Defender Golf Game – How To Play

The defender golf game is a fun format you can use to spice up your next round of golf. To play this game you are going to need three of four players in your group. Here is how its played.

This game works by assigning a defender to each hole on the golf course. The first hole is defended by player one, the second defended by player two and so forth for all eighteen holes.

The goal of the game is to score the lowest score and defend the hole if you are the defender. If you are not the defender it is up to you and the other players to have atleast one golfer beat the defenders score.

Scoring In The Defender Golf Game

The scoring of this game is quite easy to understand. If you are the defender of the hole and shoot the lowest score you will receive three points and each of the other players will lose one point.

Say any of the other players defeat the defender. Then the defender loses three points and the other players each gain one.

If the defender ties for the low score with one of the other golfers then the defender will get 1.5 points and the other golfers will lose 0.5 points.

Once the round is complete tally up the totals. The golfer with the highest total points is the winner.

Playing Defender For The First Time

If you are playing this game for the first time then you may want some tips and tricks to make sure you have a fair shot against your opponents. Here a few things you should know when playing this game.

Play Aggressive As the Attacker

As you already know the only job of the attacker is to beat the score of the defender. This means it doesn’t matter if you put a ball into the water and end up with a triple. So long as you don’t beat the defender the number in your score does not affect the game.

For this reason, it makes sense for the attackers to play an offensive game. This means taking out the driver, going for the green in two on par fives. Or aiming right at the pin as opposed to the green as a whole.

These shots carry more risk but can reward you with better scores.

Decide the bets beforehand

You want to be sure that the betting total in this game is something you can afford. Maybe use a scorecard to get an idea of the point total prior to playing. Often times bets are made based on the number of points a golfer won by.

To make sure the bets aren’t too large familiarize yourself with the total bets that may come out at the end of the round.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide taught you everything you needed to know about the defender golf game. If you want to check out some other golf games see our guide to on how to play twelves.

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