Understanding MOI In Golf

We get it, between all the different pieces of golf equipment, slang, and lingo it can be tough to keep up. Luckily this review is on hand to breakdown exactly what MOI is in golf. And how you can use it in when buying your next clubs.

What Does MOI Mean In Golf

MOI in golf stands for moment of inertia. This is a measurement used to determine how susceptible the club is to twisting in your hands.

This means that a club with a high MOI is going to twist less often on off-centre hits.

A club that twists significantly when you hit the ball on the toe of your driver would be an example of a club with low moi.

How Does A High MOI Benefit My Game?

High MOI clubs are often advertised to golfers. That’s because this feature allows the club to be more forgiving. You will find that a club that features a lower MOI will often result in a much less consistent shot.

This is because many golfers struggle to hit the sweet spot consistently while golfing. If you often have often centre hit then a high MOI club is going to increase your consistency.

A low MOI club that twists in your hands when off-centre contact is made will almost always result in a poor shot. By having a higher MOI you are increasing the chances that these off-centre shots will still have a solid result.

Who Should Use High MOI Golf Clubs

Golfers that should to purchase clubs with high MOI are high handicap golfers. High handicappers are most likely to struggle with hitting a golf ball in the sweet spot.

Due to the common off-centre hits amongst high handicap golfers, it is likely that clubs with High MOI features would result in a more consistent golf game.


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