Best Women’s Drivers 2021 – Top Ladies Clubs

Choosing a driver can be a daunting task. With limitless options for equipment, it can be tough to navigate your way to the best set of clubs to match your game. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best women’s drivers of 2021.

It will take you a while to get your golf game sorted out. But if you can consistently hit drives right down the fairway we can guarantee you’ll leave every tee box smiling.

Below are our top choices for women’s drivers. Each of them has a unique reason for making our list. We encourage you to read through each option to determine which driver best fits your needs.

Best Women’s Driver 2021

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  • 10.5 or 12 Degree Loft
  • “Twist Face” Face Curvature
  • Aerodynamic Shaping
  • Speed Injected Face

This Taylormade M6 is our top choice for the best women’s driver. With incredible reviews and features this club is currently the top of it’s class.

10.5 or 12 Degree Loft

This driver is available in 10.5 or 12 degree loft. As we explained earlier if you are a mid or high handi cap you will likely go for the higher loft.

That being said if you are an experienced golfer the 10.5 degree may be exactly what you are looking for in a women’s driver.

“Twist Face” Face Curvature

The patented “twist face” technology that has been integrated into this club is another interesting feature.

This new design was made to help correct mishits. The face of the driver is angled to reduce side spin and produce straight shots. For example, if you hit the high-toe of the driver the face is designed to give that mishit more loft in order to correct your flight.

Aerodynamic Shaping

The aerodynamic shaping of this club is built in order to increase swing speed. By cutting through the air your swing speed will increase which in turn increases your drive distance.

Speed Injected Face

The speed injection face is yet another feature that is meant to increase your driving distance. Each driver is individually injected with a resin in order to maximize ball speed.

We found this driver was the highest quality option when it comes to women’s drivers but it does come with a large price tag.

A driver of this quality is not a necessity for a beginner golfer but if you are looking for the highest quality option look no further than this Taylormade M6.

Best Adjustable Women’s Driver

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  • 16 gram adjustable sliding weight
  • 10.5 or 12 degree loft
  • Flash Face Technology
  • Jailbreak Technology ( Increases Ball Speed)
  • New Carbon Crown Material

Next on our list of the best women’s driver is our top pick for the most adjustable driver on the market.

16 gram adjustable sliding weight

The adjustable weight that is featured on this driver is what really separates it from the crowd. At the rear of the club head is a 16 gram sliding weight.

It can be slid to multiple positions in order to fit your game. The sliding weight options include a draw setting, fade setting, and a straighter shot setting.

This interesting feature has been extremely well received by consumers which is why we named it the best adjustable women’s driver.

10.5 or 12 degree loft

The 10.5 loft is the better option for those golfers who have mid or lower handicap. The 12-degree loft is what we suggest for the majority of female golfers that are looking into this club.

Flash Face Technology

The Flash Face Technology is another interesting feature of this Callaway driver. As is done with almost all drivers the engineers of this club worked to make the face produce the fastest ball speed possible.

The interesting thing about this club is that they used AI and machine learning to do it. By utilizing AI the engineers at Callaway were able to create a clubface they created incredible ball speed.

Jailbreak Technology

The jailbreak technology is another feature that has been well received by consumers. Much like the fash flace technology this feature is meant to promote ball speed.

By stiffening the crown and sole of this driver the impact load is larger thus creating more ball speed once contact is made.

The Carbon Crown Material was utilized by the Callaway engineers in order to reduce the weight of this club. As we mentioned earlier lighter does not necessarily mean better but the Callaway team did not just shed this weight but instead redistributed it.

The redistributed weight in the head gives the club a higher MOI (moment of inertia). This basically means how forgiving the club is at impact. In short, when you mishit this club it is less likely to twist in your hands and will fly straighter than it would with lower MOI clubs.

If you’re looking for a high-quality women’s driver with adjustability than this Epic Flash is a fantastic choice. This driver also comes with a high price tag but if you look at consumer reviews you will see it is well worth it.

Usually priced at $699.99 you can check out the current price here.

Best Women’s Driver For Distance

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Features – Ping G410 Women’s Driver

  • Alta CB Shaft
  • Creased Crown Design
  • T9S Face
  • 10.5 or 12 Degree Loft
  • 455cc
  • Adjustable Weight

The Alta CB Shaft is the first reason we choose this Ping driver as our best choice for the longest distance on our list of the best women’s drivers.

Ths Alta Counterbalance shaft is one of the more interesting features of this Ping women’s driver. There is an eight-gram counterweight near the grip end of the shaft.

This forces the centre of gravity towards the middle of the shaft. This increases momentum as well as energy transfer when you make contact. This results in a more forgiving ball as well as increased ball speed.

Creased Crown Design

The creased crown is another feature that contributes to the distance of this club. This new design cuts weight from a traditional crown design and allows the engineers to place the weight in the most optimal areas.

