What does up and down mean in golf?

Golf is a sport so complex that with all it’s slang and catchphrases it could be considered it’s own language. One of this confusing phrases you may have heard is “up and down”.

The term “Up And Down” refers to the action of hitting the ball up on to the green with an approach shot or chip and then following up by hitting your first put down into the hole.

The up and down refers to hitting the ball up onto the green and down into the cup. It is important to remember this phrase is only said when the up and down takes a total of two strokes.

You must also remember an up and down can come from almost anywhere. If you hit a shot out of the bunker onto the green and then hit your putt that is an up and down.

How to use the term up and down

Using the term up and down can be great way to show off that you have some golf knowledge.

So to use this term simply you can just say “nice up and down”. This can be said when a player hits on to the green and hits their first putt.

If you are looking to use it more contextually. You can use the phrase depending on the difficulty of the shot. If a play hits out of a deep bunker and then makes his putt you might say “that’s a great up and down from there”. This is in reference to the difficulty of the up and down.

Another way to use this term is when talking about the future. Say a player hits his drive and approaches his next shot on a par four. You might say “up and down and you got your self a birdie”.

This is referencing the player getting an up and down in the future. This means if the player is able to hit his next shot onto the green and hits his first put then he will have completed the up and down. As well as earned a score of birdie on the hole.

Conclusion What Does Up And Down Mean In Golf

We hope this guide gave you all the information you need to understand the term up and down. Hopefully you will be able to use it in your next round.

If you have any questions regarding this golf term or really any golf terminology then be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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