What is an AW golf club – Beginners Guide

With all the different equipment and terminology in golf, it can be tough to keep up. One common question we saw online was “what is an AW golf club”.

Simply put an AW is known as an “approach wedge” another name for this club is a gap wedge. This is a club that sits in between your sand wedge and pitching wedge in terms of loft and distance.

When to use an AW

Many golfers wonder when exactly you should use an approach wedge. The best time to use an approach wedge is when this club either best fits your next shot in distance or in terrain.

In terms of distance, you’re going to use an approach wedge when you find the distance from you to the green is the typical distance in which your approach wedge travels on a full swing.

This is why this club is also referred to as a gap wedge. The distance this cub travels is in between the sand wedge and pitching wedge.

Often times golfers find this to be a gap in their bag. This means they do not have a club that typically hits this distance when swung fully.

If you find you are in a distance in between your sand wedge and pitching wedge. Then this is a great situation in which you should use your approach wedge.

Another reason you can use your approach wedge is based on the terrain. When making short chips you typically choose the wedge you will use based on the loft you need.

If you find yourself in a situation in which your approach wedge has the most optimal loft. Then you should go ahead and use that club for your next shot. All in all this club can be used effectively both in full swings as well as chips.

What degree is a Aw wedge?

An approach wedge or gap wedge typically has a degree of life between 50 and 55°.

As we stated earlier this loft should put this club in between your pitching wedge and sand wedge.

Who Should Use An A Wedge

An approach wedge or a gap wedge is a club that any low handicap golfer should likely have in their bag. Though this club is not necessary for beginner golfers.

At some point you will get to the skill level in which you do not want to have any gaps in yardage in your bag. At this point it will be quite helpful to have an approach wedge. This will ensure you have the right yardage for the shorter approach shots.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to approach wedges. If you have any more questions about this club or anything we’ve included in an article please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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