Best Illegal Drivers Reviewed – Non-Conforming Clubs

Golf is one of the most difficult games on this planet. So if you are looking for a little extra help off the tee we don’t blame you. In this guide, we are going to break down the best illegal drivers on the market. So you can finally get that extra distance on your drives.

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver

  • Trusted Brand Compared To Others
  • 500 CC Clubface
  • Larger Sweet Spot
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Headcover Included
  • Low Price Point

    Our number one selection on our list of the best legal drivers is this Pine Meadow PGX non-conforming driver. This awesome driver does not fit under the USGA standards for clubhead size and gives you a massive Sweet Spot and club face to work with.

    Trusted Brand

    The first benefit we’re going to cover of this non-conforming driver is the Pine Meadow brand-name. When it comes to illegal drivers the brand names can get a little sketchy. You’re not going to find taylor-made Callaway or any of the major golf brands selling these sorts of drivers.

    When it comes to this model Pine Meadow is still a relatively well-known brand name. They are known for offering sets of clubs for fairly low prices to allow beginner golfers to easily enter this game.

    Though, this does not necessarily mean the club is going to be extremely high-quality. But at least you know this nonconforming driver is coming from a mass distributed golf manufacturer.

    500 CC Clubface

    The next feature we’re going to cover is the 500 cc club face. As you may know, the maximum allowed clubhead size of a driver is 460 cc. This model being 40 cm larger ensures that you have a much larger club face then you would with a standard driver.

    Larger Sweet Spot

    What this does is offer you a much larger sweet spot. With a much larger club face you’ll find the area of the driver head in which you can hit the ball accurately is much larger.

    If you’re a golfer that struggles to hit the sweet spot consistently then a club of this head size may be just what you need to be more consistent off the Tee blocks.

    Matte Black Finish

    This illegal driver also features a matte black finish. Though you may be thinking this is not too important of a feature, the look of your club upon address can be quite important regarding your confidence. Seeing this Matt black extra-large driver address your ball should have you feeling confident prior to your next drive.

    Headcover Included

    It is also worth mentioning that this Pine Meadow driver comes with a head cover. This will help you keep this club protected from paint chips and making sure it’ll last for years to come.

    Another important factor is the low price point. This Pine Meadow nonconforming golf driver is one of the most inexpensive items on our list. This would be handy for those golfers shopping on a budget.

    All in all, we found this Pine Meadow golf driver to be a fantastic option for anyone looking for an illegal driver. The extra-large clubhead will ensure that you find much more consistency and distance in your drives.

    C.O.R. Sooolong 750cc Long Distance Oversize Banned Custom Golf Driver

    • 750 CC Club head (Largest On Our List)
    • Multiple Shaft Options
    • Customizable Grip And Shaft Length
    • Not Always In Stock

    Next on our list is far and away the largest of legal driver we found throughout our research. This massive nonconforming driver is a great option for golfers looking for a huge sweet spot to find that consistency in their game.

    750 CC Club head (Largest On Our List)

    The first feature we’re going to cover is that 750 cm clubhead. As we mentioned earlier the largest legal clubhead is 460 cm. This is a massive addition in size when compared to any other driver you have seen.

    This massive clubhead is going to help you in a few ways first off you should be able to hit the sweet spot on nearly every shot. The sweet spot of this driver is going to be considerably larger than any you have ever use and should go a long way in keeping your balls straight and consistent.

    Multiple Shaft Options

    This driver also comes with the options of several different shafts. The shelves can be beneficial to your swing and distance based on the current swing speed you have. We encourage you to check out the different chapter option they have to determine which one is right for you. Often times golfers neglect the importance of driver shaft so this is quite a helpful feature.

    Customizable Grip And Shaft Length

    Another added benefit of this club is that it has some interesting customization options. If you decide to purchase driver you’ll be able to customize the shaft length as well as the grip on the club.

    Shaft length is another big factor in your driver and is something you may want to play around with when purchasing a driver like this.

    The grip options that you may choose from are more of a personal preference but still an interesting feature they have on the driver.

