Blast Golf Swing Trainer Review

The blast golf swing trainer is an incredible piece of technology that if used correctly can significantly improve your golf game. Trusted by over 200 golf professionals between the LPGA, PGA, and tour this fantastic little piece of tech will allow you to reach your true golf potential. Let’s get started on this Blast Golf swing trainer review.

Features – Blast Golf Swing Trainer Review

  • Easy To Use – Charging And Application
  • Full Swing And Putting Stroke Metrics
  • Smart Video Capture
  • Training Center
  • Progress Monitoring

Easy To Use

Before we get into the specifics that the swing analyzer does for you. We want to make sure that you’re able to use it. This means you’re going to need to be able to set up and charge the swing analyzer on your own.

Luckily for you, this blast golf swing analyzer is an incredibly easy device to use. The swing analyzing process works by sending all the information from the swing analyzer to an app on your phone.

In order to get this setup, you need to download the blast golf app. This will act as your homepage for all your data received from the analyzer.

Once the app is downloaded you simply need to connect your Bluetooth to the swing trainer. Once you’ve done this you’ll be all set up and ready to go.

Charging And Application

When it comes to charging Blast golf has really simplified the process. Included with your golf trainer you’ll find a wireless charging platform. This charging platform is plugged into the wall. And whenever your swing trainer needs to charging you simply rest the swing trainer on the pad.

Not only is this charging process quite simple it also eliminates any worries about frayed cords or defective charging ports. If you check out reviews of other golf swing analyzers and watches you’ll see charging issues are quite common.

Finally, you must also be able to apply the swing trainer to your clubs. Blast golf made this incredibly easy with a small attachment that rests on the top of your golf club. A small piece of plastic sits over the top of your grip and holds the swing trainer in place.

This tiny swing trainer is incredibly easy to set up and is also incredibly efficient at not hindering your golf swing. Clunky watches or heavy club sensor sitting on your wrist or shaft the club often times distract golfers. This can cause issues completing the regular swing.

By simply fixing this golf swing trainer to the top of your grip. You will find that it allows you to complete your swing as you would if you were on the course playing a round.

Full Swing And Putting Metrics

The full swing in putting metrics are the bread and butter of this blast motion golf trainer. Golfers can utilize these metrics and statistics they find out about their swing in order to improve their game.

When completing a full swing with his golf training analyzer on you’ll find that it records five metrics. These metrics are: swing tempo, swing speed, total swing time, backswing and downswing times

When putting with this Blast golf trainer you’ll find that it measures 11 different metrics. These metrics are: Stroke timing, tempo, lie and loft change, club face rotation, and several more.

Now, not only with this golf swing analyzer record all these metrics for you. It will actually analyze all this data to determine which points of your swing need the most work. Through collecting huge amounts of data from golfers over the years Blast golf has been able to figure out the ideal measurement for all their metrics.

An example of this could be with putting tempo. If you were to place the swinging analyzer on your putter and complete a stroke. You will be given metrics based on the putting stroke just recorded.

For example, if you’re putting stroke had a backswing that took one second. And a forward stroke that took 0.2 seconds. The app will let you know that this tempo needs to be adjusted.

You’ll be shown what a more ideal putting tempo will look like. As well as prompts and drills that you can use in order to improve your putting tempo.

These sorts of issues in your game can be found through any of the metrics that the swing analyzer records. Meaning that this swing trainer has the ability to fix a lot of issues in your swing.

Smart Video Capture

Smart video capture is one of the most incredible features that we cover in our Blast Golf swing trainer review. This tool requires you to record yourself completing your golf swing while having the sensor trainer attached your club.

This blast golf swing trainer app is then able to Overlay the metrics it has recorded from the swing trainer onto the video itself.

If you’re having trouble imagining what this like. The most similar example is to think of a football coach going over the film of the game in the film room. Breaking down all the mistakes and issues that need to be fixed in your game.

This feature will break down your video into clips and use slow motion to show what exactly needs to be addressed. In these clips, the app will point you towards lessons and tips in order to fix these issues.

Training Center

The training centre is another fantastic feature of this app that really takes it to the next level. Within the app you’ll find tons of training videos and drills that allow you to improve your game. These drills will be given to you based on the metrics they have measured in your swings and videos.

This is as close as you can get to having a real golf teacher look at your swing. As well as offer you drills in order to improve your flaws. By using these drills in videos you’ll find you’re able to address exactly what you need to do take your golf game to the next level.

Progress Monitoring

Another great feature of this training aid is there progress monitoring system. Each time you swing the club with this golf training aid on you will find that it stores all the data in the app. As you are assigned drills and lessons to improve these features. You will be able to compare your current swing metrics versus your old ones.

With easy to read graphs and data displays you will be able to continually see your progress in specific swing metrics that need to be addressed.

This will allow you to measure the swing metrics versus your score. So you can see if working on these aspects of your game is helping to improve your handicap.

If you found that you’ve improved your swing tempo metric and you’re putting has not changed or gotten worse then you may find its time to work on a different metric.

This easy to read collection of swing metrics really allows you to look at your golf game analytically. You can then determine where exactly you should put your time. As well as determine if you’re training is having on your golf game.

Consumer Reviews – Blast Motion Golf

In this section of our Blast golf swing trainer review we break down with the consumers really have to say. We read through hundreds to consumer reviews to figure out exactly what the customers like and dislike about the product.

We summarized the reviews into a few major points so you can get a general consensus on what the real users of this Blast motion golf prodcut think.

