What Does It Mean To Play The Tips In Golf

We get it, golf can be full of confusing slang that does not make any sense to someone that hasn’t been around the game for years. That’s why we’ve put together this article so you can understand what it means to play the tips in golf.

What Are The Tips In Golf?

The tips refer to the tee blocks that are the furthest distance from the hole. This is the set of tee blocks that the best golfers on the course play from. This is because they offer the highest level of difficulty.

Other names that are used to refer to the tips are back tees, championship tees, tournament tees, and tiger tees.

The tips are also the standard tee blocks when playing in a tournament or playing professionally.

How Do You Use The Term “The Tips”

To get a full understanding of this golf term we are going to give you a few examples of it used in a conversation.

Ex: “Do you want to play the tips today?”

In this example, one golfer is asking another if they want to play from the tips. He is essentially asking if he would like to play from the furthest tees. Or if he or she would like to hit from an easier tee block.

Ex: ” I shot and 82 from the tips”

Another common way to use this term is to reference it into your score. This will help other golfers get a better understanding of your round. Shooting an 82 from the ladies tees is significantly easier than shooting an 82 from the tips.

For this reason some golfers will specify which tee block they played from.

Who Should Be Playing From The Tips?

If you are determining if you should play from the tips or not you must get an understanding of your skill. Playing from the tip is something that is typically reserved for low handicap golfers.

You will find that if you head to your local course only a small portion of skilled golfers at your club will play from the tips each round.

If you are a high handicap golfer like most, you should certainly not play from the tips. You are more suited for a tee block that is closer to your target.

To put it into context when Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning played their televised match both of these proffesional athletes decided not to play from the tips. Both of these athletes are quality golfers. This should go to show you the skill required to play from the tips.

Conclusion What Is Playing From The Tips

We hope our guide gave you a solid understanding of the tips in golf. As well as allowed you to understand how to use this term in conversation. If you have any questions regarding this article or about the tips in general please reach out via our contact page or in the comments below.

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