Snake Golf Game Format – How To Play

The snake golf game is a great format that puts some serious pressure on your putting abilities. This game can be played with two, three, or four players. Here is how it works.

The snake in this golf game is given to whichever golfer three putts first. Once you have possession of the snake you will hold it until another player three putts themselves.

Once another player three putts you pass the snake to them. The goal of this game is to avoid having possession of the snake.

Whichever golfer has the snake when the round ends loses the bet. To ensure fairness you must decide prior to the round what the bet is going to be.

Some golfers prefer to use an rubber snake while playing this game to add another element of fun. Making the golfer carry a rubber snake in their bag makes the process of having the snake a lot more fun.

Alternative Ways To Play Snake

Another way you can play the snake golf game is to tally the number of holes in which you have the snake. This scoring method considers which golfers carried the snake the longest as opposed to who ends up with it.

If you are playing this version of the game there are multiple ways you can bet on it. You could decide to do a single bet as you would in a regular game of snake. This would bet the has to be paid out by the loser to the other players.

You could also reward the player who had the snake on the lowest number of holes as the winner. Just be sure that whatever betting system you decide you clear it with all the other golfers involved first.

Another way to wager in this game is through the Nassau format.

Concluding Thoughts – Snake Golf Game

We hope this guide taught you everything you need to know about the snake golf game. If you have any questions regarding this game you can ask us through our contact page.

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