Understanding Par Three Golf Courses

A par-three golf course is a course that consists of only par threes. Typically a golf course would have a collection of holes including par threes, par fours, and par fives. The par of a hole takes into account distance meaning a par three course is made up of shorter holes.

These courses can either be 9 or 18 holes and often come at a significantly cheaper price than a traditional golf course.

What Does Par Three Mean

A par three means a hole that an expert golfer would complete in an average of three strokes. When determining par they assume an expert golfer will always take two putts. This means a par three is a hole in which they would expect an expert golfer to hit the green in one shot.

For this reason you will find that all par threes are going to have a green you should be able to reach in one shot if you are accurate.

Par fours and par fives on the other hand are much longer holes and will take more strokes to complete.

Are Par Three Courses Good Practice?

Yes par three courses are excellent practice for beginner golfers looking to learn the game. When you start to play the game of golf it is likely you will struggle to hit the ball a long distance consistently. For this reason you may find that traditional courses are a bit to challenging for your skill level.

This is why it can be helpful to start with par three courses. They allow you to get a feel for the game before you head out to the larger courses.

Par three courses will also take a shorter period of time to play. They are also cheaper than traditional courses which makes it more beneficial to beginners looking to try the game out.

How Long Does It Take To Play A Par Three Course

The total time it will take to play a par three course depends pretty heavily on your skill level. As well as the business of the course. A typically time to play an 18 hole par three course in 2 and a half hours. While a 9 hole par three course should take just over an hour on average.

Do Pros Ever Play Par Three Golf Courses

Though the pros spend the vast majority of their time playing golf and full length courses there are some par three course events they partake in. The most famous par three event is the Masters Par Three Contest which takes place on the Augusta National par three course during masters week.

Another popular par the course the pros play in is the British Par Three Championship Pro Am. This tournament involves a number of professional golfers and celebrities from across europe.

Conclusion Understanding Par Golf Three Courses

We hope you enjoyed this guide to understanding par three golf courses. If you have any more questions about this topic please reach out. You can do this on our contact page or in the comments below.

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