What Is 3 And 2 Mean In Golf

3 and 2 in golf refers to a final score in a match play event in golf. This final score occurs when there are less holes remaining than the difference between the two players or teams.

For example, if you were up three holes with only two holes left to play then the game is already won. At this point you may write 3 and 2 to reflect that you have won the match.

This is different than a dormie which occurs when the best a player can do is tie the match. A dormie occurs when the lead is equal to the number of holes remaining. Meaning if the leading player or team wins or halves any more holes than they win the match.

How Does Match Play Work

In order for you to understand the term 3 and 2 you will have to understand match play. If you do not already know this term here is a short breakdown.

Match play works by breaking golfers down into teams. The golfers then compete against the other team in order to have the better score on each hole.

Whichever team or golfer has the better score wins the hole. Once the round is complete the golfers tally up how many holes they won. The golfer who has won more holes is the winner.

3 and 2 come into play when a golfer has won three more holes when there are only two holes remaining in the round. Since the winner is decided by the number of holes won the other team cannot catch up. Which is why the term 3 and 2 is used when the match is complete.

Conclusion What does three and two mean in golf match play

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