Three Blind Mice Golf Game – How To Play

The three Blind mice golf game is a great way to add a little excitement to your round. The interesting part of this game is that you will score an play the entire round as you normally would it isn’t until after that you find out the twist.

How To Play Three Blind Mice Golf Game

To play this golf side game you must complete a round of 18 holes. After the round is complete three secret holes will be revealed. The golfer with the lowest score after the three holes are subtracted from their total is the winner.

How Many Players Can Play Three Blind Mice

The great part of this golf side game is that you can play with almost any number of players. As long as you have more than one golfer you will be able to play three blind mice.

This makes this game great for mens night or women’s night as the large group can all participate in this game.

How To Choose The Holes For Three Blind Mice

If you are a tournament organizer or a golf pro looking to setup a game of three blind mice you may be wondering which holes you are going to select.

For this game three holes are typically chosen at random. Though there are some other options for hole seleciton. Depending on what your goals are you can choose the holes of this game in order to make it a more fun experience.

Help Out The Little Guys

If you are looking to give the higher handicappers a chance in your tournament or mens night? Then there are a few strategies you can implement.

One way to even out the playing field is to eliminate holes that are difficult for players that slice the ball. If there are several holes on your course that are trouble if you slice the ball you may want to think about choosing them for your three blind mice.

This will allow golfers that struggle with a slice to remain more competitive during the tournament or ladies night.

Help Out The Senior Golfers

Another alternative when choosing which holes to use in three blind mice is to help out senior golfers. If you are hosting a seniors night it can helpful to eliminate some of the holes that give them hard time.

Typically these are holes with long yardage or those that require a large amount of carry from your drives. By eliminating these holes you will allow the senior golfers who have lost some distance to score much better.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide on the three blind ice golf game has taught you everything you needed to know. Be sure to check out our articles on some other golf formats. You can check out our guide to nines (5-3-1) or Bing Bango Bongo golf game.

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