Understanding Texas Scramble Golf

Texas scramble golf is a great variation of golf that is often used in tournament play. This team-based game works by choosing the best shots from your group in order to achieve the lowest score on the hole.

What is Texas Scramble Golf

Texas Scramble golf works simply like this. All members of the team drive their ball from the tee blocks. The team then decides which of the drives they would like to use.

Once the drive is chosen golfers then each take a shot from the drives location. The team then decides which of the four shots to choose from again. This continues until the hole is completed.

Texas Scramble Handicaps

There are many different ways in which tournaments use handicaps in Texas scramble Format.

The most common way is as follows.

4 Member Teams

Combine your total handicap and divide by 10. This number is your allotted handicap allowance.

3 Member Teams

Combine your total handicap and divide by 8. This number is your allotted handicap allowance.

These handicaps may seem low right now but once you realize how well a team that consists of high handicappers can score in texas scramble you will realize that these handicaps are quite accurate.

Texas Scramble Strategies

One way to make sure you get the most out of your golf scramble games is by properly strategising. Using the proper strategy in your golf scramble will considerably increase your team’s chances of winning the tournament.

Make Sure To Use The Highest Opportunity Shot

Hmm, this one sounds a little obvious but there’s more to it than you think. Often times each team will just choosethe shot the went the furthest when there is a lot more that goes into it.

Make sure to check out the terrain around the golf ball as well as the path that your ball will have to travel to get to the green. For example’s sake if your longest drive requires you to hit a fade to the green and your teammates often draw the ball it may be wise to choose a ball with less distance but a better path to the green.

Choose The Best Shooting Order

Choosing the best order in which your team take their shots is incredibly important. An example of this could be used in your first shots from the tee block. If you have a teammate that can crush his driver then it may be wise to allow your other teammates to go first.

This way your best driver can be sure you have a safe ball in the fairway. This allows him to put everything into his drive and hopefully setup you up in an advantageous area.

Another example of this could be seen around the green. Do you have a team member that is better at reading greens than the other teammates? Make him go first so those that have trouble reading the green can get a look at how the putt will play out.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding Texas scamble golf. If you have any questions regarding any of the information we have included in this guide be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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