Best Golf Cart Cigar Holders Reviewed

one thing that always seems to make a round of golf a little more enjoyable is a nice cigar. The only problem is as you get back in your car you’re stuck holding it in your hand or are forced to put it down into the cupholder. This isn’t convenient or sanitary which is why we’ve compiled this list of the cigar holders for golf carts so you can find the best one for your next tee time.

The Ninety Degree Wedge – The Ultimate Premium & Versatile, Magnetic Cigar Holder

  • Attaches To Cart Via Magnet
  • Many Outdoor Uses
  • Keeps Cigar In Upright Position
  • Solid Construction
  • Available In packs of one or two
  • Higher End Price

Our number one selection on our list of the best golf cart cigar holders is this model called the 90° wedge. This cigar holder is our number one packed due to its high quality build in the great features it offers.

This model is a little different than most as it attaches to your golf cart via magnet. Traditionally most cigar holders use a clip method though due to the strength of this magnet this model works just as well.

The magnet attachment feature allows this model to be used in many different situations. Whenever you around a metal object you’ll be able to use this cigar holder to keep your cigar safe. This means if you’re camping grilling or hanging out by your car you’ll be able to attach the cigar holder easily and effectively.

You will notice in the image above that there’s a car holder features eight deep cup. This ensures that your cigar will not move or fall out of the holder even if it’s a bumpy ride in the golf cart.

Another benefit of this models that it keeps your cigar in an upright position. What this does is allow the cigar to burn evenly throughout. If your cigar begins to canoe which means to burn one side fast and the other then you will find it is the last enjoyable experience. With this cigar holders upright structure this won’t be an issue.

Another added benefit of this model is that it offered in packs of one or two. Now the cigar holder is not going to break but like any other small golf accessory it can be pretty easy to lose so opting for the two pack isn’t a bad idea. There are also two colour options to choose from those colours being black and white. If you choose the Tupac you will get one of each color.

The only real negative of the cigar holder is that it has a fairly high end price point. Since cigar holders are quite cheap this is only a few dollars difference but we thought it was worth mentioning in our review.

All in all we found this 90° wedge cigar holder to be a fantastic option for anyone looking to keep their cigar in great shape while they golf.

Perfecto Cigar Holder

  • Easily Attaches To Many Surfaces
  • Includes Clip-On Ash tray
  • Elevated Rest To Keep Burning End Untouched
  • Hold All Cigar Sizes Up To 80 Ring Wide
  • Higher End Price

next on our list of the best golf cart cigar holders is the perfecto cigar holder. This model used a lyses a clip structure that allows it to attach to the dashboard of the golf cart. This makes it easy to access as well as very easy to attach and detach.

Since this model works simply as a clip you will be able to attach it to many different surfaces. Add virtually any sort of outdoor activity you would likely be able to find a surface or item that you’ll be able to attach this cigar holder to.

The clip on ashtray is another fantastic feature of this model. They often times with cigars you typically ash them on the ground if you’re driving your own golf cart or you live in a very dry climate you may not want to be doing this. This is where the included clip on ashtray comes in.

This clip on the ashtray simply rest right on your cigar holder so you’ll be able to ashes as it’s kept in place.

The elevated rest of this model keeps the burning and untouched. Since the ass tree is going to be sitting underneath the lip portion cigar it is important is not coming to contact. This model uses an elevator rescue insure the lip part of the cigar does not come to contacts at the bottom or the sides of the cigar holder.

If you prefer to smoke larger cigars you do not have to be worried about this model of cigar holder. The total size capacity of this model can hold up to 80 ring white cigar which for the vast majority of cigar smokers is more than enough room.

If you’re looking for a high-quality clip-on cigar holder or any sort of holder with an ashtray and we found this perfect cigar holder to be a fantastic option.

