Refurbished Golf Balls – A Beginners Guide

If you’re anything like most golfers you get tired of the expensive prices you have to pay for golf balls. This likely led you to shop for some bargains. And in the world of bargain golf balls refurbished golf balls are king.

What Are Refurbished Golf Balls?

Refurbished golf balls are balls that are found typically around golf courses. They are then washed and sold again as used golf balls.

The refurbishing process works like this. First, the balls are taken into the refurbishing facility. They then sand down them in order to rid the ball of any marks or defects.

It is at this point they reapply a glossy finish to the ball. They then re-stamp it with the logo and numbering. This gives the exterior of the golf ball a clean finish and has it looking like a good quality ball.

Are refurbished golf balls good?

Though refurbished golf balls aren’t going to live up to the standard of a brand new sleeve. It is important to know that these balls are still quite playable.

Despite many of these recycled golf balls coming from streams and ponds, it is the high-quality build that keeps these balls performing well.

Previously golf balls used to become quite damaged from repetitive play or being waterlogged. Now the high-quality covers and cores that these balls keep them playable for a long period of time.

So long as the refurbished golf balls you are purchasing are relatively new. You should find that these golf balls will perform quite well.

If you are an average or beginner golfer you likely go through a fair number of balls per year. If this sounds familiar we highly suggest trying out recycled golf balls to see if they’re right for you.

Where to buy refurbished golf balls?

There are many places in which you can buy recycled golf balls online as well as in person. It is in our opinion but your best bet to find recycled golf balls is to shop online.

By doing this you’ll be able to compare many different sources to purchase from. This will ultimately give you a much broader selection in terms of price and quality.

If you do decide to purchase online our suggestion is to go with This is the number one website for recycled golf balls.


We hope this article gave you all the information you needed. If you have any more questions regarding recycled golf balls please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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