Understanding Four Ball Golf – How To Play

Four-Ball in golf is a pairs format which two teams consisting of two golfers are paired up against each other. On each hole, golfers will play out the hole as usual. But, only the low score on each team will be recorded.

If playing in a match play format the hole is won by whichever team has the member with the lowest score on that hole.

Four ball golf is also often referred to as better ball best ball and 4BBB.

Four Ball Golf Rules

The rules of four ball golf are all the same as a regular the round of golf the only difference being the scoring. Instead of scoring just for yourself you and your partner only record the lowest score on that hole between you.

What Is Four-Ball Match Play In Golf

Four Ball match play is a golf format that pits two teams of two against each other. The scoring is done in a hole by hole basis.

Each of the four golfers will play out the hole as usual. The team which has the golfer will the lowest score on that hole will when the hole and receive a point.

The team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Irish Four Ball Golf Game

An Irish four-ball golf game is a format of golf that consists of teams of golfers using the Stableford scoring system.

Each of the golfers on the team plays out the hole as you normally would. The scoring of Irish four-ball golf varies but typically has the team record the lowest scores of the lowest one or two members on each hole.

The scores are calculated using the Stableford scoring format.

This format uses handicap in order to record your score. In the stableford scoring format is you score based on how played on the hole according to your handicap.

If your handicap states you should have a par on that hole then par will result in a score of 2 points. Say you shoot one under your allotted handicap on that hole you will receive 1 point. If you shoot a bogey which would be one over your allotted handicap you would receive 3 points.

In short, this game records how well your team performs on each hole when compared to their handicap. The team members that play the best against their handicap will have their scores recorded for the team.

Whether it is one, two, or more of the lowest scores recorded per hole all depends on how the tournament is set up. The most common setup is that the tournament will record the two lowest score on the hole. The scoring is done with the Stableford scoring system.


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