Best Junior Golf Shoes – Find The Perfect Pair

One important aspect of being a junior golfer is having the right pair of golf shoes. Trying to learn this difficult game in any old pair of runners is just not going to cut it. That’s why this review is on hand to break down all your top options when it comes to the best junior golf shoes.

Adidas Kids’ Jr Codechaos Boa Golf Shoe

  • L6 Boa Fit System
  • Six-cleat durable Adiwear outsole
  • Water-repellent synthetic upper
  • Cloudfoam sockliner
  • 3D EVA midsole
  • Multiple Design Options
  • Unique Look

Our number one selection on our list of the best junior golf shoes is this fantastic pair from Adidas. These Adidas Codechaos golf shoes are a fantastic option for any junior golfer looking for a quality pair that is going to help them elevate their game.

L6 Boa Fit System

One fantastic benefit of the shoes is the L6 boa fit system. This feature refers to the dial that sits on the tongue of the shoe where the laces would typically be. This dial can be used to tighten or loosen the shoes themselves.

If you’re looking to tighten the shoes you simply push down on the dial and turn it to the right. It also features a quick-release option when junior golfers are looking to take their shoes off.

This quick release is simply achieved by lifting up the dial and pulling on it this will release the tension in your shoe and allow you to easily remove it.

Six-cleat durable Adiwear outsole

The shoe also features six cleats and a durable adiwear outsole. Six cleats should be more than enough to keep a junior golfer secure to the ground during their swing.

The Adiwear outsole all refers to the exterior of the shoe that is used in this and many other Adidas outdoor shoes. This high-quality exterior ensures that the issues will stand up to nearly any weather conditions.

Water-repellent synthetic upper

The shoe is also fitted with a water repellent upper. This means if your junior golfer happens to step into a deeper paddle or heavy rain is coming down reaching the top section issue it will still keep your feet dry and warm.

Cloudfoam Sock Liner

The cloud foam sock liner in this shoe refers to the soft material that sits around the upper heel. This soft material will ensure that your child’s foot will not be bothered while walking.

Often times the section of a golf shoe can cause blisters to develop. With the cloud foam liner you’ll find that this issue will not occur.

3D EVA midsole

The 3-D EVA midsole is a comfort feature that is built into the soul of the shoe. This will help if your junior golfer is looking to walk the course. As comfort is incredibly important in order to convince a junior golfer to walk a course for four hours.

Multiple Design Options

On top of all these features, it is also worth mentioning this shoe comes in several different colour options. Whether you’re looking to match these golf shoes with the rest your golf gear.

Or you want to pick out your child’s favourite colour. These design and colour options let the shoes become a little more customized to the golfer.

The only real potential negative we came across throughout our research was that without laces and a more athletic-looking design we found this shoe doesn’t look quite the same as many others in the market.

This won’t be an issue the majority of golfers. But for those that want a classic golf look, may want to go with a different model.

All in all, this Junior Adidas golf shoe offers everything a junior golfer would need. This model is a fantastic option for any junior golf looking for quality in their shoe.

Under Armour UA Spieth 3 Jr.

  • Synthetic leather upper is soft & flexible
  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Low profile TPU outsole
  • 8 Zarma Tour Spikes For Great Stability
  • Perforated Sides For Easy Breathability
  • Slightly Higher Price Point

The next addition to our list of the best junior golf shoes is this great pair from under armor. These under armour Spieth three junior golf shoes are another fantastic option. Perfect for any junior golfer looking for comfort and performance.

Synthetic leather upper is soft & flexible

The first feature we’re going to cover is the synthetic leather that makes up the top of the shoe. This leather is quite soft and flexible making it much more comfortable for a junior golfer to wear.

Often times with golf shoes you’ll notice a more bulky and rigid feel. With this synthetic leather upper, junior golfers will be able to find much more flexibility and comfort as they spend their day on the course.

Cushioned EVA midsole

The cushioned EVA midsole is another feature that works to make these shoes more comfortable for junior golfers. This feature sits underneath the foot and assures that golfers will receive proper support on their feet.

The cushioning in this midsole ensures that the shoe does not feel too rigid on your feet and will not develop blisters or other foot injuries.

Low profile TPU outsole

The low profile TPU outsole makes the shoes much less bulky giving them a slicker more clean look. This also makes the shoes a bit lighter and small making them easier to walk in for long periods of time.

8 Zarma Tour Spikes For Great Stability

The 8 Zarma tour golf spikes are fastened to the bottom of this golf shoe and should be more than enough to keep any junior golfer secure to the ground. The spikes will ensure that your junior golfer has a solid base to swing from.

Perforated Sides For Easy Breathability

The final feature we are going to cover is the perforated sides of this junior golf shoe. These perforated sides ensure that there is more breathability in the golf shoe. This allows your foot to stay dry avoiding moisture buildup.

This is important because moisture in the shoe is often what causes harm to your feet. Typically via blisters or Athletes foot.

The only real negative we came across throughout our research was that this models price. That being said we still found this under armour golf shoe to be worth its price tag. And a fantastic option for any junior golfer looking for a quality shoe.

FootJoy Kids’ D.n.a Helix Junior

  • Durable construction
  • Quality Turf gripping
  • Soft Synthetic Upper
  • Interesting Design
  • Less Features Than Other Models

Next on our list of the best junior golf shoes is this model from foot joy. These foot joy kids D.N.A golf shoes are another great choice for any Junior golfer looking for a quality pair of shoes.

Durable construction

The first feature we’re going to cover is the durable construction. This foot joy shoe has been built with wear in tear in mind. Since these shoes are going to get quite a lot of use they have been designed to stand the test of time.

