Stringball Golf Game – How To Play

The stringball golf game is an incredibly fun spinoff of golf that awards players pieces of string instead of handicap strokes. Here is how it works.

Prior to the round, you will need to purchase a ball of string and some scissors. Once you arrive at the course you must find out the handicap of each player in your group.

You will then award each golfer one foot of string for each handicap stroke they are above par. If you are a thirteen handicap you will be given thirteen feet of string.

The trick of this game is that you can now use this piece of string to move your ball in any direction. The catch is however far you move your ball you will then have to cut off that same distance of string.

Say you move your ball one foot to the right to get it out of a divot. You will then have to cut off one foot of your string.

You can continue to use your string at any point in the round until you run out. The golfer with the lowest score at the end of the round is the winner.

Common Places To Use Your String

If you have never played this game before you may be wondering where exactly you should be using your string. We are going to breakdown the most common areas to use it.

Getting Out Of Hazards

One of the most common ways to use your string in stringball is to get out of hazards. If you are in a bunker you will be able to take your ball out of the bunker and place it safely on the grass. Though beware if you are in the middle of a bunker. You are going to use up a lot of your string.

Staying In bounds

This one is a little less common but one of the best ways to use your string. If your ball goes slightly out of bounds but you can still find it you are then able to use your string to bring it back in play. This trick is going to save you a few penalty strokes.

On The Green

Using your string on the green is a bit of a hot button issue. Some golfers play this game so that this is allowed while others forbid it. If you are playing string ball with a group that allows the use of string on the green then you are in luck.

The green is the most effective way to use your string on the course. If you miss a put by six inches you simply take six inches off your string and consider that last putt in the hole.

This will save you a huge amount of strokes throughout the day. Especially if being used on tap ins or gimmes.

Who Is The Stringball Golf Game For

This golf game is great for high handicappers that are still struggling with finding consistency in their game. The use of string to get out of hazards and keeping your ball in bounds will make the game more enjoyable for beginners and high handicappers.

Though this game is really enjoyable with any group of golfers. It is not the most serious side game. But it can be a lot of fun for golfers that are looking for a change of pace.

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