Best Gap Wedges Reviewed

Whether it’s a short approach shot or a chip that requires you to get some air under the ball a Gap Wedge can be a very important tool in your golf bag. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best gap wedges of 2021 so you can find the perfect wedge to fit your game.

Best Gap Wedge

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8:06 pm UTC

Our number one selection for the best gap wedge is the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome Wedge. This gap wedge was the best performing wedge we came across throughout all our research.

One fantastic feature of this gap wedge is that you’re are able to choose from three separate types of grinds for this club. These grinds offer you more personalization of your wedge depending on the courses you typically play and the type of shots you tend to hit.

On top of the grind options, this wedge is also offered in several different lofts. Between choosing your grind and the loft you are able to customize this wedge to perfectly fill any gap in your bag.

Golfers will also notice the Progressive Groove Optimization system that is built into this clubface. Depending on the loft or grind you choose the groove will be optimized in order to create the best possible control and spin.

You will also find that this wedge offers you great control due to their CG weighting. The weighting of this club moves upwards as the loft of this club increases. This weighting ensures lower and easier to control ball flight without losing any spin.

This is going to allow you to stick greens confidently from any distance.

Another great feature of this gap wedge is it’s clean chrome look. The design of this gap wedge is sure to catch some eyes on the course. If you’re the kind of golfer that likes to look good on the links this club certainly won’t hurt.

The price of this gap wedge sits at just over one hundred dollars. Due to the incredible quality and performance of this club we found it to be a great value buy.

If you’re looking for the best performing gap wedge look no further than this model from Callaway.

Best Budget Gap Wedge

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4:06 pm UTC

Our pick for the best budget gap wedge of 2020 is the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge. This wedge offer golfers a quality gap wedge for an incredibly low price.

One great feature of this Pinemeadow wedge is the wide sole at the bottom of the club head. This wide sole begins to narrow as it approaches the toe. The purpose behind this design is to ensure a forgiving hitting surface.

This means that if you hit this wedge off centre it will be more likely to perform properly than a wedge that does not offer much forgiveness.

This gap wedge also features U style grooves. This U groove technology is used in all the top wedges on the market and is just another sign that despite the low price point this club can still get the job done.

With a price tag sitting at only Twenty eight dollars we found this model to be an incredible value buy. Though this wedge will not perform as well as the top options on our list this wedge has everything you need to use it successfully as a beginner or high handicap golfer.

If you are looking to purchase a budget gap wedge that can still get the job done than this model from Pinemeadow is a fantastic option.

Best Gap Wedge For Mid Handicappers

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5:06 pm UTC

Our top choice for the best gap wedge for mid handicappers is the TaylorMade Milled Grind Black Wedge. This awesome club from Taylormade is perfect for those golfers with mid handicaps looking to make some improvements on their short game.

One great feature of this Taylormade gap wedge is the grooves. The grooves of this wedge feature steeper side walls, this allows the club to generate more spin on the ball making it even easier to stick the green.

Much like our top selection this Taylormade Gap wedge also offers three seperate grind options. These three options are low bounce, high bounce, and standard bounce.

These grind options allow you to match the club to your swing in order for it to hit better. The high bounce grind is for those golfers that steeper angles of attack and play softer course conditions. The low bounce grind is meant those with shallow angles of attach that play on firm courses. While the standard bounce will fit with most golf swings.

The design of this club face offered the engineers at Taylormade some weight savings. They were then able to use this extra weight to design their center of gravity to ensure the highest quality control and feel.

All of these awesome features make this club an incredible option for mid-handicap golfers. We found that with the incredible performance of this club you are getting some great value with a price tag sitting just over one hundred dollars.

If you’re looking for best gap wedge for mid handicappers there is no better option than this great club from Taylormade.

Best Gap Wedge For Low Handicappers

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5:06 pm UTC

Our selection for the best gap wedge for low handicappers is this Titleist Vokey SM7 Gap Wedge. This incredible club is another addition to the long line of high quality golf equipment from Titliest.

One thing you will notice quickly about the Vokey SM7 is that this club has precise distance and trajectory. This is in large part due to the weighting and CG of the club.

This gap wedge places the CG precisely on the impact position of the club and as you increase in loft you will find that the CG changes proportionately in order to provide great ball control and specific distance.

If you are a low handicap golfer spin is going to important. With this Titliest Volkey gap wedge you will find that you will be able to consistently generate spin and stick greens effectively.

This gap wedge features spin milled technology this provides you with great control and spin on your shots.

The grooves of this club along with the face texture change depending on the loft and the finish of the club. This is just another example of Titleist going above and beyond with the club in order to ensure it has the best performance possible.

One of the most incredible features of this gap wedge from Titleist is that it features six different grind options. This is where this club really fits with low handicaps.

With all these grind options to choose from golfers can be sure to test out there swing and ensure that they find the perfect gap wedge to fit their game.

Despite all of this customization and quality this Titliest wedge comes in at only one hundred and thirty dollars. If you are familiar with Titliest products you will notice this is quite a fair price.

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to low handicap gap wedges then there is no better option than this Titliest Vokey SM7.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gap Wedges

Are gap wedge and approach wedge the same?

No a gap wedge and an approach wedge are not the same club. The main difference between these two clubs is their loft and the distance the ball travels when you use them.

A gap wedge is going to sit distance-wise between your pitching wedge and your sandwich. Now an approach wedge is closer to the sand wedge in terms of distance. You will likely use your gap wedge when you were 100 to 120 yards away from the hole while your approach wedge is typically used within 75 or less yard from the hole.

Where to buy a gap wedge?

If you’re looking to buy a gap wedge you may be able to find one in your local golf or sports retail store. Though if you’re looking to buy a specific model or have some specific features that you would like in your gap what is your best bet is to shop online.

By shopping online you’ll find there’s a much larger variety of gap wedge to choose from. This will give you a higher chance of finding a club that properly fits your game at a price tag you would be happy with.

Can you use a gap wedge in the sand?

Yes, you can certainly use your gap wedge in the sand though you may want to see that for specific situations. A gap wedge is a typically lower loft club than your sand wedge. This means that if you need to hit the ball with a lower loft in the sand your gap wedge may be an appropriate club.

A situation in which you want to use your gap wedge insted of your sande wedge is one were you want the ball to travel farther out of the bunker while still getting a high enough loft ot get over the bunker wall.

Why use a gap wedge?

Since gap wedges are not the most common club found in a golf bag many golfers wonder why you would want to use them. The reason to use his this wedge is quite simple.

They typically fill a gap in distances between your clubs. Many golfers find they had their sadn wedge roughly 90 to 100 yards were hitting or pitching wedge about 120.

This leaves a gap between the two clubs making it tough for golfers to hit that distance accurately. By using a gap wedge you’ll be able to hit a ball with in this distance effectively and consistently.

How far does gap wedge go?

The typical distance a gap wedge to travel is between 100 to 120 yards. That being said the distance of your gap wedge is highly dependent on your swing speed. A better way to figure out the distance your gap wedge will travel is depleted between the distance of your sandwich and your pitching wedge.

Another factor that makes it tough to determine gap which distance is that it comes in multiple loft options. A gap wedge does not have a set loft so you will find that the lower the loft you choose for your get a push the farther it will travel in the higher loft you choose the less it will travel.

Conclusion Best Gap Wedges Reviewed

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best gap wedges of 2020. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the gap wedges on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this guide be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to finding irons for mid handicappers or our guide to the utilizing driving irons.

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