Huge Putting Benefits

Arguably the most common positive which I mentioned throughout our review research was the benefits of this product offers to your putting. Review after review mentioned the incredible benefits golfers found when applying this golf swing analyzer to the putting game.

The metrics that benefit your putting varied between the reviews but it was a very common theme that by analyzing the metrics given from the Club Center, golfers were able to reduce the amount of parts they made each round.

Helps Diagnosing Swing Issues

Another common factor we saw mentioned in the reviews was the Ability this tool gave golfers in diagnosing the swing issues. For example, some reviewers stated how they always pulled the golf ball though they weren’t sure which aspect of this being their swing was causing this issue.

By utilizing this golf swing trainer they were able to identify that their clubface was getting too far in front of their hands and therefore pushing the ball. There are many excellent examples of this that we came across at the research and seem to be one of the best benefits of this golf trainer.

Swing Metrics

Someone obvious benefit that many golfers mentioned in the reviews was the great swing metrics that this product offered. All the different data collected from your swing offer golfer to look into their swing that they hadn’t seen before. All this extra information allowed them to make changes to the game and give them possible benefits. Golfers seemed quite please with all the information that this swing analyzer was able to record.

Easy To Use Interface

The final benefit we often saw mentioned throughout the reviews was easy to use interface. Many golfers mention that it was quite easy to look over their data and see the swing metrics when using the app.

Since golf is a sport is often played by older generations this feature is quite important to many that were not so tech savvy.

Golfers found between the ease of set up and their ability to get around the app without hassle made this a great benefit when compared to other swing analyzers.

Drains Phone Battery

The only major con that we saw through several reviews with This product was the effect it had on their cell phone battery. Golfers found that using the Bluetooth connection in going through the app to check the swing metrics in white videos often times drain their cell phone battery faster than usual.

Unfortunately with an app that is displaying this much information and recording and playing videos it is likely that it will always drain your battery a bit faster than normal. That being said if this is the largest kind that we came across throughout our research that is quite a good sign.

Frequently asked questions blast golf swing trainer review

Is This Device Only Compatible With Apple?

No, this golf swing trainer is actually compatible with android as well. Though, prior to purchasing be sure to check that your phone is updated enough that it can pair with this golf swing trainer.

The vast majority of phones should be able to pair with this product though there are still some exceptions. For example iPhones prior to the iPhone 5 are not compatible with this product.

Do You Have To Video Tape Your Swing Each Time You Use The Trainer?

Some golfers were curious that when using this swing analyzer if you had to videotape each time he wanted to record some of your metrics. This is in fact not true by using just the golf club swing analyzer on your club and no video you’ll still be able to receive all the same metrics that you would from the video analysis portion.

The only difference is that you will not have the slow-mo replay and your metrics laid over top of your video to give you a bit of a better understanding of what exactly needs work in your swing.

How Can I Use The Video Feature While Alone?

There are a few ways to use this video feature while alone. The main way the most golfers did it was to use a tripod. It simply set up the tripod behind them so that I could record the entirety of their swing and allow them to use this in conjunction with the golf swing trainer.

Another way to do this is by using a golf phone holder. There are many products out there that are built in order to allow you to record yourself while golfing. If you’d like to check out these products themselves then click here to go to a guide of the best golf phone holders.

Can This Fit On An Oversized Grip?

Yes this golf swing trainer can fit on an oversized grip. Since this product is often used with putters blast motion decided to create two separate grip attachments that allow you to fit your swing trainer over the club grip.

One of the grip attachments is smaller and built for regular size grips with the other specifically built to fit over oversize grips. If you have a jumbo or oversized putter grip you’ll still be able to attach this golf swing trainer to your club.

Does This Work With All Clubs?

Yes this golf swing trainer from Blast golf is compatible with all golf clubs. Due to the emphasis on putting many golfers were wondering if this club trainer is compatible with irons drivers and fair woods. This model works with all lengths and distances of clubs and will give you the same metrics across-the-board.

The only sorts of swings that aren’t covered within this golf trainer are half swings or chips. The swing trainer can be set to two different functions. One to record putting and one record full swings.

Can You Swing Without A Ball?

With this swing trainer from Blast Golf you will need to swing with a ball in order for it to work. Some other golf trainers allow you to set the trainer to a practice shop and swings at the bar. Unfortunately on this model, there is not a setting for a practice swing.

Can This Swing Trainer Be Used By Multiple People?

On each Blast golf app you’re able to make a single profile in which you can use to record your data and metrics. Unfortunately, you are not able to make a second account on the same device. That being said if you have another device you can download the app and connect the golf swing trainer to the other device and record data on there as well.

This means that if you were looking to record multiple peoples golf swing metrics you will need to use more than one device.

Where To Buy Golf Swing Trainers?

If you’re looking to purchase a golf swing trainer you’ll can find one at your local golf store. That being said if you’re looking to purchase a specific brand. Or you want to research and figure out which golf swing trainer you want specifically. Then your best bet is to look online.

Large online retail store such as Amazon will give you the largest variety of swing analyzers to choose from. By using these online retail stores you’ll be able to find the perfect swing analyzer that fits your game.

Conclusion Blast Golf Swing Trainer Review

We hope you enjoyed our Blast golf swing Trainer review. If you have any questions regarding our review of the product be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this review be sure to check out some of our others. Such as our review of the Zepp 3-D golf swing analyzer.

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