With their choice of weight distribution, the Ping club engineers were able to optimize the centre of gravity on the club. This makes it easier to make good contact with the ball and thus increasing distance.

T9S Face

The patented T9S face of this Ping driver is built to optimize distance. The thinner impact area of this club optimizes ball speed regardless of where the ball hits on the face.

The Ping G410 is available in 10.5 and 12-degree lofts. And as always we recommended the lower degree for lower handicaps and the 12 degree will be suitable for most female golfers.


At 455cc this driver is slightly smaller than the others on this list. This will make it very slightly harder to hit although this smaller size helps to increase the distance of your drive.

Adjustable Weight

The adjustable weight that is featured on this club is another great perk. Much like the previously covered Epic Flash, this driver has a sliding weight at the back of the driver.

It is also controlled on a slider from left to right which determines if you would like to shoot a fade or draw. The expected effects of this adjustable weight is roughly 20 yards left or right depending on your settings.

If you are looking for one of the best women’s drivers that will get you the most distance on our list we suggest this Ping G 410.

The price tag of this driver usually sits at $699.99 though you can check the current price here.

Best Budget Driver

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5:10 pm UTC


  • Slightly offset face
  • Graphite Shaft
  • Three Length Options (petite, regular, tall)
  • 460cc Head

This Agx Golf Women’s Driver is a great option for those looking to find a quality club without breaking the bank.

This AGX model has been manufactured specifically for women. Their high flex graphite shaft is built to add more distance to your tee shots.

460cc Head

With a 460 cc head, this driver is the largest legal size. The large head means there is an increased sweet spot making the club more forgivable.

Three Length Options (petite, regular, tall)

It comes in three lengths depending on your height. These varying lengths help make sure the club is the right size for you whether your petite regular or tall.

Slightly offset face

This AGX women’s driver also features a slightly offset face. This means the face of the club is straight but just slightly changed in order to reduce slices and fades.

This ensures you will make better contact with the ball. In turn this creates more distance and a more dependable flight.

Overall we found this one of the best women’s drivers to be a great option for beginners or those looking to find an inexpensive yet quality driver.

Usually priced around $50 you can check out the current price here.

Most Forgiving Women’s Driver

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  • Anti Slice Technology
  • Triaxial Carbon Crown
  • Interchangeable Weights For Spin Control
  • Boeing Speed Step Technology
  • 13.5 Degree Loft
Anti Slice Technology

The main reason this Callaway driver topped our list of most forgiving women’s drivers is due to the incredible anti slice technology that is built into this club.

Due to their length and size drivers are the most likely club to produce side spin aka a slice or hook. Callaway noticed this and designed this club with the sole purpose of reducing that side spin as much as possible.

This driver’s features a 5-gram screw-in sole near the heel as well as substantial internal weighting near the heel.

The purpose of this weighting is that it moves the centre of gravity towards the heel of the club. This creates an action called “gear effect” which reduces slice-spin when your clubface is open.

Triaxial Carbon Crown

Another slice reducing feature is the use of Triaxial carbonite. This material is quite strong and lightweight which allows for more specified weight distribution throughout the head.

This extra weight is distributed amongst the perimeter of the club head. This increases forgiveness and ensures that the centre of gravity stays in the optimal place to reduce side-spin.

Interchangeable Weights For Spin Control

Another set of adjustable weights on this driver allow you to take further action to eliminate your slice. With weights on the front and back of the sole you can customize the club to further decrease your spin rate.

Boeing Speed Step Technology

The Boeing speed step is another great feature of this Rogue draw driver although. The engineers at Callaway collaborated with Boeing in order to make the most aerodynamic driver head.

They worked by adding surface roughness to the crown in order to regulate the airflow more efficiently. The result of this was a faster swing speed which will create more distance.

Finally, the loft of this club is set at 13.5 degrees. This is a helpful feature as the higher loft is more forgivable and also generates less side spin.

If you have an issue with slicing your ball or are looking to purchase the most forgiving driver. We highly recommend this Callaway Rogue Draw as one of the best women’s drivers.

Usually priced at $499 you can check out the current price here.

Deciding Factors For The Best Women’s Drivers

There are several factors you want to consider when choosing your next driver. We’ve compiled our main factors in the list below.

  • Head Size
  • Weight
  • Loft
  • Adjustability
  • Shaft
  • Budget

All of these factors go into what driver best fits your game. By understanding the importance of each factor you can then determine which driver you need to accelerate your game.

How To Choose Your Driver Head Size

The head size of your driver is arguably the most important factor when choosing a driver. The larger the driver’s head size the larger margin of error you have when making contact with the ball.

The “sweet spot” which is right in the middle of the face of the driver is the ideal place to make contact. Hitting the sweet spot makes your ball fly as straight and as far as possible.

By choosing a driver with a larger head size the sweet spot is larger as well. Thus making the driver more forgivable if you do not hit the ball dead centre.

