Best Heel-Shafted Putters Reviewed

Though these clubs have nearly gone extinct there are still many golfers out there that prefer the look and feel of a heel-shafted putter. Many prefer its similar weighting to traditional clubs such as irons and drivers. This allows many golfers to feel a little more confident when addressing their putts. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best heel-shafted putters of 2021.

In A Rush? Check Out Our Top Heel Shafted Putters

Due to the small number of golfers that use the style of putter we quickly realized how few options there are when looking for heel-shafted putters. On our list, we found several newly manufactured models that were built with the vintage models in mind.

After looking through the few models that are still being manufactured we found that your next best bet was to go thrift shopping. To do this you want to go through popular reselling websites like amazon or ebay. Now lets get started on our list of the best heel-shafted putters.

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This 8802 model from Wilson staff is our number one selection for the best heel-shafted putter. The 8802 model was previously used to win many majors back in the day. And was a popular reason in the reinvention of this club style.

This classic style of putter has proven very successful for golfers in the past. And is still used by some pro golfers today. Let’s check out the features.

  • Classic 8802 head shape
  • Modern Head Weighting
  • Double Milled Face
  • Includes Headcover

Classic 8802 head shape

The classic 8802 head shape used in this putter is its main selling point. As you can see from the image above the heel shaft of the orientation of the putter head is much different than most putters as you see today.

This style of putter allows you to get a much better look at the ball as you address it for your putt. It is also much more similar to your addressing of the ball when using irons or drivers. This, in theory, should give you a little more confidence than stepping up for your putt.

Modern Head Weighting

One change to this putter has from its original form is the head weighting. Though many golfers did enjoy the retro style of this putter the head weighting was changed so that it can adjust for modern greens.

This feature makes sure that you will have golfs newest weighting technology in your club. All while still maintaining that retro feel of the heel-shafted putter.

Double Milled Face

The double milled face on this putter is another retro-style feature that many golfers will enjoy. Nowadays the majority of golfers use putters with inserts. Those inserts are plenty effective it is not uncommon for golfers to for the classic milled face style of putters.

Includes Headcover

On top of all these great features the small model also includes a retro headcover to go with your old-school Potter.

Cost And Value

With a price tag just under $125 this model sitting about the mid-price range for golf putters in 2021. When it comes to heal shafted putters there are very few options for golfers looking for a new club.

If you’re looking for the highest quality heel shafted putter we suggest you look no farther than this new spin on the classic 8802 putter.

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Next on our list of the best heel shaft putters is this awesome model from Odyssey. This model is our only other newly manufactured model and is the only heel-shafted putter that features an insert as opposed to a milled head.

  • tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft
  • stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer
  • Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip
  • Face Insert Promotes Topspin
  • Offered with over size grip

Tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft

The tip heavy graphite and steel shaft used in this powder is the same using all of our history of black gloves. This tip heavy shaft saves 40 grams of weight in the shaft itself and then redistributes it back to the top and bottom of the club.

Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer

The stroke lab shaft itself is also slightly stiff, this promotes a more constant swing and roll to the ball once it comes off the club.

Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip

The additional weight in the soul and the butt end of the grip helps golfers produce a more consistent and accurate putting stroke.

Face Insert Promotes Topspin

As we mentioned earlier this is the only heel shafted putter on our list that features a face insert. This face insert is another great feature the golfers will enjoy.

You will find that when using this face insert your putts will come off the club with more topspin. This topspin is essential in generating a strong and steady roll of your putt.

Offered with oversize grip

Another handy feature of this putter is that it comes with an option of an oversize grip. Oversize grips are often used by golfers that are looking to avoid getting too handsy in their putts. Having this option makes this heel-shafted putter more accessible to a wider range of golfers.

Cost And Value

Coming in with a price tag just under $250 this odyssey putter is in the higher price range. That being said, when it comes to golfs latest technology built into a heel shafted putter this model is nearly as good as it gets.

If you’re looking for the highest tech heel-shafted putter on the market then look no further than this awesome model from Odyssey. Make sure you are looking at the #7 model on amazon to ensure you are purchasing the heel shafted model.

Second Hand Club Shopping

used heel shafted putter

If you decide to not purchase one of the first two models we have covered on our list your next best bet is secondhand club shopping. Unfortunately, there are not many heel shafted putters on the market so your best bet is to go to reselling website like eBay.

Simply searching for heel shafted putters should yield you a pretty large variety of putters to choose from. That being said all of these putters are likely at least ten years old.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heel Shafted Putters

Why do golfers prefer heel-shafted putters?

The main reason golfers tend to use heel-shafted putters is due to the vision it gives them of the hole. Much like addressing a regular shot the feel of a heel shaft a putter gives you the ability to view the hole and the ball much easier once you’re standing at address. Think of it like holding a hockey stick. The further in front of you the ball is the easier it is to see the hole itself.

Many golfers believe that this gives them a better feel of the ball. It also ensures if they hit the ball on your line. If you do not prefer heel-shafted putters you may want to look into others models such as center shafted or face balanced.

Why do they no longer produce heel-shafted putters?

The main reason golf companies no longer manufacture hell shafted putters is because of the level of feel required to hit these putters accurately.

Unlike most putters today that work by creating the simplest swinging motion this putter relies a lot more on the feel of the golfer.

Popular styles of putting that we’ve seen in recent years such as chest putting have utilized a pendulum-like motion. This creates a very simple swing that does not have much room for error. When using a heel-shafted putter you will find that this putting stroke requires more skill to be accurate.

Since more golfers are successful using a simple style swing like the pendulum as opposed to a putting stroke that requires some touch. Golf companies begin to manufacture putters that the majority of golfers would prefer to use.

Do any professional golfers use putters shafted at the heel?

There are still some golfers on the tour that use heel-shafted putters. One of those golfers that you certainly know is Phil Mickelson. Phil has been using these heel shafted putters for years and he’s adamant on the success they bring to his game.

Where Can I Buy A Heel Shafted Putter?

Most golfers that are looking for a heel-shafted putter know how hard it can be to track one down. Though you may be able to get lucky and track one down at a garage sale or used club store. Though typically your best bet is going to be to shop online.

Online websites like amazon often have the widest variety of golf clubs to choose from including several different heel-shafted models.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best heel-shafted putters of 2021. If you have any questions regarding our list or any of the products on our list be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy our buying guide be sure to check out some of our other guides.

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