Understanding GIR in golf

The term gir refers to the golf scoring term green in regulation. This term is used when your ball is on the green when the amount of strokes you have taken is two below par.

Another way to determine if you have gotten a green in regulation is by looking at your score. If you are putting for birdie that means you have gotten on the green in regulation.

Does Gir Change on Different Holes?

Yes gir changes depending on the par of the hole. If it is a par three you will have to put the ball on the green on the first shot if you want to be on in regulation.

On a par four you have two shots to get your ball on the green for a gir.

And finally on a par five you have three shots to get your ball onto the putting green for a gir.

Why do we record GIR

Green in regulation can be a great way to measure the successfulness of your long game.

For example if you are hitting the majority of greens in regulation but you aren’t scoring well then you likely need to work on your putting.

If you find that you are unable to get onto the green in regulation you likely need to create more distance in your long game or become more accurate with your approach shos.

All in all, gir is another statistic you can use to get a better understanding of your golf game.


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