Best Scorecard Holder 2021 – Holders and Golf Logs

You may not be able to score well but at the very least you can look good while doing it. Throughout our list of the best scorecard holder of 2021, you’ll find plenty of quality options to keep your scorecard in good shape.

Whether it’s just a holder to protect the scorecard from the rain or a golf log to remember some lessons from the round we’ll have the product you’re looking for somewhere on our list. Lets get started

Best Scorecard Holder 2021

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2:07 pm UTC

This Callaway scorecard holder is our number one selection for scorecard holders of 2021. With a clean leather finish, this is a dependable quality product from a brand you can trust.


Synthetic Leather

The synthetic leather on this golf scorecard is the perfect protective cover for your next round. This leather covering ensures that the scorecard won’t receive any water damage if it comes into contact with rain or a wet surface.

The leather covering also allows you to store this scorecard holder in your pocket without crushing or damaging your scorecard.

Elastic Loops

This model works by holding scorecards with an elastic band that can be seen when the scorecard holder is opened. This feature is handy as it allows this model to hold nearly any size of scorecard.

It also includes an elastic loop for holding a pencil within the leather holder.

This ensures that golfers are able to hold their scorecard and pencil all safely into the holder that can fit comfortably in your back pocket. This holder is also compatible with yardage books from most golf courses.

Sturdy Writing Surface

The stiff back of the scorecard holder creates a solid writing surface making it easier to write in your scorecard. This especially comes in handy if you’re a golfer that likes to write comments on their scorecard throughout the round.

Cost And Value

The cost and value of his product is another reason we choose this Callaway product as our best golf scorecard holder. As far as large brand scorecard holders this Callaway model is the cheapest.

Though there are some cheaper models they do not come from large brands which makes the product a bit more trustworthy.

Overall we found this Callaway model to be a great value buy for yourself or as a gift of others.

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5:06 pm UTC

This Fuzzy Bunkers Scorecard is second on our list of the best golf scorecards of 2021. Our reason for selecting this model was mainly focused on the visual options as well as the overall quality of the product.

Features – Fuzzy Bunkers Scorecard Holder

Four Color Options

One of our favourite aspects of this golf scorecard holder was the multiple colours you could choose from. This gives you plenty of options when choosing to match this product to your other golf gear.

The colours that are offered by Fuzzy Bunkers are White, Green Black, and red. If you are looking for other golf accessories to match with your favourite colour you may want to check out our top picks for the best golf coffee tumblers or alignment markers.

Imitation Leather

This scorecard holder is made out of imitation leather meaning that is not made from an actual animal. The leather of this model is meant to look as if it is alligator skin which gives it a distinct look as well as makes it easy to grip.

Scorecard Tracking PDF

Another interesting feature of this product is the PDF that comes included. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF which is basically a file on your computer you can print out.

This printed out a piece of paper is meant to be folded our cut and is then placed into the scorecard holder in order to track your stats such as fairways hit, putts, etc.

Pencil Included

This product also comes with a wooden pencil which is a helpful feature for those that prefer to write with proper pencils as opposed to plastic golf pencils handed out at the course.

Cost And Value

The cost of this product from Fuzy Bunkers is slightly higher than a few of the other options but this product makes up for its quality and features.

At the end of the day the price difference on these products are fairly small so we found that paying an extra few dollars for a quality product like this was well worth it in terms of value.

Best Scorecard For Notes

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6:27 pm UTC

This leatherbound golf journal is quite different from the other options on our list. But we found it to be a welcome change from the traditional golf score holder. Though this product has a higher price point we found it to make a great gift to a golfer that truly loves the game.

100% Leather

This golf journal and scorekeeper is made of 100% real leather giving it the highest quality build of any product on our list. This separates this product from the rest of the pack as nearly all scorecard holders use faux or imitation leather to build their score cardholders.

