Best Drivers For Beginners 2021

Starting golf as a beginner can be a daunting task. With limitless options for equipment it can be tough to navigate your way to the best set of clubs to match your game. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best drivers for beginners.

It will take you a while to get your golf game sorted out. But if you can consistently smash drives right down the fairway we can guarantee you’ll leave every tee box smiling.

Below are our top choices for beginners drivers, all of which have their own reasons for making our list. We encourage you to read through each option to determine which driver best fits your needs.

Best Drivers For Beginners 2021

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5:06 pm UTC
  • Great Value
  • Adjustable Loft
  • Looks Great At Address
  • Forgiving Head Face
  • Quality Brand
  • Most Expensive On Our List

Best Budget Beginner Driver

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5:06 am UTC
  • Cheapest Driver Available
  • 460cc Head
  • Great For Beginners
  • Not A Major Brand
  • Lacks Adjustability
  • Only Offers Regular Flex
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5:07 pm UTC
  • Largest Sweet Spot
  • Most Forgiving
  • Low Price Point
  • Illegal Club
  • Non Name Brand
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8:06 pm UTC
  • Best Selling Driver
  • Low Price Point
  • Anti Slice Technology
  • Non Name Brand
  • Only one loft option
  • Sacrifices some distance

This PGX driver was another club we were quick to place on our list. As it is one of the hottest selling drivers on the market.

Best Selling Driver

In fact, this PGX driver is the number one selling driver on amazon. That already tells that this club is something that works great for beginners or high handicappers.

The loft of this club is 10.5 degrees built with a standard shaft. The head face is also the traditional 460cc size.

The most compelling part of this golf driver is the PGX offset anti slice technology. This design of this club squares the ball at impact. Thus making your ball fly straight. Though by adding this technology to their drivers they have lost some of the distance on their drives.

If contact is made with your driver and the face is square your ball will fly straight and you will not have any issues with hooks or slices.

It is due to this anti slice technology that we also have included this driver on our list of the best drivers for a slice.

The price point of this club is also quite low as it usually sits around $70. You can check the current price here.

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5:06 pm UTC
  • Name Brand
  • High Quality
  • Customizable
  • High Tech
  • Highest Price Point
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
5:06 pm UTC
  • Fusion Technology
  • Innovative Exo Cage
  • Industry Leading Aerodynamics
  • High Price Point

Finally finishing off our list of the best driver for beginners is the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver. This driver is another high-end option for golfers looking to find a high-quality club to get them some extra distance off the tee.

Fusion Technology

The first feature of this Callaway big Bertha fusion driver that we are going to cover is their fusion technology. To sum it up quickly the fusion technology is the overall lightweight construction of this drivers clubface.

Now you may be thinking that the majority of drivers have fairly lightweight heads what is this really going to do for my golf game. Where this big Bertha fusion driver excels from weighting is in its forgiveness.

By creating a lightweight driver you were then able to use this excess weight you have shed to be reallocated amongst the clubhead in order to create the highest forgiveness possible.

Moi Increase

This forgiveness is generated by a measurement called MOI, MOI stands for moment of inertia.

With an increased MOI you will find that a club has a higher level of forgiveness. This means if you strike a ball off centre you can often times still have a great result. This is especially helpful for beginner golfers that struggle with consistency on their drives.

Innovative Exo Cage

best beginner driver

The innovative EXO cage is the next feature we’re going to cover on this Callaway big Bertha fusion driver. This is another feature that establishes this is one of the best drivers for beginners is used in the construction of the club head in order to save weight.

This weight isn’t really allocated to the back lower end of the clubhead which again works to give you more forgiveness. This makes your balls travel better even when you don’t hit the sweet spot.

This feature also increases your swing speed. If you are unaware increase clubhead speed will increase the exit velocity of your ball when contact is made giving you even more distance and carry.

Industry Leading Aerodynamics

The final feature we are going to cover is their industry leading aerodynamics. This is another feature that works to increase your swing speed. The engineers at Callaway worked to create incredible aerodynamics which allow this club to cut through the air effortlessly.

This aerodynamic feature will increase your clubhead speed you will generate in your swing. As we stated earlier this increased club speed creates more distance from your swing.

Getting up your swing speed is something that all golfers go through as they improve at the game and lower their scores. This feature will allow you to increase this swing speed and get you more distance on your tee shots.

Higher Price Point

The only real con we came across through our research was that this model was more expensive than most. This is a high price tag for a beginner driver but if you want to get a high-quality club this is the price you will have to pay.

This price tag will be higher than most beginner or used golf drivers but this is one of the highest quality options for beginner golfers who are happy to spend some money on a quality set of clubs.

Deciding Factors For The Best Drivers For Beginners

There are several factors you want to consider when choosing the best driver for beginners. All of those factors are important and should be considered before making your purchase.

