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As we all know golf is an expensive sport, between green fees, memberships equipment and lessons it all starts to add up. Not to mention chunking your tee shot into the water on that hazard-heavy par three will likely cost you about four dollars if you’re hitting a trusty Pro V 1. That’s why we’ve thrown together this Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2020 list to save you a few bucks.

Luckily for you, there’s plenty of tools out there to not only recover your own balls but hopefully find a few free ones along the way.

Starting out as a plastic stick with a cup on the end, ball retrievers have advanced considerably. We’re going to break down the best ball retrievers on the market to help you find the tool you need to recover your balls.

Best Golf Ball Water Retriever

We all know how frustrating it can be to put in a ball into the water hazard. Whether you looking to scoop that ball back or resupply your whole golf bag these things can come in handy.

Here is our list of the top Golf ball water retrievers hopefully these will ease the pain of picking up those extra strokes.

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Main Features

  • 6 Feet Length
  • 24″ While Retracted
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Stainless Steel Metal Alloy Shaft
  • Callaway “Club Head Cover”
  • Metal Bracket Ball Clamper

This Ball retriever by Callaway is not only our first pick but also the highest-rated and top-selling on our list of Best Golf Ball Retrievers.

The total length of six feet puts it on the somewhat smaller end in terms of retrievers. But it should be long enough to get the job done.

Once collapsed the Ball retriever is a little as 24″ in length making it easy to compact and fit into your bag.

Ergonomic Grip

The ergonomic grip helps give you a little more trust when reaching for those deep balls. It helps to make sure the ball retriever won’t slip out of your hands.

The inclusion of the metal alloy staff will come in handy when dealing with a deep ball when the shaft is fully extended.

Traditional plastic ball retrievers tend to bend and potentially snap when fully extended. Luckily this is not the case with his Callaway product.

The Callaway branded club headcover is an aesthetic add on. It allows you to place this ball retriever in your bag like any other club. This is a helpful add on for anyone that doesn’t like the look of the traditional ball retrievers.

The head of this Callaway water ball retriever has to metal clamps that hold your ball between them. This is a similar style to some of the clamping style golf ball alignment tool that will firmly hold your ball in place.

Callaway water ball retriever

Once you slip the ball between the metal clamps it will hold your ball in place much more securely than your regular cup-shaped ball retriever.

This Callaway Ball Collector is our top selection for water ball retrievers on the market. It’s a high-quality shaft, aesthetic head cover, and trusty metal head puts this product ahead of the competition.

Though the price point is slightly higher than the other options. We found this Callaway Ball Retriever to be worth the extra few dollars.

This Callaway ball retriever is traditionally priced at $35. You can check out the current price here.

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Main Features

  • 14 Foot Maximum Reach
  • Collapses to 17.5 Inches – fits in a golf bag pocket
  • Spring Mechanism Ball Trapper
  • Weight 10 ounces
  • Stainless Steel Shaft

This Igotcha Ball retriever is another one of the Best Golf Ball Retrievers on the market and has received consistently positive reviews online.

The 14-foot reach of this Igotcha Ball Retriever is much longer than your traditional plastic retriever. It’s also worth mentioning that it is over twice as long as the Callaway retriever.

Though once collapsed it reduces down to 17.5 inches making it easy to pack away in the side pocket of your golf bag.

The largest difference between this and competing ball retrievers on the market is its spring mechanism ball trapper.

The igotcha golf ball retriever is traditionally priced around $30. You can check out the current price here.

igotcha best golf ball retriever

The mechanism is activated once your ball retriever comes into contact with a ball. It then tightly secures your ball making it easy to recover.

The Igotcha ball retriever also is made up of a stainless steel shaft though once fully extended it tends to bend a bit.

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Main Features

  • 15 Feet Maximum Reach
  • 42″ when compacted
  • Black Anodized Shaft
  • EZ-View Orange Head
  • 1 Year Warranty

The JP Lann Ball retriever is next on our list and comes in as the longest ball retriever we came across.