Custom Embossing On Front Cover

Handmade in the United States this golf log also includes custom embossing on the front cover. This means they will engrave a custom message into the front of the log. This works great for giving this product as a gift.

Log All Your Golf Statistics

This product offers many more statistic capabilities than your standard scorecard. This includes your overall score, pars, birdies, putts, fairways in reg.

Value And Cost

The value and cost of this product is very dependant on what you’re looking for in your scorecard holder. If you are just looking to buy the best value model this is probably not your best bet as it has a significantly higher price point.

Though if you are in the market for the highest quality scorecard holder we found this to be the best value at this price point.

Best Budget Scorecard Holder

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8:06 pm UTC

This On Par score cardholder is the most inexpensive model on our list. And is a great option for value hunters looking to find a cheap but serviceable model.

Durable faux leather outer cover

The leather outer cover does everything you need from a scorecard holder while offering an interesting look. Sporting crocodile style faux leather this model’s blue and white look is very distinct and can fit snuggly in your back pocket.

Elastic Holders

Much like our top choice Callaway model this product holds the scorecard and pencil with elastic bands. This makes this scorecard compatible with nearly all scorecards.

Cost And Value

The cost and value is the main reason this On Par product made it so high on our list of the best scorecard holders of 2021. Priced at only $9.99 this model is the cheapest on our list.

While still offering everything you need from a scorecard holder we recommend this model to any golfers that are looking for a serviceable scorecard that doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles.

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5:09 pm UTC

This scorecard holder from pureshot is another great option for consumers looking for a high quality product. Built out of synthetic leather this product is a trustworthy tool to ensure you scorecard remains in good shape.

Premium Synthetic Leather

The premium leather build of this product is what gives it a high-quality feel and appearance. Golfers using this model can be assured it will keep your scorecard in good shape and the holder itself will last for a long time.

Elastic Loops

Like several other products on our list this holder uses elastic loops to hold the scorecard in place. This ensures that this model is compatible with nearly all scorecards and yardage books. It also has an elastic loop to hold a pencil if you prefer to write with that.

Guaranteed Warranty

This holder from Pureshot offers a no questions asked full warranty that it won’t deteriorate like other brands. This should speak to the quality build this product has compared to other brands.

Cost And Value

The cost of this model is usually in the mid-range price for scorecard holders. It does not cost as much as the advanced models but it is a higher priced model for the standard style scorecard holder.

Though it higher price point it has a higher quality build than other options on this list. If you’re looking for the highest quality scorecard at fair then this product offers solid value.

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5:06 pm UTC

Another option for those looking to purchase inexpensive scorecard holders. The beauty of this option is that it is featured in eight different colours.

Eight Colour Options

One of the great features of this model is the eight colour options. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift and need their favourite colour or just want to match your shoes the flexibility in colour comes in handy. The colour options include black, blue, brown, light green, pink, dark green, orange and red.

Imitation Leather Alligator Design

This product uses imitation leather in order to keep a low price point. The imitation leather has an alligator design which gives it an appealing look as well as makes it easy to grip.

Elastic Band Loops

The elastic bands inside the scorecard holder ensure it can hold scorecards of almost any size. This also allows it to hold yardage books and includes another elastic loop to carry a pencil.

Cost And Value

As the cheapest model on our list, we found this product to offer great value. It does not contain high-quality leather in its build but this is what allows it to maintain such a low price point. This product although cheaper can still get the job done and protect your scorecard.

USGA On The Green Golf Score Book

This on the green USGA scorebook is high quality and unique form of keeping score. If you are looking for a professional look with your golf game this On The Green product certainly fits the bill.

Scorebook For 56 Rounds And Notes

This book has room for a total score for 56 rounds of golf. Unless you golf on a very regular basis this score book should last you quite a long time. It also features areas to take notes during all of those rounds.

Rule Book Included

This book also includes the USGA rulebook which allows golfers to look up any discrepancies that may arise mid-round.

