Cobra F8 Vs Cobra F8+ – Which Driver To Buy

Finding the right driver can be a difficult task. And with their large price tags it isn’t a decision you want to take lightly. Each year golf companies work to update their club lines with new models but it can be tough to determine if the new model is worth it all. Luckily this article is on hand to breakdown the Cobra F8 vs the Cobra F8+ driver so you can find out what is best for your game.

What Is Different

Forgiveness vs Workability

The main difference between these two editions of cobra golf drivers is that one is built in order to be more workable while the other is meant to have more forgiveness.

The Cobra F8 is going to offer you more foregiveness than the the F8+. This means if you struggle to hit the sweet spot on your clubface then you may find the forgiveness of this club to offer you some help.

The Cobra F8+ plus minewhile is built in order to offer workability. This means that golfers will be able to use this driver to accurately craft their shots. If you are a low or mid handicap golfer that utilizes draws and fades then this workability feature will be helpful.

Higher Launch Vs Low Trajectory

Another difference you will notice between these two drivers is that the Cobra F8 is going to offer you a higher launch. While the F8+ will offer you a lower more penetrating shot.

Are you a golfer with a slower speed looking to add some distance? Then the higher launch of the Cobra F8 will give you more carry to your shots.

If you play golf on a particularly windy course. Or are just looking to keep a lower less volatile flight to your golf shots. Then the lower trajectory of the Cobra F8+ might be for you.

Though the overall loft between the two clubs is not hugely different. It is worth noting that the adjustability of these clubs allow you to change the loft. The F8 can be adjusted anywhere from 9-12 degrees while the F8+ can be adjusted from 8-11 degrees.

Adjustable Weight Placements

One more difference you will notice between these two Cobra golf drivers is the location in which the adjustable weights rest on the clubhead.

As you can see in the images above the Cobra King F8 and F8+ have a different location in order to promote a different center of gravity.

These two weight locations are referred to as the low-forward CG design and the low rear CG design.

The low forward design shown on the Cobra F8+ is typically meant for golfers with a higher skill level. Namely, those who prefer spin and a lower launch on their drives.

The low rear CG design on the Cobra King F8 is what promotes the higher launch of the club and the increased forgiveness. This is better for golfers looking to add more consistency and distance to their game.

What’s The Same

Precision Milled Face

You’ll find that both the cobra F8 plus and the cobra F8 driver will come with the precision milled face. This is the first 100% machined precision mail face that Cobra has used on one of their drivers. This result in them having the thinnest, hottest and most precise driver face they have manufactured.

Optimized Sweet Zone with E9 Technology

One interesting feature that you’re going to find on both these cobra golf drivers is the optimized sweet sound with E9 technology. This feature is an elliptical pattern sweet spot instead of a traditional circle sweet spot.

Cobras researchers found that the majority of golfers do not consistently hit the centre of the club face. In fact they tend to hit a combination of low heel to high toe shots.

Because of this Cobra manufactured this elliptical shape of a sweet spot. This will help you create more quality shots away from the center of the clubface.

My Fly 8 with Smart Pad

The My Fly 8 smart pad is something that you were going to find on both the cobra F8 and the F8 plus drivers. This handy little feature allows you to adjust and optimize the loft of your golf club.

Though, as we stated earlier the adjustable loft range will change depending on if you choose the F8 or the F8 plus driver.

Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown

The ultralight carbon fibre crown used in these cobra golf drivers allow the engineers of this club to utilize excess weight. This creates a lower and more rear center of gravity. This allows for a greater deal of forgiveness from both of these drivers.

Who Is It For

Cobra F8

The cobra F8 driver is going to offer you more forgiveness and a higher launch. This club is great for those golfers looking to add some distance and consistency to their game.

If you are a higher handicap golfer looking to improve your game then the F8 is the driver for you.

Cobra F8+

The Cobra F8+ is for golfers that have a higher level of skill. Especially those looking to create more spin and a lower trajectory on their shots.

The Cobra F8+ allows golfers to be more tactical with their golf shots. But it carries a lower level of forgiveness making it more difficult to hit for less skilled golfers.

Conclusion Cobra F8 Vs Cobra F8+

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the Cobra F8 vs The Cobra F8+. If you have any questions regarding either of these drivers please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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