Understanding Lie Angles On Golf Clubs

With new golf technology and terminology always changing it can be tough to keep up with the times. That’s why this article is on hand to breakdown lie angles on golf clubs. And teach everything you need to know about this golf term.

What is golf lie angle?

Lie angle refers to the angle between the shaft of your club and the ground when you have addressed the ball.

A standard lie should have your clubface resting flat on the ground. A lie too upright will have the toe of your club raised slightly off the ground. While a lie considered flat would have the toe of the clubface slightly raised off the turf.

Can You Change Golf Club Lie Angles?

Yes, a club bending machine can be used to change your golf club lie angle. This can alter the golf club lie angle. This will allow your club to fit your swing more accurately. Giving you more consistency and a better ball flight. As your lie is an important factor in your club’s performance.

What is golf club lie and loft?

The difference between lie angle and loft is simple. Lie angle refers to how much your club is tilted horizontally. While loft refers to the vertical tilting of the club.

The loft will have an effect on how high the ball will fly when you make contact. While lie angle has more of an effect on the movement of the ball to the left or right.


We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to understanding golf lie angles. If you have any questions regarding lie angles let us know. Or please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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