Nines Golf Game – How To Play (5-3-1)

Nines is another great side game you can play while golfing. Three players are needed for this golf betting game. This is great because there are few golf games for three players.

How To Play Nines (5-3-1) Golf Game

This game is quite easy to learn and will be easily picked up only a few holes into trying it out. There are nine points available on each hole. Golfers are given points based on their score.

If one golfer wins the hole one golfer comes second and the other comes third the points will be

Winner:5 Second Place:3 Third Place:1

If one golfer wins and the other two tie in second

Winner:5 Second Place:2 Each

If two golfers tie for first

Winner: 3 Each Third Place:1

All three golfers tie

All Golfers: 3

Winning golfer scored a birdie or better

Winner: 7 Second And Third Place: 1

The player who has received the most points by the end of the round is the winner. Golfers may also choose to include side bets or breakdown this game into three bets concluded every six holes. As well as two bets based on nine holes each in a Nassau format.

Can You Play Nines With Handicaps

Yes, Nines is a golf game that can incorporate handicaps. Simply find the differential handicaps between the players in your threesome.

Applying these handicap strokes to a game of nines will even out the odds and make for a fair betting practice.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to play nines golf game. If you have any more questions about this golf side game please let us know. You can reach out in the comments below or on our contact page.

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