  • Head Size
  • Weight
  • Loft
  • Adjustability
  • Shaft
  • Budget

All of these factors go into what driver best fits your game. By understanding the importance of each factor you can then determine which driver you need to accelerate your game.

How To Choose Your Driver Head Size

The head size of your driver is arguably the most important factor when choosing a beginner driver. The larger the driver head size the larger margin of error you have when making contact with the ball.

The “sweet spot” which is right in the middle of the face of the driver is the ideal place to make contact. Hitting the sweet spot will ensure that you drive flies as straight and far as possible.

By choosing a driver with a larger head size the sweet spot is larger as well. Thus making the driver more forgivable if you do not hit the ball dead centre.

Driver Head SIzes

Driver head sizes are measured in cubic centimetres which is displayed as “cc”. The traditional driver between 440cc and 460cc, 460 being the maximum size allowed by the USGA for tournament play.

Now this is a decision you need to make as a beginner golfer. The USGA sets 460cc as the tournament size. But if you are looking to learn the game there are larger options available. As you will see later on this list some drivers can get as large as 520cc.

These are technically illegal under standard golf rules. Though beginner golfers may want to look to clubs of this size while they are still learning the game.

If you prefer a small driver head size check out our guide to the best small head drivers.

How To Choose Your Driver Weight

The weight of a driver is another factor we take into account when selecting our list of the best drivers for beginners. A driver’s weight is not simply measured by a lighter driver being superior but rather finding the right weight for your swing.

With a lighter driver, you will be able to increase your swing speed. Doing this can be important for older golfers as well as female golfers. Increasing a low swing speed can considerably increase your distance.

A heavier driver tends to be better for those who are strong and have higher swing speeds. This is likely due to the higher weight of the club ensuring the golfer that his swing stays on plane.

How To Choose Your Driver Loft

The loft of your driver is the angled measurement of the clubs head face and determines how high you will launch the ball.

Similar to driver weight there is no perfect driver loft but rather a loft that fits your swing. The higher the loft degree the higher the ball will fly. This makes it more advantageous for golfers with slower swing speed to choose a higher loft driver.

Think of it like shooting a water gun, depending on how fast the water is coming out of the gun you would have to adjust your angle to shoot it the furthest.

A higher lofted driver puts less spin on the ball. If you have an issue with slices of hooks a high lofted driver may be able to reduce some of your issues.

Though not set in stone, here is a general rule of thumb for choosing driver loft by your swing speed.

  • 105 MPH Club Speed Or More – 8.5-10° Loft
  • 95-104 MPH Club Speed – 10-11.5° Loft
  • 85 MPH Or Less – 12-14° of loft

Choosing A Driver With Adjustability

Adjustability is a factor previously only came into play with advanced drivers. But with advancements in technology, adjustable drivers have become very common.

The adjustability of your clubs won’t make drastic changes to your club but can help make some minor adjustments. Have an adjustable driver may come in handy for a beginner. This is because your swing begins to evolve as you get more experience.

The most common adjustment you will find in drivers is in the loft of club. As covered earlier an adjustable loft will ensure that your club has the right loft to fit your swing speed.

Choosing Your Driver Shaft

Choosing the shaft for your driver is another important decision when selecting the best drivers for beginners. The most important decision being the flex of the shaft.

There are several different flexes you can choose from.

  • Extra Stiff- Golfer Usually drives the ball 300 yards
  • Stiff – Golfer Usually drives the ball 250 yards
  • Regular – Golfer Usually drives between 225-250 yards
  • Senior – Golfer Usually drives the ball 200-225 yards
  • Ladies – Women or golfers who drive the ball under 200 yards

Other factors

Other factors that may go into you staff decision are the flight and the margin of error of the shafts.

If your staff is too stiff for your swing then you will tend to hit the ball to the right if you are right-handed and to the left if you are lefthanded.

It is also worth taking into account that the stiffer a shaft is the lower the ball will fly. If you are looking to increase the height of you drives you may to look to higher flex staff in order to increase your distance.

The length of shafts is another factor when choosing your driver shaft though it is much more straightforward. The length of the shaft should be based on your height and the vast majority of drivers are 45 inches in length.

If you are taller you may want to look into a 48-inch driver shaft as this may make your swing feel more natural.

Choosing Your Driver Budget

The budget is the most flexible of all factors in choosing your beginner driver. It will likely have just as much an impact as all the other variables listed above.

Luckily for you, you will not need a huge budget to get a good quality driver. To purchase the best on the market it will come at a higher price point. But to select a solid dependable driver you will not have to break the bank.

In fact, our list includes some great budget options that don’t offer the same standard of quality as the top brands but are perfect for beginners starting out or those looking to save a couple of bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions Best High Handicapper Drivers

Where Should I Buy My beginner driver?