Genuine Calfskin Leather Cover

The cover of this product is covered in genuine Calfskin leather which speaks to the overall quality of this model. This is a much higher quality cover than faux or synthetic leather which is offered on most competing models.

Three By Five Inch Sizing

Due to the small size of this product, it creates much easier storage for scorekeeping. Though the other models are able to fit into your back pocket this model is considerably smaller than a traditional scorecard which makes packing in your pocket or golf bag even easier.

Cost And Value

The cost and value of this USGA product are solid especially for the quality that is offered with this product. With the high-quality leather of this scorecard holder we found this product to be a good value buy. Though if you are looking to buy a standard golf score cardholder you can find cheaper options.

Scorecard Holder Buying Guide

Finding Value In Your Scorecard Holder

If you are looking to find a good value buy with your scorecard holder then you must first decide which style of the model you are going for. As you saw throughout our list there are several different styles which offer different price ranges.

To determine which offers the best value you must decide what exactly you need out of the product. If you are looking for a simple scorecard holder there are several cheaper options on the list that offer good value.

But if you are planning on getting a gift and would be willing to spend more money to receive a higher quality option than the mid-price range options offer better value. When looking at the cost options of these models be sure to have your expectations for your product already decided.

Choosing Materials

The materials used in these holders are probably the biggest factor in determining the quality of the product.

Many of the products choose to use faux leather or imitation leather as the outer cover for their holders. This is of course lower quality than the genuine leather products offered from other brands.

The faux leather comes at a much cheaper price and can still hold its own in terms of wear and tear though if you are looking for a long-lasting high-quality option then it is your best bet to opt for the genuine leather options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Scorecard Holders

When should I use a scorecard holder?

For most golfers, the decision to use one of these products come from damaging or losing scorecards. Personally I have lost several scorecards especially while walking the course as it falls out of my bag or pocket.

Another reason for using this product is through damaging your scorecards. Whether it’s water damage from rain or just simply bending to fit into pockets it can make a mess of your scorecard. You especially don’t want this to be the case if you ever have to frame your card from a hole in one.

Does taking notes help improve my game?

Many golfers use their holders to write notes throughout their round and yes it can result in a significant benefit to your game. For example, something as simple as counting your putts can have a great change on your game.

Taking notes helps players remember which parts of their game are struggling. As well as notes regarding your home course that may come in handy next time you play.

What Golf Scorecard Holder Should You Get For A Gift

If you’re looking to purchase a scorecard holder as a gift then you may want to figure out a few things about the person you are buying for. Is the golfer you are buying for a fairly casual player? Then you may want to choose one of the more standard models that used solely to keep score.

If the golfer your purchasing for is an experienced golfer you may want to look into the golf scorecards that also allow for notetaking. More experienced golfers tend to write down notes throughout their round in order to find ways to improve. A higher-quality note-taking scorecard will be a welcome present.

Are most scorecard holders waterproof?

The majority of cardholders are not built to be waterproof but they certainly can handle getting a little wet. The genuine and faux leather both offer much better protection than a scorecard without a holder.

Though they are not necessarily waterproof these scorecard holders will do great in the rain and are sure to protect your scorecard from getting ruined.

Where Can I Buy A Scorecard Holder?

If you are looking to purchase any old scorecard holder you will likely be able to find one at your local sports store or golf shop. But if you are looking to find a holder with specific features or for a cheaper price your best bet is to shop online.

Shopping online will give you many more scorecard holders to choose from all in different styles and price ranges. This gives you a much better chance to find a scorecard holder that fits your needs.

Best Scorecard Holder Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our review of the best scorecard holders of 2021. We hope by looking through our list you found exactly what you were looking for.

If your plan is to buy a simple scorecard holder then we highly suggest the Callaway model we featured first on our list. For those looking for a more comprehensive golf journal that will help you keep track of your round we suggest the Gift Tree golf journal.

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