Understanding Calcutta In Golf?

Calcutta is a type of golf betting that can be applied to nearly any golf tournament. Typically done in an auction format each team participating in the tournament is auctioned off and awarded to the highest bidder.

The bidder then “owns” that team and will receive their teams share of the purse. Golfers are able to bid on their own teams so it is possible to have a stake in your own play.

Calcutta Golf Tournament

A Calcutta golf tournament is simply a tournament in which the Calcutta golf betting rules have been applied. This means that the teams in the tournament have all been “purchased” through an auction system.

The winnings that the team of golfers collect go to whoever purchased that team in the auction.

The rules of the tournament itself are not changed from the Calcutta betting. This betting system can be applied to nearly any format of golf tournament.

How To Run A Golf Calcutta

Though running a Calcutta golf tournament may seem difficult it is actually a fairly simple process.

First off you must determine who you are inviting to this tournament. This means the players as well as the bettors that will be part of the auction process.

You must then decide which format of golf tournament to play. The Calcutta golf betting system can be applied to many golf tournament formats so you will have to choose which format you would like to go forward with.

Next, you must prepare the auction event. This event will have all the teams participating in the tournament clearly displayed so that the bettors can determine which teams they want to bid on.

Throughout this auction process, guests will bid until some owns each team that is participating in the tournament.

You will then go ahead and host the tournament as you would any other. Once the tournament is complete you will payout the winnings to the owners of the winning teams.

How Does A Golf Calcutta Payout Work

The payouts of Calcutta golf is actually a fairly simple process. There is no one single way of calculating a payout for Caclutta golf though there are a few common ways of doing it.

If you plan on paying out two teams it is often chosen to pay the first place team 70% and the second-place team 30%. The winnings are made up of all the money raised from the auction process.

If you plan on paying three teams a common structure is 60% to first place 30% to second place and 10% to third place.

If your Calcutta golf tournament is for charity causes then this payout system will work a little differently. In this event it is likely all the auction money will go towards the charity you have chosen.

When this is the case the winning teams typically receive prizes that have been donated or supplied by sponsored companies or the golf course itself.

Calcutta Golf Betting Strategy

Calcutta golf betting is often one of the highest stake betting formats you will see around your home course. So it makes sense to do some research before you put your money on the line.

We’re going to cover a few simple tips that will help you get a leg up on your competition.

Know The Payouts

It is incredibly important to know the payouts involved in your Calcutta golf tournament. If only one team versus four teams are getting paid out that should significantly change your betting strategy.

Paying less for a team that isn’t likely to win can be a great strategy when the payout goes to multiple teams. But a bad strategy when only one team is getting paid out.

Study The Players

Whether it’s the pros or just the guys from your local course it pays to do a little research. By spending the time checking out the historical data and handicaps you will be able to see how the golfers are playing as they approach the tournament.

This can provide you with some serious value when it comes to the auction process.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to Calcutta golf. If you have any questions regarding this process or any of the information in it be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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