Best Golf Push Cart Umbrella Holders

As someone that loves to walk the course, I can understand the annoyance of having to choose between rain protection and having two hands-on your cart. Luckily a few companies have built attachable umbrella holders to allow you to stay dry while pushing your cart. In this guide, we’re going to breakdown the best golf push cart umbrella holders on the market so you can find the perfect one for your game.

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10:11 am UTC
  • Adjustable Umbrella Direction
  • Compatible With All Clic Gear Rovic Push Carts
  • Fits All Umbrellas With Up to 1.5-Inch Handle
  • Raises Umbrella Height By Three Inches
  • Higher End Price Point
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5:06 pm UTC
  • Adjustable internal width for different size umbrella handles
  • Adjusts to move umbrella left or right, forward or backward
  • Clamp mechanism fits on round or oval tubing
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    5:09 pm UTC
    • Adjustable internal width
    • Adjustable to move umbrella
    • Universal To All Carts
    • 180 Day Guarantee
    • Drilling Required
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    5:08 pm UTC
    • Clamp mechanism easily to the existing frame
    • Attaches with only 2 screws
    • Adjusts to different widths for different size umbrella handles
    • Adjustable In All Directions
    • Requires Some Assembly

    Frequently Asked Questions – Best Golf Push Cart Umbrella Holders

    Can these cart umbrella holders be used for disc golf?

    The great part about the majority of these umbrella holders. Is that they are universal which means they are able to be applied to any golf pushcart.

    Now we are aware that disc golf carts are different. So long as the handle in which you push the cart is around the same size it will work.

    Just make sure that the umbrella holder that you are choosing has universal capabilities. So that it can be applied to different sized handles.

    The models that use a drilled hole and screw may be the best option for carts with smaller handles. These models work simply by screwing in a screw into the handle securing the umbrella holder to cart.

    Do these umbrellas work with taller golfer?

    A common question we noticed throughout our research was how effective these umbrella holders would be for taller golfers.

    As a taller golfer myself. I found that often times when using umbrella holders or stands they aren’t quite equipped for taller men. This often results in hitting your head on the umbrella. Or failing to be able to see out of it due to its low height.

    For the majority of the golf cart umbrella holders on this list, it should not be a problem. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which models will prevent this problem. As it is largely dependent on the height of your cart.

    So long as you have a standard pushcart you should find that these models are tall enough to cover you. Even if you are a taller golfer.

    And for those using a Clic Gear model. You will find that there are extensions that can be purchased to raise the height of your umbrella.

    Where Can I Buy A Push Cart Umbrella Holder?

    Though you will likely be able to find a pushcart umbrella holder at your local golf store your best bet is to shop for this product online.

    Shopping online is going to give you a much broader selection of pushcart umbrella holders and ultimately will have that one that fits your needs.

    You will also likely find you are able to find a better deal on a pushcart umbrella holder when shopping online.

    Concluding Thoughts

    We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best golf pushcart umbrella holders.

    We believe that somewhere on this list is an umbrella holder that should offer you everything that you need when it comes to rain protection on the course.

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