Canadian Foursomes Golf Format – How To Play

The Canadian foursomes golf format can be used for tournament play or as a 2 vs 2 game in a foursome. This format utilizes teams of two pitted against eachother. It works like this

Both golfers on each team tee off. The golfers then decide which of their two drives they want to play. They then play alternate shot until the hole is complete. This means exactly what it sounds like, the two golfers will rotate who shoots after each hit.

The golfer whos drive was not selected will shoot the second shot.

You then play out the entire round in this format. The team with the lower score at the end of the round is the winner.

The game is also known by several other names such as Scottish Foursome, greensomes, and modified pinehurst.

Difference Between Foursome Format And Canadian Foursome Format

The word foursomes in golf means more than just a group of four people golfing. This term is actually a tournament format in golf.

Canadian foursome is a spinoff of the original foursome golf format.

In the original format golfers alternate shots on every stroke. This means that instead of both players of a team driving the ball to start the hole there will only be one.

So, in essence, this golf format is entirely the same as the original foursomes. Except in the original, only one team member drives the ball.

In our opinion, this makes a Canadian foursome more fun. As golfers will be able to take more shots throughout the day.

It also adds more strategy to the game as you are able to choose which of your two drives you want to use on each hole.

There is also one more version of this golf format referred to as yellowsomes or gruesomes. The difference in this format is that when both golfers drive their ball it is the other team that decides which drive to use.

Who Canadian Foursomes Golf Format For?

This game is best suited for golfers that play around the same skill level. The reason for this is because having a large gap in skill is not going to be very fun for the highly skilled golfer.

If you typically playing scratch golf then it will be frustrating to be paired with a golfer that typically hits ball out of bounds.

Now, it is not impossible to play this format with other skill levels. We just find that you may find this format less enjoyable if this is the case.

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