Callaway HX Diablo Tour Review

Main Features – Callaway HX Diablo Tour

  • High Compression
  • Larger Power Core
  • HEX Aerodynamic Dimples
  • Soft Center Core

High Compression

This Callaway HX Diablo Tour is a high compression golf ball. For those of you that are not familiar, compression is the rate at which the ball is compressed when it makes contact with the club.

Despite what you may think high compression actually means that this ball does not compress very much. In other words, balls that have high compression are referred to as “harder”.

The compression of a golf ball has several effects on your game. It can direct the distance your ball will fly, your ability to stick greens, as well as your ability to hit fades and draws.

Finding the compression that works for you is often determined by the level of golf you play at. Low handicappers will opt for ball that have high compression while high handicappers will likely choose low compression or “soft” balls.

Another way to choose your ball compression is based on your swing speed.

The guide for picking your compression typically looks like this.

High Compression – 105 or higher MPH Swing

Medium Compression – 85- 104 MPH Swing

Low Compression – 84 or lower MPH Swing

The reason for this is due to the affects compression has on your distance and spin. Balls with high compression take a faster swing speed to be compressed on contact. This is why golfers with slower speeds no low compression balls.

Spin On High Compression Balls

In terms of spin, high compression golf balls are able to create much more. This is essentially for low and mid-handicap golfers looking to stick greens. This also ensures that they are able to hit more fades and draws.

Low compression golf balls feature significantly less spin, this comes in handy for golfers that slice the ball often. This is another reason low compression golf balls are more geared towards high handicap players.

If you’re looking for other low compression balls you may want to check out our reviews of the Nike vapour black and Srixon Soft Feel.

Larger Power Core

The larger power core is a feature designed by the Callaway engineers in order to create more spin, thus giving the golfer superior control.

This feature looks to improve on sticking greens as well as hitting fades or draws.

The Power Core will come in handy for low and mid handicappers looking for more control in their game. This feature may be potential harmful for high handicappers as adding more spin to your ball may not be helpful to your game.

HEX Aerodynamic Dimples

The Hex Aerodynamic dimples of this Callway HX Diablo Tour are built to give you maximum distance on your shots.

Specialy designed to reduce drag and create penetrating flight this ball works great for players looking to add distance to their game.

This feature also comes in handy if you happen to play a higher ball and are looking to reduce the affect of wind.

Soft Center Core

This Callaway Diablo HX Tour is also equipped with a soft centre core.

The purpose of this feature is to create optimal spin on short-range shots.

Golfers will find that this soft core feature will ensure more spin when using shorter clubs around the green.

Pricing – Callaway HX Diablo Tour

Since these Callaway golf balls are a few years old the pricing is quite reasonable.

At sporting good stores the pricing usually sits around $25, you can check out the current price here.

Design And Materials

Diablo Tour Review

The design of this Callaway Diablo Tour X is a traditional three-piece design.

This means there is a soft outer cover, an intermediate piece as well as a solid core.

For those of you who don’t know golf balls can come in several different numbers of pieces. The lowest being two-piece, this is typically used for the lowest compression balls. Two-piece balls offer less spin and more distance and are usually used by high handicappers.

Three-piece balls are one step up from two-piece offer a small amount of ball spin while still giving you great distance.

Once you get into four-piece golf balls you will see this are typically tour quality balls that are used by low handicappers and pros. These balls are not built for adding extra distance but rather more spin in order to stick greens and hit more complex shots.

This makes this three-piece ball by Callaway a great option if you are looking for an integration of distance and control.

The Callaway Diablo Tour is covered with a soft Ionomer outer layer. The Ionomer layer is a material that is more typically used with mid to high handicap golf balls.

The ionomer layer promotes more distance and a little less pin than other golf ball materials. This ionomer layer makes this ball a little more friendly towards mid and high handicap players looking for more distance and forgiveness.

Consumer Analysis

In this section of our review we read through hundreds of consumer reviews to find out what golfers really think about this ball.

Here is what they had to say about this Callaway Diablo Tour

  • Great Distance For A High Compression Balls
  • Sticks Green on Approach Shots
  • Straight Flight
  • Felt “Hard” Around The Green

The consumer reviews of this Callaway golf ball were extremely positive. We found that if you are the right demographic this ball can really do some wonders for your game.

One of the major points we noticed was the distance increase this ball had. This is a common theme when golfers began to use low compression balls but with a high compression ball this was quite a surprise.

Many golfers, even those who purchased this ball for better control found that it actually ended up adding distance to their drives and longer irons.

Sticks Green on Approach Shots

Another common theme we noticed amongst our reviews was the mention of backspin this ball enabled on approach shots. Many golfers were quite impressed by the ability this ball had to stick the green on approach shots.

The praise didn’t end there as many consumers also spoke on the consistency with which the ball had a straight flight. Some reviewers stated that it had a large effect on their ability to eliminate their slice.

The only negative aspect we came across in our reviews was in reference to the softness around the greens. A few reviews stated that the ball was a little “hard” when playing their short game.

Overall we found that the reviews of this Callaway golf ball were incredibly positive. Nearly all the reviewers recommended buying this product for low to mid handicappers.

Callaway HX Diablo Tour Review -Conclusion

Throughout our research we determined that this Callaway golf ball is a fantastic choice for low to mid handicappers.

With great touch, solid distance and incredible value you’d be hard-pressed to find a better ball for low to mid handicappers.

We hope you enjoyed our review of the Callaway HX Diablo Tour if you are looking for a ball better suited for a higher handicap we suggest you check out our Vice Pro soft or Callaway Supersoft review.

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