Understanding The Terms Of Match Play Golf

We get it, you’ve spent plenty of time learning the rules and slang for regular golf and now all of a sudden there is a whole new set of terms for match play. That’s why this article is on hand to breakdown all the terms you need to know for your next round of match play.

What Does AS Mean In golf?

The term AS in golf refers to the scoring in a round of match play. When the scoreboard reads AS that means “all square”, this means the totals of holes won by either team is equal so the golfers are currently tied.

In match play golf you keep score of the amount of holes you have won relative to your competition. So instead of the score board reading 1-1 after each golfer has won one hole the scoreboard will instead read AS.

What Does Three Up Mean In Match Play Golf?

Three up is another way to refer to the score of a matchplay game of golf. If the score reads three up for one golfer that means that the golfer that is three up has won three more holes than his opponent.

As we stated earlier in matchplay the game keeps score of how many holes you have one relative to your opponent and not how many holes you have won total.

If a golfer is up by one hole he is referred to as one up and if he is up two holes it is referred to as two up and so on and so forth.

What Does Dormie Mean In Golf?

The term dormie in golf happens in match play when your lead over the other team is the same as the number of holes remaining.

This means that if you halve or win any of the following holes in the round then you will win the match play.

Example of a dormie in match play could took place when two golfers have a score of Golfer 1: 9 Golfer 2: 7 through sixteen holes. This means Golfer 1 is up two.

In this example, if player one halves or wins any of the remaining holes he will win. Another way to look at a dormie is that it occurs when the losing player is only able to tie the contest by winning out the rest of the holes.

A dormie can only occur in match the deals with halves. This means it can only occur when golfers can split the match and call it a draw.

Otherwise, you would continue to play in playoff holes. Therefore, giving a shot for the golfer that was behind to win meaning that it is not in-fact a dormie.

What Does 3 And 2 Mean In Match Play?

3 and 2 in golf refers to a final score in a match play event in golf. This final score occurs when there are less holes remaining than the difference between the two players or teams score.

For example, if you were up three holes with only two holes left to play then the game is already won. At this point you may write 3 and 2 to reflect that you have won the match.

This is different than a dormie which occurs when the best a player can do is tie the match. A dormie occurs when the lead is equal to the number of holes remaining. Meaning if the leading player or team wins or halves any more holes than they win the match.

What does 5&4 mean in match play?

Five and four essentially has the same meaning as three and two when referring to match play scores. This essentially means the winner of the game was already decided. As there is a larger lead than the number of holes remaining.

The term five and four refers to a situation where a golfer is up five holes in score with only four holes remaining.

What does it mean to win in match play 2&1

If you win matchplay two and one that means you had a lead of two holes coming into the last hole. Since the other golfer cannot reach your score the game is concluded.

You win the game with a final score of 2 And 1.

What does 6 and 5 mean in match play?

Six and five is another confusing term of match play golf. This means that one golfer had a lead of six holes with only five holes remaining to play. Since this lead is insurmountable the match is conceded with a score of six and five. This is referring to the gap in score and the number of holes remaining.

What does concede mean in golf match play?

Conceding in match play golf has the same meaning it does anywhere else. And that is to give up on the hole or the round giving your opponent the points.

This is more often done with holes in match play. Say a golfer sticks his tee shot three feet from the pin and you happen to shoot yours into a water hazard. You may want to concede the hole as there is almost no possible way you come out with a win on that hole.

In match play what does it mean to half a hole?

To half a hole in match play simply means to tie on the hole and receive half a point. If you only playing with two golfers than half a hole doesn’t have a large effect on the game. As neither player gains ground on the other.

Halfing a hole while playing with three or four golfers is more beneficial. As not every golfer receives points unless you all happen to tie the hole.

What does it mean in a match you must “play the ball down”

Playing the ball down is the final addition to our terms of match play golf. The saying playing the ball down means you cannot do anything to change it’s lie in order to benefit you or your team. This means if it is in a divot you must shoot from that divot.

The term play the ball down is the opposite of playing the ball up. Which refers to moving your ball in order to give yourself a better lie for your next shot.

Conclusion Understanding The Terms of Matchplay Golf

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding all the confusing terms of match play golf. Do you have any questions regarding this article? If so we hope you reach out in the comments below.

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