At fifteen feet when fully extended there a few balls this won’t be able to recover. At 42″ when compacted it will likely still have to be placed in the club section of your golf bag.

The black anodized staff is of higher quality than your traditional ball retrievers. Though it is not quite as sturdy as the stainless steel and metal alloy counterpoints we reviewed earlier.

This Water retriever has the more traditional head that is just a plastic loop that can be used to scoop the ball up. The E-Z view orange head is helpful to locate your retriever once it is under the water, making the recovery process easier.

This ball retriever also comes with a one year warranty. If you happen to snap or damage your retriever while going for balls you will be fully covered.

If you are looking for a traditional ball retriever then we found that this Jp Lann model is your best bet. It is missing the bells and whistles of the newer models though due it’s simple scoop head there are fewer issues that arise.

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Main Features

  • 35 foot rope with basket
  • 8 Balls Collection Basket
  • Orange High Visibility Basket
  • Easy To Store In Bag

This Water retriever is quite different than the rest we have covered on this list as it can recover up to eight golf balls at a time.

Instead of the traditional stick and scoop method, this search and rescue water ball retriever is thrown into the water and pulled in via rope. As its dragged, it collects balls along the bottom of the water hazard.

The Orange high visibility paint allows you to see the ball retriever as it trolls along the bottom of the water hazard.

The 8 ball capabilities of this ball retriever allows you to go to high traffic water hazards and collect a multitude of balls.

We found that this design of ball retriever was best suited to those who wanted to collect large amounts of golf balls. This is not something you would take out of your bag mid-round.

The Search N Rescue is usually priced around $40. You can check the current price here.

Best Golf Ball Practice Retrievers

Collecting all your balls when putting or chipping around can be quite the hassle. Not to mention the strain and pain it can cause your back. That’s why we’re ranking the top practice ball collectors on the market. Choosing one of these options will have your practice session tidied up in no time.

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  • Holds 80 Balls
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured In United States
  • Formed Grip Handle
  • Canvas Bag

The Bag Shag is the highest-rated and fastest-selling ball collector in the United States. It does come at the highest price tag but it is only marginally more expensive than the majority of its counterparts.

The canvas bag located at the top of the bag can hold up to eighty golf balls. This gives it more than enough room to clean up after your average practice session.

The majority of golf ball collectors are imported to the United States which may give some credence as to why this ball retriever is so highly praised.

We found this bag shag to be the highest quality practice ball collector that we tested. Much like the Callaway ball retriever, this product comes at a slightly higher price tag. But if you’re looking for the highest quality product this is the price you will have to pay.

The Original Shag Bag is typically priced at $40. You can check out the current price here.

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  • Holds 23 Golf Balls
  • Fits In Golf Bag
  • Light Weight Durable

The practice stick is a light weight and cheaper option than the others on the list. Though it might not be quite as revered as the higher end options on this list is a great bang for your buck.

Customer reviews around the web highly praise the quality and ease of use of this ball collector. Its simple design does not consists of the same pickup mechanics as other models. Instead this ball collector stores them in the shaft as opposed to a bag at the top of the ball retriever.

The lack of handle and bag also allows for easier storage of this model. This is handy if you plan to pack it along with you for your golf trips.

This is a discounted model that will still get the job done. We recommend the practice stick if that is the criteria you’re looking for. It doesn’t hold as many balls and will likely not last as long as the higher-priced options. But at it’s price point is still a good value buy.

The Practice stick is usually priced around $15. You can check out the current price here.

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  • Holds 75 Balls
  • Aluminum Body
  • Mid Tier Price
  • Nylon Bag

We are covering another Jp Lann Vall retriever though this model is intended for the practice greens. This model is very similar to the Shag Bag we reviewed earlier.

This model is the second best selling practice ball retriever on the market and is slightly cheaper than the Original Shag Bag. It offers a slightly smaller nylon pouch at the top of the retriever that can hold 75 golf balls.

