Best Golf Training Aids Reviewed

Despite all the recent advancements in golf technology one saying still remains king and that saying is “practice makes perfect”. As low as your handicap may be and as many rounds as you’ve played there is always room for more practice. That’s why this review is on hand to breakdown the best golf training aids.

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick

This SKLZ golf flex golf swing trainer is one of the most popular golf training aids on the market. The purpose behind this training aid is to improve your tempo and flexibility on the course.

This golf training aide can also be easily used to loosen up prior to your round. Swinging this golf trainer without stopping at impact should help to loosen up your body. It will allow you to get the “feel” of hitting the ball before approaching the tee blocks.

This training aide also easily fits into your golf bag and is entirely legal to carry on the course.

If used properly you should find that this tool will help you find a consistent tempo in your swing. If you are the sort of golfer that struggles with their tempo then this the golf trainer for you.

Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

The Pelz golf putting tutor is another fantastic option for those golfers looking to improve their game. This model is especially helpful for those golfers that struggle with alignment.

This simple little putting aide works by leaving on a small ball opening at the end of the putting trainer. Along the middle of the putting trainer is a line you can use to determine the direction of your putt.

This trainer serves as a way to test that the ball is coming off your putting face in the correct direction. If you shoot your ball through this small gap then you can be sure that your alignment is effective.

Many golfers don’t realize the importance of alignment in there putting. Or they believe it is something that they already do well.

In reality, almost every golfer alive could use some training in their putting alignment. But when it comes to mid and high handicappers it is likely you putting alignment is costing you more strokes than you even know.

Golf Impact Ball Swing Training Aid

The golf impact ball swing training aid is the next addition to our list of the best golf training aids.

To use this ball simply pace it in between your elbows. The impact ball features to distinct colours on either side of the ball. You must be aware of these colours in order to use this aid properly.

You want to place this ball between your elbows so that the logo facing down. Once you complete your backswing you should find that the ball should be rotated so that someone watching you swing face on should only be able to see the blue side of the ball.

Once the golfer completes their downswing with the Impact ball between their elbows you should only be able to see the yellow side of the ball if you are facing the golfer head-on.

What this tool does is ensure that you are using your chest arms and upper body in unison. By placing the impact ball between your elbows it makes it much more difficult to move your elbows, arms, and wrists in the wrong direction.

By using this training aide often you should feel much more comfortable with the proper upper body movement required for an effective and consistent golf swing.

SKLZ Smash Bag Golf Impact Swing Trainer

The SKLZ smash bag is the next item on our list of the best golf training aids. One of the main purposes of this training aid is to improve your contact with the golf ball.

Many golfers tend to turn their hands over after impact is made with the ball. With this impact bag, you are going to attempt to make a consistent impact with the shaft and your hands in front of the clubface.

This impact bag will also allow you to monitor your clubface at impact. If you slice balls you will notice when you impact with the bag it is likely that your clubface is open.

If you are hooking balls your clubface is going to come into contact with the bag while it is closed.

By consistently hitting the bag with a square clubface you will find that this swing will become much more comfortable. Eventually, you will learn to use this training aid to train your muscles to consistently swing in this way.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

The final addition to our list of the best golf training aids is the Puttout Pressure putt trainer. This tool works to ensure golfers are able to hit their putts with the appropriate wieght.

The first putting trainers we included on our list was meant to fix proper alignment and contact. This model fixes the other common issue with putting which is getting the proper weight on your putts.

With this Puttout Pressure trainer you will have to hit your putt hard enough so that it rolls up the trainer. Yet not so hard that it will roll past the target area.

This will give you an opportunity to train the speed and power you putt on your putts. Something that many beginner golfers neglect.

The putt training ramp also returns the ball back to you if you hit it up the ramp and fail to keep it in the target area. This makes the practising process a lot more enjoyable as you are not spending most of your time collecting balls.

We found this golf training aid to be one of the top options due to the number of strokes most golfers give while putting. As well as the ease of use of this training aid as it can be put to use just about anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Golf Training Aids

Where To Buy Golf Training Aids?

If you’re looking to buy any golf training aid it is likely that you can head to your local sports retailer and find one there. But if you’re looking to find some of the best golf training aids on the market then your best bet is going to be shopping online.

Shopping online is going to give you a much broader selection of golf training aids to choose from. It will also allow you to compare prices amongst multiple retailers much easier.

If you were trying to find the golf training aid that best fits your game. Or you’re shopping on a budget looking to find the best deal. Then we believe the best place to purchase your next golf training aid is online.

What sort of training aid should I get as a gift?

If you’re looking to purchase a training aid as a gift there are a few that are going to be a better option. One aspect that virtually every golfer can work on is there putting.

Putting training aids also can typically be used indoors and in small areas. This makes this style of training aid the best option for a gift.

When it comes to putting there is always room for improvement in practice. So purchasing a putting training aid is going to be a great option for a gift.

What training aide is best for beginner golfers?

One thing about being a beginner golfer is that almost every aid is going to be applicable to you. This makes determining which one a beginner golfer should choose a tough task.

In our opinion, if you are a true beginner golfer then your best option is going to be a training aid that works to ensure proper contact. Though you likely are giving up some strokes putting and chipping. It can be difficult to enjoy the game of golf when you cannot make proper contact with the ball.

Though the time will come to practice your putting and chipping and other aspects of your game. We believe your first priority should be making consistent contact with the ball. For this reason, we suggest a training aid like the impact bar. This aide ensures your clubface is in the proper position as you make contact with a golf ball.

Conclusion Best Golf Training Aids

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best golf training aids. If you have any questions regarding this article on any of the products included on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this guy we hope you check out some of our other golf content. Such as our guides to practice golf balls or backyard golf nets.

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