    The only real issue we found with his driver is that it was not always an inventory. Due to the customization, you may find it will take a bit longer to receive this club.

    All in all, we found this massive nonconforming driver to be a fantastic option for golfers. If you’re looking for the biggest golf driver on the market that’s really going to make a statement then this is a great option.

    Offset Slice Killer Anti-Slice Draw PGA Distance Anti-Slice Golf Driver

    • Anti Slice Technology
    • High MOI For Forgiveness
    • Hot Face = Increased Distance
    • Customizable Shaft And Loft
    • Only 460cc Clubhead Size

    Next on our list of the best legal drivers is this offset slice killer. This driver works not just to create more distance or consistency but rather eliminate the slice that many golfers struggle with in their game.

    Anti Slice Technology

    The biggest benefit of this club is its anti-slays technology. The driver is set up offset meaning that the clubface is tilted on a specific angle from the shaft. All you need to do to eliminate your slice is set up the clubface so it is sitting straight on the ball and continue with your regular swing. With the offset angle of this driver you should find that your slice has been eliminated.

    This is a great feature because it adds some serious distance to your game. Many golfers don’t realize the amount of yardage they lose from their ball going to the right or left. By straightening of these drives you’ll find a considerable amount of “carry” has been increased on your drive.

    High MOI For Forgiveness

    Another benefit of this driver is that it has an incredibly high MOI. MOI stands for a moment of inertia and is a feature that will create more forgiveness in the club. This means if you hit the ball off-centre there’s still a good chance the ball will travel straight and result in a good shot.

    Hot Face = Increased Distance

    This driver also features an incredibly hot face. This refers to how the ball reacts off the club face when contact is made. It is the hot face that makes this club non-conforming/illegal. You will find with this hot face you’ll be able to generate some pretty incredible ball speed. Adding some serious distance to your game.

    Customizable Shaft And Loft

    It is also worth mentioning that this club offers customization of the shaft and loft of these clubs. Much like our previous option on our list. This club will allow you to choose from one of their select shafts in order to find one that fits your swing. They should help you a shaft of this driver that meshes with your swing effectively.

    The only real negative we came across throughout our research was that this drivers clubhead size is 460 cm. For many golfers shopping for an illegal driver, they want something larger. Though, this clubs main purpose is correct slices and not create a larger sweet spot.

    All in all, we found that this was the perfect driver to help fix your slices. If you’re a golfer that’s been dealing with a slice for years and utilizing a club like this can be extremely helpful.

    Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver

    • 520 CC Club Head
    • Multiple Loft Options
    • Shaft Stiffness Customization
    • Supersized, High MOI Design
    • Headcover Included
    • Somewhat Older Model

    Next on our list of the best illegal drivers is this oversize golf driver from Intech. This is another addition to our list that both a club head size significantly over the 460 cm limit.

    520 CC Club Head

    Just like the other drivers on our list, this model is larger than the USGA allows for golf drivers. This makes it a non-conforming club. This 520 cm clubhead size offers you a much larger sweet spot giving you an easier opportunity to hit your balls consistently straight.

    Multiple Loft Options

    This club comes in multiple loft options. So if you like to keep your ball low to stay out of danger or if you’re looking for more loft to get you a little extra distance you’re in luck because both of these options are available.

    Shaft Stiffness Customization

    Another added benefit is that you can customize the shaft stiffness on this driver. Shaft stiffness should be decided upon based on your swing speed. If you’re a golfer that swings incredibly fast then a stiff shaft is going to be the best option for you to get the most distance at your club.

    If you’re a senior golfer just looking to get some extra distance from an illegal club. Then you’re going to want to go with a senior flex. This will allow you to still generate some bend in the club with a low swing speed.

    Supersized, High MOI Design

    The high MOI design is another feature that will help you with consistency in this club. MOI is a measurement that we mentioned earlier that offers you more forgiveness in the club. With this high MOI you’ll find this club is quite forgiving making it easier for you to get a great result even if the ball is slightly miss hit.

    Headcover Included

    Included with this driver is also a head cover so you can make sure this club will last for years to come.