If you’re looking to purchase your beginner driver we found it is in your best interest to purchase online. Though you can likely find a driver that can get the job done at your local golf store you will be much more likely to find the perfect driver for you if you shop online.

The reason for this is because shopping online gives you a much broader variety of golf equipment to choose from. This also includes a much larger variety in prices meaning when shopping online you’ll be much more likely to find a high-quality used driver for a fair price.

If your budget is fairly tight then heading to a used golf equipment website or checking out some used clubs on Amazon is going to be one of your better options to find that perfect driver to fit your swing.

What Are some tips if I’m struggling with my driver?

There are about 100 different ways you could elect to improve issues with your driver but to keep it simple will just give you some quick actionable tips that you can try out next time you’re on the course or the range.

First off, try choking up on your driver. The driver is the longest club in your bag and it is not a coincidence that your longest club is your hardest hit. You can see this quite easily when comparing your ability to hit your low irons versus your wedges. The shorter your club the easier it is to make consistent contact.

By choking up slightly you can place your hands on the bottom half of your grip and though it is not a large movement this little shift with your hands can make a world of difference.

If you’re suffering from several additional different issues in your swing this may not be the cure. But for some golfers, this simple switch is all they need to start finding some consistency off the tees.

How Can I found out which driver will work best for me?

If you were committed to shopping online for a bargain but you still want to be sure that you’re making the right decision there is two ways you can test out some clubs.

The first option would be fitting days. If you belong to a golf club then there’s a fair chance that some of the larger golf brands will come along to the range and let you test out their irons drivers and words. The purpose of these fitting days is to allow you to get a feel for the equipment and determine if it is right for you.

These fitting days do not cost any money but typically require that you are a member of the club that they are occurring at. This is a great way to get a feel for the clubs and determine which one you want to buy without having to put up the money first.

Another option is to head your local golf shop and test out the clubs in their simulator. Since it is their golf simulator and their product that you were trying the right thing to do is probably to purchase from that store itself.

But if you are dead set on finding a bargain you are able to test out clubs there and head home and search online for the best price you can find.

How Do I Stop Slicing My Driver?

Fixing a slice is one of the biggest steps a beginner golfer will take to figuring out his swing. This article is mainly focussed on another subject. So instead of breaking down the entire process with you a couple of quick tips that you can use to apply to your game and hopefully reduce or illuminate your slice.

A slice occurs when your clubface is to open an impact. This means that instead of pointing at the centre of the fairway if you’re slicing your clubface is pointing to the right and left at your clubface is pointing to the left. The issue with this is that it puts a spin onto the golf ball which pulls it through the air intakes it off it’s straight line.

What is causing the slice

It’s helpful to understand exactly what is causing the slice when you make contact. Keep this fact in mind that your club head is open and impact this should help you get a better understanding of what you need to fix.

Some quick tips you can use to ensure that your club head is not open an impact. Ensure your grip is correct, make sure you’re transferring your weight, keep your elbow tucked as you complete your swing.

These are just a few fixes you can make your game that may be causing your slice. In order to truly work on your slice and figure it out check out some YouTube videos. Those tend to be the best way to visualize and understand what you need to do to improve your swing.

How Do I Stop Hooking My Driver?

Hooking your driver is an error that typically occurs with golfers that are lower handicaps. Believe it or not if you’re a beginner golfer and you’re struggling with hooks that is actually a fairly good sign. A hook occurs when the face of your club is too closed as it makes impact with the ball. This means that your driver is twisted at an angle towards your body as opposed to facing straight down the fairway.

Similar to a slice making contact with the ball with a closed face put a spin on the ball. This side spin pulls the ball to the left if you are a right handed golfer into the right if you’re left-handed golfer.

What is causing the hook

There are many different ways that you can cause a hook in your swing but one common issue that I personally faced with a weak handed grip. This occurs when your lower hand is sitting weak on the grip. This means that your lower hand stone is tilted too far behind you and should be moved so that your lower thumb sits on top of the clubs grip.

Though this is just one fix to a hook. I personally implemented this change my grip and immediately began to hit my ball straighter. If you’re looking to find a fix for your hook we do suggest you check out YouTube videos so that you can get a visual guide to fixing your issues.

If that doesn’t work heading to a driving range or a local golf pro in purchasing a lesson is one great way to improve your game as a beginner.

Conclusion – Best Drivers For Beginners

To conclude our list of best drivers for beginners we encourage you to take your time reading through each description and determining which driver best fits your game.

There are plenty of good drivers, cheap drivers, customizable drivers, what matters is picking the club that fits you the best.

This is especially important for beginners. As it is likely your beginner driver may be something you only own for a season or two.

If you’re still having trouble keeping your balls in play check out our list of womens drivers or our review of drivers for a slice.

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