Driver head sizes are measured in cubic centimetres which is displayed as “cc”. The traditional driver between 440cc and 460cc, 460 being the maximum size allowed by the USGA for tournament play.

We suggest that unless you are a mid to low handicapper you should go for a 460cc driver. You will find that the majority of female drivers are 460cc in head size.

Those of you that are a mid to low handicaps will be able to choose a smaller head size driver if they find it advantageous.

If you prefer drivers with a smaller than 460cc head you may want to read our guide on the best small-headed golf drivers.

How To Choose Your Driver Weight

The weight of a driver is another factor we take into account when selecting our list of the best drivers for women. A driver’s weight is not simply measured by a lighter driver being superior but rather finding the right weight for your swing.

With a lighter driver, you will be able to increase your swing speed. Doing this can be important for older golfers as well as female golfers. Increasing a low swing speed can considerably increase your distance.

A heavier driver tends to be better for those who are strong and have higher swing speeds. This is likely due to the higher weight of the club ensuring the golfer that his swing stays on plane.

More likely female drivers will be lighter weight than their male counterpart. If you are looking to increase your swing speed which will make the ball go further than you should look for a lighter weight driver.

How To Choose Your Driver Loft

The loft of your driver is the angled measurement of the clubs head face and determines how high you will launch the ball.

Similar to driver weight there is no perfect driver loft but rather a loft that fits your swing. The higher the loft degree the higher the ball will fly. This makes it more advantageous for golfers with slower swing speed to choose a higher loft driver.

Think of it like shooting out of a hose, depending on how fast the water is coming out of the gun you would have to adjust your angle to shoot it the furthest.

A higher lofted driver puts less spin on the ball. If you have an issue with slices of hooks a high lofted driver may be able to reduce some of your issues.

Though not set in stone, here is a general rule of thumb for choosing driver loft by your swing speed.

  • 105 MPH Club Speed Or More – 8.5-10° Loft
  • 95-104 MPH Club Speed – 10-11.5° Loft
  • 85 MPH Or Less – 12-14° of loft

The average LPGA pro has a swing speed of 94 mph, so more than likely you will be choosing a drive with 12-14 degree loft.

Choosing A Driver With Adjustability

Adjustability is a factor previously only came into play with advanced drivers. But due to advancements in technology, adjustable drivers have become very common.

The adjustability of your clubs won’t make drastic changes to your club but can help make some minor adjustments. Have an adjustable driver may come in handy for a beginner. This is because your swing begins to evolve as you get more experience.

The most common adjustment you will find in drivers is in the loft of club. As covered earlier an adjustable loft will ensure that your club has the right loft to fit your swing speed.

Adjustable drivers are primarily made for golfers who are looking to take the game a bit more seriously. They are not more difficult to hit but usually come with a higher price tag.

If you are a beginner to the game or just play around for fun an adjustable driver isn’t a necessity.

Choosing Your Driver Shaft

Choosing the shaft for your driver is another important decision when selecting a women’s driver. The most important decision being the flex of the shaft.

There are several different flexes you can choose from.

  • Extra Stiff- Golfer Usually drives the ball 300 yards
  • Stiff – Golfer Usually drives the ball 250 yards
  • Regular – Golfer Usually drives between 225-250 yards
  • Senior – Golfer Usually drives the ball 200-225 yards
  • Ladies – Women or golfers who drive the ball under 200 yards

Ladies will be the best fit for the majority of female golfers that our looking for a driver. That being said if you have a faster swing speed you may want to opt for senior or regular shafts.

Other factors that may go into you staff decision are the flight and the margin of error of the shafts.

If your staff is too stiff for your swing then you will tend to hit the ball to the right if you are right-handed and to the left if you are lefthanded.

It is also worth taking into account that the stiffer a shaft is the lower the ball will fly. If you are looking to increase the height of you drives you may to look to higher flex staff in order to increase your distance.

The length of shafts is another factor when choosing your driver shaft though it is much more straightforward.

The length of the shaft should be based on your height. As you will see with some of the women’s drivers on our list, they have different shaft lengths depending on your height.

Choosing Your Driver Budget

The budget is the most flexible of all factors in choosing one of the best women’s drivers. It will likely have just as much an impact as all the other variables listed above.

Luckily for you, you will not need a huge budget to get a good quality driver. To purchase the best on the market it will come at a higher price point. But to select a solid dependable driver you will not have to break the bank.

In fact, our list includes some great budget options that may not offer the same standard of quality as the top brands but are perfect for beginners starting out or those looking to save a couple of bucks.

Best Women’s Drivers – Conclusion

We hope that our list helped you gain a better understanding of some of the best women’s drivers on the market.

We found that even though there are plenty of high-quality drivers out there, the ones on our list offer something that the others don’t.

Whether forgiveness, customizability, or distance is your goal, choose the driver on this list that best fits your game and you’ll be using this club for years to come.

If you enjoyed this breakdown of the best women’s golf drivers checks out some of our other guides. Such as our guides to the teeless driver.

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