    All in all, this Intech oversized driver is another great option for golfers looking to find an extra-large driver that will help them find some more distance and consistency in their game.

    Integra Smasher Illegal Distance Driver Banned Oversize 550cc Custom Golf Driver

    • 550CC Club Head
    • Lower CG
    • Driver Length And Loft Customization
    • Five Flex Options
    • Multiple Grip Options
    • Higher Price Point

    550CC Club Head

    The last addition to our list is another oversized driver this model sitting at 550 cm a second largest driver on our list.

    As we mentioned earlier this increase clubhead is going to give you a easier opportunity to hit the sweet spot. The sweet spot is always going to result in more distance on your drives. So finding a consistent driver that will have you hitting the sweet spot each time should result in a considerable gain and distance.

    Lower CG

    The lower center of gravity is a feature used in this driver in order to add more forgiveness. Forgiveness is a common feature in many of these illegal drivers as it is a very helpful feature for anyone struggling with consistency on their drives. If your golfer that struggles with hitting the ball off-center then this feature will help your game.

    Driver Length And Loft Customization

    Just like several other drivers on this list, we found the driver length and loft customization to be a very beneficial feature. You can use these features in order to find the specifics of this club that will best fit your swing.

    Five Flex Options

    This driver also comes with five separate flex options. As we stated earlier these flex options should be based on your swing speed. They will allow you to find a proper flight for your swing speed in order to create the maximum distance.

    Multiple Grip Options

    It is also worth mentioning that there are several different grip options you can choose with this club. These are mostly preference-based but should still give you a little more customization of the club.

    The only real negative we came across throughout our research is the price point of this driver. It is slightly higher than the other options on our list.

    In conclusion, we found this Integra nonconforming golf travel to be a fantastic option. Especially for anyone looking for more consistency and distance from the tee.

    Frequently Asked Questions Best Illegal Drivers

    Why Should I Use An Illegal Driver?

    The main reasons golfers tend to use illegal drivers is because they are struggling to enjoy the game. Consistency off the tee is one of the most important aspects of golf. And if after each shot you’re searching in the woods or out of bounds for your ball. You’re typically not going to have that much fun. This is where illegal drivers come in.

    As you’ve probably noticed the majority of the non-conforming drivers on this list have features that are either going to make your club more forgiving or reduce your slices.

    These typically are for golfers that already play golf considerably well. This means that the average user of an illegal driver is somebody that’s looking to find more consistency off the tee.

    This is done so that you find more enjoyment in the game. Sure you can’t use this in tournaments but if you’re just looking to play casual rounds with your friends. Or you’re tired of shanking your golf balls off the tee. An illegal driver can be a great substitute to make you enjoy the game.

    What Makes These Drivers Illegal?

    The most common factor that makes these drivers illegal is the clubhead size. The USGA established at the maximum driver head size was 460 cm. As you can see the majority of the clubs on this list are significantly past that size.

    This increase is done in order to create a larger Sweet Spot a.k.a. the center spot of the clubface in which you should hit the ball. By having a larger driver you have an unfair advantage as the sweet spot is bigger.

    Another common factor that makes these drivers illegal is the hotness of their face.This sounds strange but the hotness of the club face is measured by the USGA. This is done in order to ensure it is fair to play.

    This hotness refers to how the ball comes off the club face. Some drivers on our list utilize a club face that is too hot to be a legal club. This results in extra distance added to your shots

    What Exactly Does It Mean When A Driver Is Non Conforming Or Illegal?

    If a driver is illegal or non-conforming this means that does not fit under the USGA guidelines. Now it is important to understand what these guidelines are for. If you use these clubs just for a fun round out on the course with your friends there is no issue whatsoever.

    The reason these guidelines are in place is to not allow you to use them in tournament play or when money is on the line. If you do decide to use one of these nonconforming clubs when a bet is made please be sure to tell your opponents ahead of time. Otherwise, you’re getting an unfair advantage

    Conclusion Best Illegal Drivers Reviewed

    We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best non-conforming golf drivers. If you have any questions regarding this guide. Or about any of the drivers we’ve included on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

    If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others. Such as our guide on how to use illegal golf balls.

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