf ball makes the compress more on contact. This helps to transfer the energy into the ball and in turn, creates more distance.

All of these factors help to a build a more consistent golf game and are a great step in taking the slice out of your game.

Lubricants On Your Clubface

Another way in which you can avoid buying one of the best drivers for a slice is by using lubricants on your clubface. This has been an old hockey trick for years as golfers used household items such a vaseline in order to reduce the spin generated on the club.

Now golf manufacturers are working to build real products to apply this lubricant to get your drives flying straight.

One of the most popular forms of those lubricant sticks is JP Lann Slic Stic

best drivers for a slice

This slic stic works to reduce hooks and slices. It works simply like this. By applying this lubricant to your clubface the ball will not be able to generate side spin.

Instead the ball is only able to take the transition of energy from the club and travel in the direction in which it was hit. This means you will still have to hit your ball on the right line.

The lubricant helps to fix shots in which the clubhead is either too closed or too open at the point of impact. But if you push your ball to the right or left that is a swing mechanic issue that must be fixed and cannot be masked by this lubricant stick.

Results Of A Lubricated Clubface

You will notice that by adding this lubricant stick to your clubface your ball will not only go straighter. It will also considerably increase in distance. This is due to all the lost distance you have when your ball travels in a non-linear line towards your target.

This JP Lann Slic Stic is not an ideal option for fixing your slice. As it, of course, is manipulating your club. A piece of equipment like this is not allowed in tournaments. But if you’re playing for fun this could seriously increase your enjoyment of the game.

Priced at only $7.99 this product is incredibly cheap especially when compared to the prices of any of the best drivers for a slice we covered earlier in this list.

Best Drivers For A Slice Conclusion

We appreciate you checking out our list of the best drivers for a slice. Hopefully, somewhere on this list you find the right driver for you. We suggest you read through each option thoroughly so you’re sure that it’s the right model for you.

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