Wilson Staff Cortex Driver Review

Aesthetically, having a driver in your bag that not only looks the part but plays the part too – can have a hugely beneficial impact when you step up to address the ball. Whilst of course, there is more to a driver than the way it looks, feeling confident when standing over the ball is key, and the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is one of the very best drivers on the market for design and performance. This Wilson Staff Cortex Driver review will assess all of the features this driver offers and will help you assess if it is the right club for you.

Wilson Staff Cortex Driver Features


Wilson are historically a racket sports brand and their placing within the golfing fraternity is often one of much discussion. The Wilson Staff Cortex Driver was designed and created off the back of television series ‘Driver vs Driver’ where golfing engineers pitted their wits against each other to be awarded a contract with Wilson, to design the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver.

One of the overriding features that won the day for the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver in its current guise is its adjustability. With players able to change length, launch angle, weight, and grip size with ease – the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver gives many of the features a custom fit driver would have – without having to foot the hefty bill.

Whilst Ping, Taylormade, Callaway and Titleist will always be seen to be dining at the top table of golfing innovation, the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver has certainly made the so called ‘bigger’ name brands stand up and take notice.

Anti-Slice Tecnhology

The anti-slice technology is a godsend for most recreational golfers and whilst the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver doesn’t guarantee results, it certainly helps out if your tendency is to shoot the ball off to the right.

Being able to control the ball off the tee, is as important as being able to hit long and with innovative anti-slice technology within the clubs’ manufacturing protocols, recreational players can swing freely knowing the ball is less likely to veer off into trouble.

Fujikura Atmos 6S Shaft

As part of the increased adjustability that comes with the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver, players can pick and choose a shaft that they think will suit them best. The Fujikura Atmos 6S shaft however is the stock option, yet it adds to the overall performance of the club greatly.

The evolution of the final design stemmed from being able to hit big, without losing control and the Fujikura Atmos 6S shaft helps players of all levels keep their tee shots on the straight and narrow.

With a standard weighting of 85 grams, the lightweight Fujikura Atmos 6S shaft is perfect for all levels of player – especially those looking to grip it and rip it.

Consumer Review Analysis

When perusing the market for a new driver, there are many considerations to factor in to such a significant purchase. The Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is no different in that regard and customers should look to assess all of the options available to them before parting with their hard-earned cash.


  • Adjustability
  • Pricing
  • Innovative Design


  • Sound when hitting

As mentioned, being able to adjust a driver can hugely impact the way in which somebody plays the game – as after all, we are all very different in how we swing a golf club. The Wilson Staff Cortex Driver allows you to be in control throughout the whole process, with adjustments incredibly simple to make to a variety of elements on the club.

Wilson are not held in perhaps the same regard as the likes of Ping, Callaway, and Titleist within the golfing world but their reputation as a sports brand is second to none. In the world of tennis, they supply some of the biggest names in the game and they have transitioned into golf pretty successfully over the past couple of decades.

Their relative ‘second-tier- status however within the world of golf, sees their products generally more reasonably priced than some of the aforementioned competitors, making the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver a superb choice for recreational players in particular.

Innovative Design

When it comes to performance, the anti-slice technology on the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is one of the very best on the market, with recreational players seeing instant results when it comes to being able to control the ball off the tee.

Whilst it certainly won’t be hugely important to all levels of player, the one glaring issue with the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is the sound is makes when the ball is struck. The elongated, dull-thud sound could be off-putting for some and certainly takes some getting used to.

Cost and Value

Wilson are a hugely reputable brand but in the world of golf, their products are relatively reasonably priced and all the more appealing for it.

As the winning product of the Driver vs Driver series, there was plenty of interest circling around the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver upon its release and the RRP of £459 was often met with mixed reviews.

That said, the driver more than holds its own within its performance class, with users often complementing its performance and distance off the tee.

Some time has passed since the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver was launched on to the market and the driver is now available for around £299 – making it a very reasonable purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver come with a Headcover?

Yes, the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver comes with a headcover allowing you to keep the club safe and clean at all times.

What is the weight of the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver?

With adjustability at its core, users can tweak the weight of their Wilson Staff Cortex Driver to their specific needs.

Can I adjust my Wilson Staff Cortex driver?

As mentioned, one of the key components in the engineering process attached to the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver was its adaptability.

Features such as hosel placement, shaft, weight, launch angle and grip size can all be changed on the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver.

What is the length of the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver?

Whilst of course it can be adjusted to fit your specific game style, the Wilson Staff Cortex driver is 45.5 inches long as standard.

What is the club head volume of the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver?

Coming in at 460 cubic centimeters, the Wilson Staff Cortex driver is one of biggest drivers within its price category and range.

Most major manufacturers are making clubhead sizes 460 centimeters (which is the maximum allowed currently) and the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is in keeping with the current trends.

Conclusion Wilson Staff Cortex Driver Review

In terms of reputation within the golfing sphere, Wilson are very much a work in progress. The public attention surrounding the launch of the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver however was certainly a feather in the cap for all at Wilson and certainly increased their profile.

As a club, the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver has a great USP of being adjustable, a godsend who like their club to shape up to them in a certain way.

Aesthetically, the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is one of the smoothest offerings on the market, with a smart colour scheme and perfect address at the ball, all levels of player will enjoy using the club off the tee.

In terms of pricing, the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is very competitive and although the interesting sound it produces takes some getting used to, it doesn’t have any direct impact on the excellent performance of the club.

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