What does fore mean in golf – A Beginners Guide

A golfer yelling the word “fore” is something you’ve likely seen in TV or movies. But if you’re new to the game of golf you might be wondering what does fore means in golf.

The word itself is simply a warning for golfers that a golf ball may be coming their way. This occurs you are golfing and you hit a shot towards another group of golfers. At this point you should yell the word “fore” in order to alert them that a ball is coming their way.

Where Does The Word Fore Come From

The word “fore” is believed to come from the word “fore caddie”. Fore caddies were employees of the golf courses. They would travel in front of the golfers throughout their round in order to watch where the ball would land.

Often times golfers would yell “fore caddie” when the ball was coming their way. This has been shortened into the word “fore” that you hear today.

When to yell Fore On The Golf Course

It is important to remember that you should yell “fore” whenever you believe your ball even has a slight chance of landing near another group of golfers.

Often times it can be daunting to yell. But it is best if you yell “fore” loudly whenever other players are in danger. This is important as being hit by a golf ball can cause some serious harm.

If you are unsure if your ball is going to reach the group in front of you, you should always yell “fore” just in case.

What Does Fore Left And Fore Right Mean?

Fore left and Fore right are terms that are typically used when their is a gallery watching. These terms simply identify which direction the ball is going.

If you mis-hit your ball left you will yell fore left. And if you mis-hit your ball right you will yell fore right.

This is meant to give the bystanders to the golf event an idea of where the ball is heading. This will let them know if they need to protect themselves.

Conclusion What Does Fore Mean In Golf

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding the term “fore” in golf. If you have any more questions about this term or golf in general please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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