Understanding Golf Carts – Your Questions Answered

With all the high-tech equipment used in golf it’s tough to keep track of everything you need to know. And when most golfers think of high tech off equipment they don’t even consider golf carts. It can take a lot of work to be knowledgable on all these products which is why we’ve compiled this list so you can start understanding golf carts.

How Golf Carts Work

How do golf cart motors work?

First off there are two different types of golf carts which are commonly used today. The first being a gas-powered golf cart and the second being an electric golf cart.

Gasoline golf carts are very similar to cars, these engines work by using an engine which is powered by gas to turn the wheels of the cart.

One interesting factor about gas-powered carts is that they do not turn on and off with the ignition but rather the break pedal. You can distinctly hear a golf cart engine turn on when you press the gas pedal after your cart has been sedentary.

This is different from a car engine which stays on the whole time until the key in the ignition is turned to off.

For electric golf carts, the wheels are powered by an electric motor. This is usually charged with 6-volt batteries that are installed into the golf cart. Though there are some known electrical golf carts which are powered by solar panels.

How To Use Your golf Cart Properly

will golf cart batteries freeze?

Though it will not always happen a frozen golf cart battery is a very real issue that can occur during the cold winter months. And is something you should work to avoid. What you may not know is that the basis of your golf cart battery freezing is heavily dependent on the current charge of the battery.

An entirely discharge battery will freeze much easier than a fully charged battery. In fact the freezing point of a fully charged battery is -80°F weather, while the freezing point of a discharged battery is -20°F.

On top of that the cold winter months can also affect the charge and just charge of these batteries. This means that if you leave it out during the winter and it is left in extremely cold temperatures it will affect the ability of this battery to hold and retain a charge.

This is why we suggest that throughout the winter you should check your battery rates first to ensure that your battery is remaining charged and second to keep an eye on the charging and just charging rate of your battery.

Will golf cart charge in tow mode?

The general rule of thumb is that your golf cart needs to be charged in run not in tow mode. Tow mode should be used when keeping your golf court in long-term storage.

If you want to make sure what your best option is, reach out to your golf cart manufacturer and ask them this question about your golf cart model.

Will Golf Cart Fit In A Pickup?

A full size pickup that has atleast four feet of open truckbed between the wheel wells will have enough room to fit a golf cart. If you have a standard size truck bed it will be more difficult to fit a golf cart. To fit in a standard truck bed you will have to leave the tailgate down. And secure the golf cart with heavy-duty straps.

where to store golf cart?

The easiest place to store your golf cart is in your garage. If you have the capabilities and space in your garage then this is a free and easy option.

Another option that you may use depending on the climate you live in is purchasing a cover. A cover will protect you cart from the elements. And can be a safe place to store your cart depending on the weather in your area.

Another option is to rent a storage unit. This is the most coslty method but will keep your golf cart safe throughout the offseason.

Where Are Golf Carts Street Legal?

The street-legality of golf carts is very different all over the United States. Your best bet to find out if you can drive you golf cart on the street is to look up golf cart legality in your local area via google.

If that does not work you then may be able to reach out to your local transportation authority to find out an answer.

When To Check Golf Cart Batteries?

Our recommendation is that you should check on your golf cart batteries once a month.

When To Charge Golf Cart Batteries?

The easiest time to charge golf cart batteries is right after use. After around of golf plugging in your golf cart for the night should leave it fully charged and ready for your next use.

Learning More About Your Golf Cart

Why Golf Cart Batteries For RV?

Golf cart batteries are good for RVs for several reasons. First off they are rugged meant for durable outdoor use. Secondly, they are six volts in size. This handy as they can be combined into 12, 18 or 24 volt power sources. This is what powers many of the household appliances in an RV.

Can Golf Cart Batteries Get Wet?

Yes golf cart batteries can in fact get wet. That being said do not go out of your way to get these batteries wet. And try to keep them clean and dry when possible. But if you’re out for a rainy round on the course you shouldn’t be worried that your batteries will give out due to the wet weather.

Can Golf Cart Batteries Be Charged Individually?

Yes you are able to charge golf batteries individually.

Are Golf Cart Keys Universal?

Yes, the majority of golf cart keys are universal but only to the carts of the same brand. Though it is not true of all brands we found that many golf cart brands use a universal set of keys for all their golf cart models.

If you are curious if your golf cart has universal keys we suggest you reach out to the manufacturer directly.

Conclusion Understanding your Golf cart

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding golf carts. If you have any questions about this article we encourage you to reach out in the comments below.

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