Jackpots Golf Game – How To Play

Jackpots is a great golf side game that can be played with two three or four players. Here is how it works.

Golfers play out each hole in standard stroke play format. This means whoever takes the fewest strokes wins the hole.

The twist of this game is that each hole is worth a different amount of points. The first three holes are worth one point each. Holes 4-6 are each worth 2 points and holes 7-9 are worth three points. This same pattern is repeated on the back nine.

If two players tie on a hole then a jackpot is created. The point total from the tied hole will carry over to the next. This will continue on until someone scores the lowest on a hole and wins the jackpot.

At this point the next holes will go back to their regular point total. Once the round is complete the golfer with the most points is the winner.

Who Is It For

This golf game is great for golfers who play around the same skill level. The most fun happens in this game when there are jackpots. To get these jackpots you are going to need some golfer to tie on the previous holes.

This is why this game is such a great fit for golfers that have similar handicaps and skill levels.

Strategy When Playing Jackpots Golf Game

Like any other golf side game, there are always a few tweaks you can make to give yourself a better chance to win. Here are some tactics we found were effective when playing jackpots.

Play Aggressive On Jackpots

If you are playing in groups or three or four it is likely that someone in your group is going to score pretty well on the hole. For this reason, you need to play aggressively for a better chance to win. If you don’t win the hole it does not matter if you score a bogey or even a double bogey.

This means taking out the driver on situations where you might think twice about it. Or aiming right for the pin instead of playing it safe and going for the center of the green.

Keep An Eye On The Scoreboard

If you want to win this game you need to be aware of where the other players stand relative to your score. It can be incredibly helpful to know what you need to do to get the win or to prevent another player from winning.

This information should give you a better understanding of when to play aggressive or conservative on each hole.

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