Does the junior golfer you’re buying for tend to not take the best care of his or her belongings? Then a shoe with the durable construction like this should be something you might want to consider.

Quality Turf gripping

It is also worth mentioning this Footjoy shoe features some quality turf gripping. It is essential as a junior golfer that you maintain solid traction on the ground.

From the foot joy brand you can trust that the turf gripping of these shoes is going to be more than enough needed to satisfy your junior golfer.

Soft Synthetic Upper

The shoe is also fitted with a soft synthetic upper. We covered this feature earlier on our list with a different model. This soft upper will make the shoe much more comfortable for you to wear. It will also give it a lighter feel to make it easier to walk around for long periods of time.

Interesting Design

We also thought it important to mention the interesting design of this golf shoe. Typically golf shoes can be quite bland in their appearance. Well this model offers you a little more of an interesting aesthetic. Depending on the preferences of your junior golfer issue with this kind of style may be ideal.

In conclusion, we found this junior golf shoe from Foot Jou to be a great option for any golfers. Especially those looking for a quality junior golf shoe from a name brand they can trust.

Adidas Kids’ Jr. Adicross Classic Golf Shoe

  • Significantly Lower Price Point
  • Casual Style
  • climastorm water resistant leather
  • Highly-Flexible adiwear spikeless outsole
  • Light weight and Comfortable
  • Multiple Colour Options
  • Fewer Performance Features

The next addition to our list of the best junior golf shoes is this Adidas Adicross classic golf superior this model comes off with a much more casual style and can be a great option for those junior golfers looking for a more relaxed golf shoe.

Casual Style

The first feature gonna cover is the casual style. As you can see in the picture above this model does not look like a traditional golf shoe.

By utilizing a design that is more typical of a regular shoe. Adidas was able to make a more comfortable fit and one that can be worn in many more social situations.

Often times golf shoes have a very clunky and thick look. With these new golf shoes, you’ll find a casual aspect of their design has them looking like any regular pair of Adidas sneakers.

Climastorm water-resistant leather

Despite their casual look this shoe still offers some solid features. One of these being the climastorm water-resistant leather. This means that these golf shoes are in fact entirely waterproof. This is a very necessary necessary feature for anyone looking to purchase a pair of junior golf shoes.

Highly-Flexible Adiwear spikeless outsole

Another interesting factor of this design is that it does not feature typical golf spikes. Instead, it features a highly flexible adiwear outsole. This outsole is fitted with 72 precisely located plugs that offer you great stability on the course.

These are not quite as effective as typical golf spikes but for junior golfer they should still certainly get the job done.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Since they were able to read these Adidas junior golf shoes of spikes and other clunky golf shoe features the final result is a much more lightweight and comfortable shoe.

Though this may affect the performance slightly it is going to offer you a much more comfortable fit making it significantly easier for junior golfer to walk the course.

On top of all these great features is also worth mentioning that this shoe comes in multiple colour options. This will allow you to pick out the favourite colour of the junior golfer you were buying for.

All in all, we found these Adidas golf shoes to be a fantastic option for those junior golfers looking for a more casual and comfortable golf shoe as opposed to those built purely for performance.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Junior Golf Shoes

Do Junior Golfers Need Golf Shoes?

Though you are still able to golf in non-golf shoes we highly suggest that any junior golfer looking to learn the game of golf should purchase a pair of golf shoes. Golf shoes are an incredibly important piece of junior golf equipment. And something that should significantly affect your ability to play the game.

Though you can still learn the game and improve without wearing golf shoes. You will find you are giving your junior golfer a significant disadvantage. If you are letting them learn the game in regular sneakers or running shoes.

Are golf shoes waterproof?

Though not every single pair of golf shoes is waterproof you will find that the vast majority are. Before you purchase any golf shoes you will likely see in the features if the shoes are waterproof or not.

If it is not clear we recommend reaching out to the manufacture. As ensuring your golf shoes are waterproof is a very important factor.

Can Junior golf shoes be used for walking?

Those golf shoes are not typically used for walking it is still possible to use these shoes for non-golf purposes. You’ll find the many of the golf shoes that feature plastic spikes have the ability to be removed.

This means you can take off the spikes giving you a comfortable shoe with solid structure that is built for the walking for long periods of time.

The traction of the shoes with the golf spike removed are not going to be quite as effective as traditional running shoes but you should find they are comfortable enough as their main purpose is to be worn for long periods of time.

Can Junior golf shoes affect your swing?

Yes, junior golf shoes can in fact affect your ability to swing. So many don’t realize it your lower body is always going to be engaged in your golf swing. Whether it’s the weight transfer from your back foot to your front or the rotation from your hips.

All this lower body movement must be secured from a solid base. This is why golfers wear golf shoes it gives them a solid structure to build their swing off of. If you do not have a pair of junior golf shoes you may find that the junior golfer is slipping or spinning when trying to engage their lower body.

By using a pair of junior golf shoes you’ll find that junior golfers will be able to build a solid base from which they can anchor their swing.

Where To Buy Junior Golf Shoes?

If you’re looking to buy any pair of junior golf shoes you can likely head your closest sports retailer and find a pair there. But if you’re looking to find a specific pair or a good bargain your best bet is to shop online.

Shopping online for junior golf shoes is going to give you a much larger range of models to choose from. This should result in you finding a pair and it fits all the junior golfer in your life’s needs.

If you are able to determine which model you want you will then be able to compare prices online again many different online retailers. This will allow you to find the best price for the pair of shoes you want to purchase.

Conclusion Best Junior Golf Shoes Reviewed

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best junior golf shoes. If you have any questions regarding this review or any of the pairs of shoes on please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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