Golf Starters – What Are They And How To Become One

If you have golfed at a busy course before you’ve likely heard a golf pro shop employee tell you to go check-in with the starter. If you’re new to the game of golf you may have no idea what this means. Luckily this guy is on hand to teach you exactly what golf starters do and how you can become one.

What Is A Golf Starter

A golf starter is an employee or volunteer of the course that works to organize the flow of golfers as they start the course.

A starters duties include checking in golfers as they start their round. Communicating with the proshop as players arrive. And answering any questions or concerns golfers may have prior to starting their round.

A golf course starter stays at the first hole throughout the day. As golfers arrive to start their round the starter will check the names on their tee sheet to see if they match the golfers that have booked the tee time.

This process ensures golfers are starting on time and that those playing are that booked the tee time.

A starter will often watch you play the first hole to determine your pace of play. Starters work together with course marshals to keep the pace of play at a proper rate.

How To Become A Golf Starter

To become a golf starter you will need to apply for the position as you would a normal job. Make sure to do this before the golf season begins as this is typically when starters are hired.

If you have previous experience working at a golf course this will benefit you in your goal of becoming a starter. It is also beneficial to have personal experience playing the game of golf.

This is because an understanding of the game of golf is going to affect your ability to be a quality starter.

To search for a starter position at your local golf course you can simply head to their website. On their site, you should find an employment section, reach out to them there.

How Much Do Golf Starters Get Paid

Starters when paid tend get paid at the same rate as golf course Marshals. The standard pay rate for this job across the United States is $16 USD per hour.

Though it is not uncommon for course starters to not get paid at all. Often times starters will receive reduced greens fees, pro shop discount and even free memberships for being starters at a course.

This is often done by retirees that are looking to continue being around the game they love.

How Are Golf starters Different Than Marshalls

Starters and Marshals both have the same purpose of improving the flow of golfers on the course. The main difference between these two jobs is that starters are located on the first hole while Marshals travel throughout the course.

A starter will get you checked in and tell you when you can start your round. While a marshal will help you with any problems on the course and ensure you are playing at a proper pace.

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