Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Review

This Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is a great choice for golfers looking to add more distance and consistency to their game.

With a two-piece construction, this low compression golf ball is built to reduce spin on long shots. While still retaining back spin for shots around the green.

Features – Srixon Soft Feel

  • Improved Cover
  • 344 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Alignment Aid
  • Super Soft Core

Improved Cover

The improved soft feel covered has been engineered to create optimal lift and penetrating trajectory. These increase your carry as well as the distance on your long-distance clubs. These are factors that the majority of high handicappers could improve upon.

This Srixon ball is available is white as well as bright yellow in order to increase visibility.

344 Speed Dimple Pattern

This speed dimple pattern by Srixon is built to reduce drag and therefore create optimal distance.

This feature is especially handy to those who shoot high trajectory balls or typically play on windy courses.

Alignment Aid

The alignment aid is a straight line drawn out on your golf ball. This is used in order to ensure your shots are lined up with your target. Though it can be used off the tee and on approach shots this feature is most helpful when putting.

Super Soft Core

Engineered by the Srixon team to create distance and soft feel this balls soft core is what led it to be one of the top-selling low compression golf balls on the market.

With 71 compression rating this soft compression ball is built for mid to high handicaps.

Compression is a key factor when making contact with the ball and can determine the amount of spin and the distance the ball will travel.

The compression of a golf ball has several effects on your game. It can direct the distance your ball will fly, your ability to stick greens, as well as your ability to hit fades and draws.

Finding the compression that works for you is often determined by the level of golf you play at. Low handicappers will opt for ball that have high compression while high handicappers will likely choose low compression or “soft” balls.

Compression And Swing Speed

Another way to choose your ball compression is based on your swing speed.

The guide for picking your compression typically looks like this.

High Compression – 105 or higher MPH Swing

Medium Compression – 85- 104 MPH Swing

Low Compression – 84 or lower MPH Swing

The reason for this is due to the effects compression has on your distance and spin. Balls with higher compression compress more easily when contact is made with the club. This is why golfers with slower speeds use low compression balls.

In terms of spin, high compression golf balls are able to create much more. This is essentially for low and mid-handicap golfers looking to stick greens. This also ensures that they are able to hit more fades and draws.

Low compression golf balls feature significantly less spin, this comes in handy for golfers that slice the ball often. This is another reason low compression golf balls are more geared towards high handicap players.

Other low handicap balls to check out are the Top flite bomb.


The pricing of this Srixon low compression golf ball is a great value at only $16.99 for a twelve-pack of balls.

Working out to only $1.41 per ball these golf balls a great value buy.

You can check the current price of these balls here.

Design And Materials

This Srixon golf ball is a traditional two-piece build this means that this golf ball has only two materials in it’s a build. One material that acts of the cover of the ball and another that makes up the core.

For those of you who don’t know golf balls can come in several different numbers of pieces. The lowest being two-piece, this is typically used for the lowest compression balls. Two-piece balls offer less spin and more distance and are usually used by high handicappers.

Three-piece balls are one step up from two-piece offer a small amount of ball spin while still giving you great distance.

Once you get into four-piece golf balls you will see this are typically tour quality balls that are used by low handicappers and pros. These balls are not built for adding extra distance but rather more spin in order to stick greens and hit more complex shots.

This makes this two-piece ball from Srixon a great option for mid to higher handicap players.

The cover of this golf ball is made of Ionomer. Ionomer covers are used in order to create maximum distance but reduce spin.

This lends itself well to golfers that deal with slices and hooks and are looking to straighten out their drives.

Consumer Reviews

In this section of our review, we read through hundreds of consumer reviews online to determine what the average consumer thinks of this golf ball.

Here is what the consumers had to say

  • Great Distance
  • Durability
  • Good Value
  • Too Much Side Spin For Slicers

One of the common themes we found through our reviews was the distance that this ball provided. Due to its low compression and anti drag cover reviewers found that this Srixon golf ball created great distance on their drives and fairway woods.


The durability of this ball was another positive we saw throughout our review research. Sometimes low compression golf balls receive a little more wear and tear due to the softer cover of the balls.

Good Value

The final positive theme we noticed throughout the consumer reviews was the value that this ball offered. Consumers consisted lamented on the value that this ball provided for its low price point.

The only negative factor that we noticed through our work was comments on the side spin this ball generated. This may be due to the compression of the ball.

This Srixon golf ball is a low compression ball but it sits at a compression rating of 71. This means it is best meant for high to mid handicappers but there are much softer golf balls available.

Golfers who are used to using the softest available golf balls may find this ball hard and notice there is more sidespin.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our review on this Srixon soft feel golf ball. This low compression golf ball is great option for golfers who are looking to improve their game a shave a few strokes off their score.

All in all, if you are a mid to high handicap golfer looking for a good value buy we highly recommend this Srixon golf ball.

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