Prestige Import Group Cigar Clip

  • Easily Attaches To Many Surfaces
  • Inexpensive Price
  • Keeps Cigar In Place Without Damaging Wrapper
  • Can Also Be Used As A Club Clip
  • Slightly Lower Quality Build

Next-door list of the best golf cart cigar holders is this prestige import cigar club. Like our last model the cigar holder user utilizes the clip on style so we can easily attach to your golf cart.

As I mentioned earlier in our review this clip on style cigar holder is able to be easily attached to many different surfaces. If you’re having a cigar will you barbeque at home or you’d like to clip it on your deck after you finish some yardwork this style of cigar holder offers you a much wider variety of things to attach to.

One benefit every shopper will be happy to find out about is the inexpensive price you will find a desperate street import cigar holder comes in at a considerably lower price than the other options. Don’t neither are too expensive finding a quality cigar holder for this price will leave you quite happy.

The final added benefit of this product is that it can also be used as a club clip. This means you can put the clip facedown on the ground and use the clamping area to hold up your golf clubs that you later rest around the green. What this does is raise your clubs by a few inches so you no longer have to bend all the way did down to the ground when trying to pick them up. This can be especially helpful for those older golfers or those with bad backs.

All in all, we found that this clip on cigar holder was a fantastic option for anyone looking for a “quality golf cart cigar holder while shopping on a budget.

Grip Clip Cigar Holder

  • Easily Attaches To Many Surfaces
  • Solid Wood Structure
  • Clean Mahogany Finish
  • Mid Range Price Point

The final addition to our list of the best golf cart cigar holders is another grip style model. This auction is fantastic for golfers that want to have a specific look on the course. If you like things that are built to last and this cigar holder is the one for you.

Just like the other clips that models the cigar holders able to clamp itself onto a large variety of services. This will easily allow you to clip the cigar holder to the dash of your golf cart or even the steering wheel.

What really separates this golf cart cigar holder for the rest of the market is this solid wood structure. No many of the other models are quality they’re still built from plastic which is never going to compare to the quality of a good wood bill. If you’re the type of golfer that prefers sturdy and quality products then you may find yourself leaning towards a wood structure cigar holder.

The final benefit we’re going to cover is the clean mahogany finish. One thing can be said for sure this model is far and away the most aesthetically pleasing in our lives. If you have a certain look you want to upkeep on the course or just want to look cool while you smoke your cigar having a mahogany finish on your cigar holder is certainly going to turn a few hats.

If you were looking for quality and a great look to your golf cart cigar holder tennis grip clip cigar holder is a fantastic option.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Golf Cart Cigar Holders

Where To Buy A Golf Cart Cigar Holder?

If you are looking to find any cigar holder to use in your golf cart you may be able to find one at your local golf shop. That being said these products are not very common in stores and can be difficult to find.

In our opinion we suggest that you shop for your golf cart cigar holder online. Purchasing a cigar holder online is going to give you a much larger variety of options to choose from and will also allow you to potentially find a much better price.

How To Use Cigar Holders?

Using your golf cart cigar holder is a very simple process. First off you must setup your holder in your cart. This step will be different dpeending on the model you choose to purchase but ultimately you will either clamp your cigar holder to the cart or attach it via a magnet.

At this point you will simply place you lit cigar in your holder so that the lit end stays out of harms way. This will allow to keep your cigar protected while you take your next shot.

Do you need a cigar holder if you want to smoke a cigar on the course?

Though it is not one hundred percent needed it is extremely helpful to have a cigar holder in your golf cart. The simple reason for this is because you will have to put your cigar down after each shot.

Since the cigar is lit it cannot be placed in a pocket so most golfers tend to place it on the ground. This of course is not the sanitary and leads to you bending over and picking it up after each shot.

It is also worth mentioning that leaving your cigar on the ground during fire season can be potentially dangerous to you golf course depending on what sort of climate you live in.

Conclusion Best Golf Cart Cigar Holders

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best golf cart cigar hodlers. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products we have included in it we encourage you to reach out in the comments below.

If you enjoyed this guide please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to understanding non conforming golf balls.

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