Understanding Staff Bags In Golf

We get it, between golf lingo, slang and tons of equipment it can be tough to keep up with all of golf’s latest gear. That’s why this article is on hand breakdown what staff bags are and everything you need to know about them.

What Is A Staff Bag In Golf?

A staff bag also known as a tour bag is the largest and highest quality style of golf bag on the market. These bags are considerably larger than most golf bags and will be able to comfortably hold a complete set of golf clubs as well as, all your golf accessories.

Staff bags are often made of leather and typically feature a large logo or name on the side of the bag. Another interesting fact about Staff bags is that this type of golf bag is what Profesional Golfers use in tournaments.

If you purchase this year Taylormade staff bag you will find that Taylormade sponsored golfers on tour will be using the same bag as you for that golf season.

Will A Staff Bag Fit On A Golf Cart?

A staff bag should be able to fit securely on the vast majority of golf carts. Though it is going to be more snug than a traditional bag. Due to this bags large size, and increased weight it is especially important you make sure the bag is secured to the cart.

It is also worth mentioning that if you are playing with another golfer that has a staff bag it may be difficult to fit both of your bags on the back of a golf cart.

How To Put a Staff Bag On A Golf Cart?

Despite the large size placing a cart bag onto a golf cart is virtually the same as it is with other golf bags. That being said here are a few tips to make sure putting your staff bag into your golf cart is an easy process.

  1. Pick up the bag with your legs not your back.
  2. Place the tour bag in the cart first
  3. Secure the bag tightly and double-check throughout the round

It is important that you do not pick up your tour bag while bent over in an attempt to load it into your cart. These bags are significantly heavier than your regular bag. Though you likely will still be able to pick it up in this manner it greatly increases the chance of injury.

The last thing you want prior to starting your golf round is a pulled muscle in your back.

Secondly, you want to place the tour bag on your cart. The reason for this is due to the size of the bag. You want to be sure this bag is placed as far into the cart as possible. It’s larger size makes it more likely this bag could come off.

The final tip about securing the bag is especially important. You must remember the weight of this bag is much more than your regular bag. So the tension put onto whatever is securing the bag is greater.

Whatever you consider being tight enough for your regular golf bag is going to need to be increased when using staff bags. It is also worth checking your bag throughout the round to make sure it is secure.

How To Carry A Staff Bag?

Carrying a staff bag is essentially the same as carrying any other single strap golf bag. To carry this bag you must place one strap over your shoulder. The shoulder which you choose to carry the bag is up to you.

When carrying the bag is should be tilted to the side to the point where it is almost horizontal. You shouldn’t have to do anything to achieve this position. Simply placing the strap on your shoulder properly should ensure the bag will rest like this.

Are still confused on how to carry a staff bag? One easy tip is to checkout caddies on the PGA tour. All these caddies staff bags throughout the day. So flipping on the golf chanel should show you an image on how to carry these bags as well as how to pick them up.

How Much Does A Staff Bag Weigh?

The weight of the staff bag you choose depends on the material the bag is made of. Often times staff bags are made of leather. These models are going to be much heavier than staff bags made from other materials.

Throughout our research, we found that Staff Bags weigh between 11 and 13 pounds on average. This weight is without your clubs and golf accessories included.

Conclusion Understanding Staff Bags

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding staff bags. If you have any questions regarding this article we hope you reach out in the comments below.

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