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Thanks for visiting thatsagimmie.com if you’re here you are likely looking to find out more about the game of golf. Whether it’s information about the rules, equipment reviews, or understanding the confusing lingo that comes with this game, we hope to give you all the info you are looking for.

I understand that you may be sceptical of the information you read online so I thought I would explain who we are on why you would like to take our opinion into consideration when learning the game of golf.

My name is Nathan Dean and I am the owner and head writer of thatsagimmie.com I have been playing the game of golf for 15 years. I’m am not an incredibly low handicap golfer but I have moved my handicap down from 25 to 10 over recent years.

I believe this is a helpful fact as the vast majority of golfers out there are high to mid handicappers. And as helpful as it can be to be a low handicapper that knows the technical ins and outs that are required to shoot even par that isn’t the sort of info most golfers need.

Though our content covers some technical aspects of golf such as MOI, CG, Lie angles, etc, we make sure to explain all these concepts in the simplest terms possible so that even beginner golfers can understand.

Our Product Reviews

When it comes to our product reviews I certainly believe that I will be able to offer you a more in depth and honest review of all the products we cover.

The reason for this is because I previously worked as an Amazon seller and if you have been buying products online it is likely that is where you are shopping.

Due to my previous time spent selling products on amazon I have a better understanding the good from bad. Think of me as you would a golf retail store employee before you make your purchase on Amazon you can check with our site to find out the top options for you to consider before making your buying decision.

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If you are curious about any specific products you can simply reach out through our contact page or through the comments that can be seen below any of our blog articles.

If you have any specific type of content you have enjoyed us writing we hope that you reach out and let us know because we love hearing from our readers.

And most of all if there is any aspect of our product reviews or best-of lists that you feel should be improved please let us know. We want to ensure we are giving you all the information you need in the most convenient way possible.

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