How To Aim In Golf Tips And Tricks

Though you may think you have been doing it right all along there is likely some improvements you can make when aiming your next shot. Throughout this article, we are going to breakdown everything you need to know to effectively aim in golf.

Pick a target and a path

The first thing you want to do when aiming in golf is pick a path and a target. Instead of just picking where you want the ball to end up you should also imagine the ball flight your ball will need to get there.

Imagining the ball flight will allow you to get an idea of how the shot is going to play out. This will ensure there are no obstacles in the way. This may also help via muscle memory as imagining the flight of the ball may help your body understand the shot you are trying to create.

It is also important to remember that the target doesn’t have to be the hole. Many beginner golfers make the mistake of only aiming at the pin when picking a target. In reality there are many other options when aiming and often for beginners it can make the most sense to aim for the centre of the green.

Find An Intermediate Target

This is something that the majority of beginner golfers do not do. Yet, it is done by most of the pros on tour. Instead of hitting after picking the target you want to aim at pick an intermediate target use can use to aim at your ideal landing spot.

This intermediate target should be within five feet of your ball and needs to be on the same line as your target.

This intermediate target could be anything in your field of vision including a blade of grass, dead spot, or divot. As long as this object is in your vision when your address the ball you will be able to use it ensure you are aligning your ball properly.

Take The Time To Aim

Another common issue faced by golfers is that they do not take the time to slow down and aim their club properly. Just a few degrees to the left or right and your club face is going to send the ball sailing to the wrong location. Take your time when aiming as this is a very crucial part of the game.

One thing you want to do is choose your aim before you address the ball. You do not want to spend a long period of time standing over top of the ball as this often leads to overthinking.

Be sure to pick out your target prior to addressing the ball. This will ensure you do not spend too long over the ball.

Set Up Your Club Then Your Feet

Another aspect about aiming that many golfers get wrong is setting up their feet first. And then attempting to align their club after.

It is the best practice to set your club up so it is properly aimed. Then let their feet take their place. If you place your feet down first then you will find they will likely be slightly out of position. You will notice this when you align your club to your target.

You may not feel that your feet are out of the proper position at first. But this slight difference can have some serious affect on your golf game.

Conclusion How To Aim In Golf

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to aim in golf. If you have any questions regarding this article or about aiming in general let us know. You can reach out through our contact page or in the comments below.

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