Top Flite Bomb Review – Explosive Distance

Top Flite Bomb


  • Larger Core
  • Low Spin Dimple Design
  • High Launch Dimple Pattern

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Top Flite Bomb Features

Larger Core

The Top Flite Bomb features a larger core in this soft compression golf ball. And trust us when we say you will notice the difference.

The larger core allows for optimal energy transfer and increased ball speed. In short, this means more distance. The larger compression of the core allows the ball to receive more energy from the club and therefore allow it to travel faster and further.

This will increase the distance of your drives and longer iron shots in which your clubs have a higher swing speed.

Low Spin Dimple Design

The low spin design built from the Top Flite engineers is put in place in order to reduce slices and hooks on long-distance shots.

High handicappers or players that have inconsistency with ball contact will find that this type of ball will reduce the sidespin on your shots.

This, in turn, will increase your distance and should reduce the number of balls lost per round.

High Launch Dimple Pattern

The high launch dimple pattern is engineered to create good height and an optimal launch out of even the toughest lies.

This is helpful for golfers looking to increase their distance. Think of it like a garden hose shooting water. By increasing the launch angle of the hose you are able to shoot the water further.

This is another reason these Top Flite bombs are built for increased distance.


The compression of this Top Flite Golf ball is another reason this is a great choice for mid to high handicappers.

The Top Flites Bombs are a low compression golf ball. This essentially means it takes a lower swing speed to compress this ball.

Compression is a key factor when making contact with the ball. It can determine the amount of spin and the distance the ball will travel.

The compression of a golf ball has several effects on your game. It can direct the distance your ball will fly, your ability to stick greens, as well as your ability to hit fades and draws.

Finding the compression that works for you is often determined by the level of golf you play at. Low handicappers will opt for ball that have high compression. While high handicappers will likely choose low compression or “soft” balls.

Another way to choose your ball compression is based on your swing speed.

Compression And Your Swing Speed

The guide for picking your compression typically looks like this.

High Compression – 105 or higher MPH Swing

Medium Compression – 85- 104 MPH Swing

Low Compression – 84 or lower MPH Swing

The reason for this is due to the effects compression has on your distance and spin. Balls with high compression take a faster swing speed to be compressed on contact. This is why golfers with slower speeds use low compression golf balls.

In terms of spin, high compression golf balls are able to create much more. This is essentially for low and mid-handicap golfers looking to stick greens. This also ensures that they are able to hit more fades and draws.

Low compression golf balls feature significantly less spin, this comes in handy for golfers that slice the ball often. This is another reason low compression golf balls are more geared towards high handicap players.


Typically priced at Thirty dollars for a 24 pack these Topl Flite Bombs are a great value buy.

Though they are not at the quality standards of the upper echelon balls like Titleist. These Top Flite Bombs present great value at their cheap price.

You can check out their current price here.

Design And Materials

These golf balls from Top Flight are built with a standard two-piece design.

This means that this ball has a soft outer cover and a harder middle core.

For those of you who don’t know golf balls can come in several different numbers of pieces. The lowest being two-piece, this is typically used for the lowest compression balls.

Two-piece balls offer less spin and more distance and are usually used by high handicappers. This helps to reduce slices on beginner golfers. And allows those with a slower swing speeds to hit the ball further.

Three-piece balls are one step up from the two-piece. They offer a small amount of ball spin while still giving you quality distance.

Once you get into four-piece golf balls you will see these are typically tour quality balls that are used by low handicappers and pros. These balls are not built for adding extra distance. But rather more spin in order to stick greens and hit more complex shots.

This places this ball from Top Flite more towards higher Handicap golfers looking to gain some distance and control in their game.

The Top Flite Bomb is covered with a soft Ionomer outer layer. The Ionomer layer is a material that is more typically used with mid to high handicap golf balls.

The ionomer layer promotes more distance and a little less pin than other golf ball materials. This ionomer layer makes this ball a little more friendly towards mid and high handicap players. Especially those looking for more distance and forgiveness.

Consumer Reviews

In this section of our review, we research what consumers really have to say about these Top Flite Bomb golf balls. We conduct this research by reading through hundreds of consumer reviews online to determine what they thought about their purchase.

Here is what they had to say.

  • Increased Distance
  • Value
  • Forgiveness
  • Poor Green Control

The increased distance when using this ball was by far the number one comment we saw in our reviews. Nearly every review we came across spoke on the additional 10-15 yards they received after using these Top Flite golf balls.

This also included senior golfers looking to gain distance. As they found despite their slow swing speeds they were able to increase their distance substantially.

The value was another common theme we saw in our review research. Players using this ball understood that it was built with as high quality near the top tour balls but due to the low price were incredibly happy.

At the price point, Top Flite reviewers found there weren’t many better deals available to mid to high handicap golfers.

Forgiveness was another factor that was often touched upon in reviews. The beginners or inconsistent golfers that purchased these golf balls found that even on their mishits this low compression golf ball was able to remain fairly straight and still carry a solid distance.

The only con we noticed throughout our research was the mention of poor green control. This was something we saw in only a few reviews but is still something we wanted to mention.

The 2 piece build and low compression of the golf ball could contribute to the trouble of sticking the green with this ball. Though this sort of issue with green control is more the by-product of using a low compression ball rather than an issue with this Top Flite model.

Top Flite Bomb Review – Conclusion

Throughout our research we found this Top Flite Bomb golf ball to be a great option for those with mid to high handicaps looking for good value in a golf ball.

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