Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Game – How To Play

If you’re looking for the rules on how to play bingo bango bongo you are in the right place. This article is going to breakdown how to play this golf game as well as some strategies to excel at it.

Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Rules

The rules to this golf game are quite simple. There are three points which are awarded each hole. Each of these points are awarded for a different activities. They are as follows

Bingo – This point is awarded if you are the first player with their ball on the green.

Bango – You are awarded this point if you are the closest ball to the pin once all balls are on the green.

Bongo – This point is awarded to the first golfer that puts his ball in the cup.

Now of the most important factors of this game is that you must play in order. If you cannot already tell the order in which you shoot is incredibly important to the game. If you are playing ready golf you will find that the golfer that gets to his ball the quickest will often be scoring more points.

For this reason to play a fair game of bingo bango bongo you must follow proper order. This means always allowing the player that is furthest away from the pin to shoot next.

This method is great when playing with golfers of all skill level. Using the furthest from the pin method for shooting order allows beginner golfers to still have a chance to receive some points.

Alternate Scoring Methods

If you do not want to play with the traditional bing bango bongo golf rules there are some alternative scoring methods you can try out.

Bingo – Green In The Fewest

This scoring system works better for golfers that play at a similar skill level. With this scoring system points will be awarded to the golfer that hits the green in the fewest shots. If multiple golfers hit the green in the same number of shots the point is a wash.

Bango – Closest To The Pin In Reg

Assigning a point to the golfer that is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green is the traditional way of scoring. In this alternate method you only count the balls that are on the green in regulation. To hit the green in regulation means you are putting for birdie.

Bongo – Lowest Score Overall

The bongo point in this alternate scoring method is awarded to the golfer that scores the lowest amount of strokes on the hole. This is another twist to this golf game that makes it better suited for golfers of the same skill level.

Tips And Strategies For Bing Bango Bongo

On top of just learning the game there are several strategies and tips you can use to achieve better results.

Go Easy From The Tees

When playing bingo bango bongo you must play in proper order. This means furthest from the hole is next up to shoot. For this reason it does not always make sense to drive the ball the furthest.

With the bingo point going to first on the green it can be advantageous to shoot first. For this reason you may want to take a little off on your drive.

Aim For The Center Of The Green For Bingo Aim For The Pin For Bango

When you have the opportunity to be the first golfer on the green your best bet is to aim right for the middle. Many high handicap golfers tend to aim for the pin when there accuracy isn’t quite as good as they think.

Aiming for the center of the green is a full proof way to make sure you land it and earn the Bingo point.

When going for the bango on the other-hand you need to be closest to the pin. If you are in this situation don’t worry to much about hitting the green and go for the pin. This may result in a worse score if you miss but it will give you a better chance to earn the bango point.

Be Agrressive With Long Putts

Often times on long putts the safe bet is to put the ball within 3 feet of the hole. Unfortunately we’re playing bingo Bango bong ando being close to the pin is not going to score any points. If it is your turn to putt and the bongo point is still available that means if you sink it you get the point.

For this reason you should be aggressive with your long putts as making them could be the difference between winning or losing some money.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope our guy to bingo Bango bongo offered you everything you needed to know about this golf game. If you enjoy this article and are looking to learn about some other golf side games check out our guide on how to play the waltz format or dog fights.

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