Understanding Dormies In Golf A Simple Breakdown

There is nearly unlimited terminology, lingo, and slang used in the game of golf so we don’t blame you for wondering what this rarely used golf terms means. This article is on hand to breakdown what dormie means in golf and where the term may have come from.

What is a Dormie In Golf

A dormie in golf occurs in matchplay when your winning by the same number of holes remaining. This means that if you half or win any of the remaining holes on the round then you will win.

Example of a dormie could be a match play between two golfers the score being Golfer 1: 9 Golfer 2: 7 through sixteen holes.

In this example, if player one halves or wins any of the remaining holes he will win. Another way to look at a dormie is that it occurs when the losing player is only able to tie the contest by winning out the rest of the holes.

A dormie can only occur in match the deals with halves. This means it can only occur when golfers can split the match and call it a draw.

Otherwise, you would continue to play in playoff holes, therefore, giving a shot for the golfer that was behind to win meaning that it is not in-fact a dormie.

Where did the term dormie come from?

There are three prevailing theories which may be the origin of this word.

The first comes from the french word Dormir which means to rest/sleep. This definition fits well with the world as it relates to when a golfer finally reaches a lead in which they have guaranteed not to lose.

This may have meant the golfer could “relax” or “rest” now that most of the work had been completed.

Another theory about where this term came from has to do with Mary Queen Of Scots. She of course spoke French and was known as an avid golfer in Scotland.

There really isn’t too much to back this theory up but the french connection makes it a possibility.

The final theory that may be the origin of the term dormie refers to doormice. These literal vermin are common in Scotland though they are tough to spot. It has been regarded as a sign of good luck.

Conclusion Understanding Dormies

We hope you enjoyed this guide on understanding dormies. If you have any questions regarding this guide please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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