This retriever is made up of an aluminium body making it quite durable. Though due to its metal body it may not be something you want to carry around in your golf bag if you are going out for a round.

If you are interested in the original shag bag but are looking for a slightly cheaper option than the JP Lann Shag Bag may be your pick. The Jp Lann Shag bag is typically priced around $20. You can check out the current price here.

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  • Fastest Ball Collector
  • Made of Durable Steel

The Kollectball is an interesting product due to the fact there aren’t many others like it on the market. Its interesting steel wire cage design allows you to pick up balls at a much faster rate than competing ball retrievers.

The main issue with this product is its large size. The Kollectaball seems to lend itself more to a commercial style of ball collection. One in which you need to pick up a large number of balls.

Its size is too large to fit into a golf bag during a round so this is something you would either use at home at a practice green.

This model also requires some assembly once you receive the product as it is too large to ship once assembled.

If you are a golf teacher or have a putting green at home the Kollectaball could be a good choice. As it makes it easy to collect all of your golf balls in a timely matter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Ball Retrievers

Can you purchase replacement heads for Golf Ball Retrievers?

One of the major questions we saw arise throughout our research was the possibility of replacing the head of the golf ball retriever.

This was a question we saw most commonly with golf ball retrievers that has a spring action golf ball retriever. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not the same across the board.

Searching online we haven’t found that the majority of the products on our list do not have replacement heads available for purchase.

Luckily many of these golf ball retrievers have warranties and satisfaction guarantees. This means that reaching out to these companies will potentially result in a refund or replacement models for those that are no longer usable.

Though this also means that some of these retrievers will not offer replacements and a broken retriever means you will need to purchase another model.

Can I Collect Golf Balls And Sell Them For A Profit?

As we began to do our research for this list we began to realize that some of those buying golf ball retrievers purchase these products just to collect golf balls to sell.

This, of course, isn’t the primary use of these retrievers but it can be another way to generate a side hustle. Now can you actually make some money selling these golf balls?

What it really comes down to is the area in which you are looking for balls. If you have a golf course near your house in which you can collect balls than purchasing a golf ball retriever may be a good investment.

If you live near a water hazard that collects a lot of golf balls the Search N’ Rescue model we covered earlier will be a great option. Collecting a large number of balls over an hour or two could have the ball retriever pay for itself quite quickly.

Where To Sell

Golfers who look to collect golf balls for sell purposes usually have a few choice places to sell these golf balls. If you live near the course and have god visibility from golfers driving by. You want to just set up a self serve stand at the end of your driveway.

Other options include selling golf balls at your local farmers market. Selling online or just letting your friends at the golf course know and ask if they’d like to purchase some.

Selling refurbished golf balls will not make you rich. But should be able to offer you a solid side hustle for those that live close to courses that offer great opportunities for collecting balls.

My Retriever Is No Longer Extending Is It Broken?

This was the most common issue we noticed in consumer reviews. It was the mention of golf ball retrievers failing to extend when needed.

Many golfers struggled with this aspect of the retrievers and often was the reason for no longer using them on the course.

The short answer is no it is not broken fortunately there is a simple fix for this issue. All you need to due is lubricate the shaft, whether is WD40 or something you may already have in your bag like vaseline, a little lubrication will fix your golf ball retriever in no time.

Wrap Up – Best Golf Ball Retrievers

In conclusion, each one of the ball retrievers has a purpose and depending on your situation can be the right fit for you.

That being said if your goal is to find the highest quality water retriever. We suggest you look at the Callaway Golf Ball Retriever. It’s quality and raving reviews from customers put it ahead of the rest.

If you are looking for the Best Golf Ball Retrievers of 2020 to avoid bending over once your practice session is done. We suggest the Bag Shag. Their five-year warranty will ensure you have a high-quality ball retriever for years to come.

Drop any questions or concerns you may have below and we’d be happy to answer as soon as we can.

If you enjoyed this guide please check out some of our others comparing the top golf accessories. These list include ratings of unbreakable golf tees and yardage books among many other golf accessories.

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