Dots Golf Game Format – How To Play

Dots is a great golf format you can use to add a little more excitement to your next round of golf. This game can be played solo or in teams and requires that you have more than one golfer. One of the best factors of the dots golf game is how customizable it can be. Here is how it works.

Rules Of Dots Golf Game

The game of dots works simply like this. The golfers playing the game are responsible to come up with several achievements and failures that they will keep track of throughout the round.

These failures and achievements are what you will use to keep score in this game. If a golfer completes an achievement he or she will receive points. If they complete a failure they will lose points.


Achievements are going to be positive things that happen throughout your round. Here are some examples of results that you could select as your achievements.

  • Birdie
  • Par
  • Longest Drive
  • Closest to the pin (Par Threes)
  • Chipping In

This is a shortlist of items that you and the other golfers could deem as achievements for the round. The scoring of these achievements is something you will have to decide prior to your round as well.

Achievement of a par could be awarded one point while a birdie could be awarded 2. The point allocation is important because this is going to have a large affect on the results of the game.

The great part about these achievements is that they can be absolutely anything. Though whatever your group of golfers determine as an achievement will be included in scoring so be sure that everyone is in agreement.


Failures sit on the opposite end of the spectrum as these are situation you want to avoid on the course. These failures can be just about anything negative that happens on the course. Here are a few examples of results you could select as failures.

  • Bogey
  • Double Bogey
  • Losing A Ball
  • Landing In A Bunker
  • Landing In Water Hazard
  • Three Putt

Again, much like the achievements, these failures must be assigned a score. For example, you may lose one point for scoring a bogey and lose two points for a double bogey. This scoring is also something that should be agreed upon by all golfers.

These failures can be fun as well. Adding in a loss of five points for a drive that doesn’t reach the women’s tees. These sorts of failures make the game more casual and add another level of fun.

Scoring Dots AKA Garbage Golf Format

Once the round is complete the golfers must add up the point totals. This means adding all the points that they have gained from achievements and subtracting all the losses received from the failures.

The team or the player that has the highest point total is the winner.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to playing the dots golf game. If you have any questions regarding this golf format please let us know? You can do this through our contact page or in the comments.

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